A rose by any other name…

One of the primary tools lefties use to “sway” opinion is to attempt to control the language. It’s not gun control, it’s gun violence prevention. It’s not CRT, it’s just teaching kids history through the lens of historical racial inequities. It’s not pro-abortion, it’s pro-choice. It’s endless.

They constantly try to reframe the arguments by using euphemisms to disguise what they’re really after.

When it gets funny is when their euphemisms finally catch on enough that people on the right turn them into derogatory terms. Then the back-pedaling starts.

It’s happened over and over again just with what the lefties call themselves. Are they progressive? Leftist? Liberal? Socialist Democrat (as if that weren’t an oxymoron of the highest order)? Every time they choose a new term to proudly call themselves, it rapidly becomes derogatory and they start looking for a new one. They’ve run out of ideas and progressive has actually been recycled at least once.

The latest one is “Woke”. I’m honestly not entirely sure what they had in mind when the coined the term, but it hasn’t taken too long for it to become synonymous with the cancel culture, everything is racist including your toothbrush, hate America and all it stands for crowd…which is pretty much exclusively the domain of the left. It’s gotten so bad that even AOC is now decrying the “distraction” that it’s causing:

According to AOC, the term “woke” has been appropriated by Republicans as a “derogatory euphemism for civil rights & justice,” charging that Fox News not only serves to indoctrinate right-wingers but also to trick Democrats into believing that racial justice is “controversial.”

What’s really hilarious about it, is that they can’t seem to figure out that it’s not the term they use to describe their positions that is the problem, it’s the positions the term is describing.

I don’t care if they start calling what they espouse the “cute puppy policy”…if the underlying planks of the platform are the same, it won’t be long before everyone is hating on cute puppies.

They are so myopic that they can’t just seem to grok that it’s their entire worldview that people are mocking, not just the name they call it.

It simply CANNOT BE that people don’t agree with their America hating, free market destroying, liberty infringing platform, it’s got to be all because Old White GuysTM like James Carville and those jerks on Fox News keep making fun of what it’s called.

Shorter AOC: “The fact that everyone hates our agenda is distracting us from the ability to advance our agenda.”


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