Gender and the Draft

Why does the title of my post sound to me like the name of a musical group from the 50’s?

Anyway…lately there’s been talk of adding women to the draft registration requirement.

Of course, there are some…mostly on the conservative side…who oppose this idea:

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., filed an amendment Monday in an attempt to prevent Democrats from requiring women to register for the military draft – something he says is out of step with the American public.

In a normal, sane world I’d agree with Senator Hawley. There are many reasons why men are traditionally the warriors and protectors and women stay inside the city walls, and those reasons are legitimate. But those reasons no longer apply in today’s crazy world.

From a purely Schadenfreude related perspective, my instinct is to say “women claim to want equality, let them have equality”. But the problem is that this would compel all women to register for the draft, not just the feminazis who demand “equal treatment” while attempting to avoid equal responsibility.

But the primary reason for it is not to compel women to register, but to eliminate the ability of men to use the exclusionary policy to avoid fulfilling their societal responsibility.

Today, the US government officially allows anyone to legally be declared whatever gender they want to claim. Therefore, any man who doesn’t want to register for the draft, just needs to declare themselves to be women and viola! Not only are they exempt from registering for the draft, but they hang out in women’s public restrooms and shower facilities, can get preferential treatment reserved for women in hiring, promotion and educational opportunities, can be a champion level competitor in every sport they care to try; heck, if they commit a rape, they can even be incarcerated in a woman’s prison and enjoy a “target rich environment” while paying their debt to society.

The simple fact is that, if “sex assigned at birth” is meaningless, then so are all gender-specific carveouts. Our world is hardly normal or sane, in which case special privileges based on gender are pointless.


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