Victim of white supremacy or a bold statement?

OK, first a disclaimer: I haven’t been paying any attention to the Olympics this year. My understanding of the Olympics is that nations choose the best among them to represent that nation in friendly athletic competitions.

When the athletes chosen publicly express disdain and disrespect for that nation, are they really representing it? I’d say no. Incidentally, if the nation they are purportedly representing were nearly as repressive and bigoted as they make it out to be, do you think they’d actually be selected to represent it?

By allowing them to represent us in the Olympics we prove that their reasons for hating the country are bogus, so there’s that…but I still don’t believe that anyone who can’t put aside their politics long enough to faithfully represent their country shouldn’t be invited to do so unfaithfully.

With that said, it seems that so far, without fail, the “woke” Olympians from the US have failed miserably in their endeavors.

The latest news is that the female hammer tosser who wouldn’t face the flag and threw a temper tantrum at having to listen to the National Anthem of the country she’s volunteering to represent came in next to last in her competition.

With that news I have to wonder why she lost so thoroughly.

Was it a case of White Supremacy keeping her down? Math, after all, is well known to be racist (and probably sexist), and math is required in measuring distances, so…

Or did she lose on purpose to avoid having the National Anthem played during the awards ceremony as a bold statement of her political agenda?

I suppose it could just be an indication that she should have spent more time practicing her craft and less time obsessing about woke politics…but what do I know?


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