Arbery jury finds all three defendants guilty.

Jurors in Brunswick, Georgia, on Wednesday found Travis McMichael and his father, Greg McMichael, guilty on nearly all counts, including felony murder, capping off an intense trial surrounding the February 2020 shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Jurors also found the McMichaels’ neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, guilty of felony murder.

The difference between this trial and the Rittenhouse trial is that conservatives and whites can look at the evidence objectively and reach the conclusion that the jury made the right call, even though the defendants were white and the victim was black.

Leftists aren’t capable of such rationality.

That’s why you won’t see a bunch of white people burning down car lots, throwing rocks and chemical bombs at police, and attacking 17 year old kids tonight.

Guilt and innocence are not dependent upon skin color. They are dependent upon the facts of the case.

Two high profile trials in the course of a couple of weeks and the juries got it right both times. Maybe the system isn’t quite as broken as so many people claim it to be.

Full disclosure…right after this happened, I was very skeptical of the reports coming out and was in support of the actions of the McMichael’s and Bryan, but as the facts began to come out and what actually happened became clearer, my opinion shifted.

I still believe the three defendants were legitimately trying to protect their community from a perceived criminal, but they had no direct knowledge that Arbery was the guy they were looking for and exercised profoundly bad judgement in chasing him down. It’s sad that their lives are ruined as a result of their poor decisions that night, but the verdict was just based on the evidence as I saw it.


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