Tess Who?

I saw a link to this article somewhere and clicked it out of curiosity*. I don’t keep up with “celebrity” news because…um…I don’t care. I take a certain pride in not knowing who the heck they’re talking about in the “celebrity news” (oxymoron alert) sections.

At any rate, I saw the article and this particular bit really caught my attention:

Tess, who recently opened up about her battle with anorexia, wore her flame-hued tresses in a loose style before sweeping them up into a ponytail.


I really, really, really wanted to leave this comment on the daily mail site, but they’d already closed comments…I can’t imagine why.

I wanted to say:

She battled anorexia??? She kicked it’s ass. She should sell her anorexia cure and make millions!!!

Anorexia Warrior

*Be warned…if you click the link to the story, you cannot unsee some of the photos they present.


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