Leftist policies don’t improve education?

Who could have possibly predicted that?

The stated primary purpose of many left-wing education reforms, including the most recent “Common Core State Standards,” has been to shrink the achievement gap. Despite implementation of these reforms throughout the nation, standardized test scores have shown the gap has not only not diminished, but has even grown worse.

As I’ve said repeatedly:
Every policy that comes from the left has at best no effect and at worst the opposite effect from what they claim to desire.
These results are easily predictable by anyone with any common sense
The only possible conclusion from these two immutable facts is that their actual intention is to make things worse.

And they are doing it on purpose because it assists them in reaching their goals.
What are their goals? Ultimately one world government…totalitarian…run by them.

Well educated, strong, confident, self-reliant, secure people will not submit themselves to servitude willingly.

So they need the people to be ignorant, weak, fearful, dependent and insecure in order to see their plans to fruition.

Regardless of what they claim their intentions are, all of their policies are transparently geared toward those ends.

It’s a feature, not a bug.


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