Mass murder in Wisconsin

Although they very well may be right, it’s too early to know for sure, so I’m not going to get into the possible motives for a black man driving his SUV through barricades and into a Christmas parade full of white people.

With three independent eye witnesses, and now confirmation from New York Post journalist Karol Markowicz, we can confirm the suspect who was driving the maroon Ford Escape was a black male named: Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39 years-old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

But there is one question I have about this: What’s the big deal? I mean, it’s not like the perpetrator used one of those AR-15 fully semi-automatic military super-duper high powered assault style murder-death-kill machines to do it, so why’s everyone getting their noses all bent out of shape about it?

Just your run of the mill systemically oppressed black dude killing and injuring a bunch of white supremacists. Really just nothing more than reparations. Surely these actions are protected by the first amendment right? After all, violence from the left is speech and speech from the right is violence. I know these things because the media tells me so.

(Italics doesn’t work as a sarcasm font because it’s also used in quotes a lot, so I’m going to try comic sans…what do you think, does that work?)


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