No Riots for You!

My wife is a huge Seinfeld fan so I couldn’t resist.

Apparently the idea that if they attack innocent people they may just get shot put a damper on the festivities last night. I suppose having 500 National Guard troops in Kenosha last night couldn’t have hurt anything either.

I’ve seen no reports of riots in Kenosha. There are reports of “demonstrations” in several cities not named “Kenosha”, but most seemed to have been pretty small. The only place with a serious report was one of the hotbeds of the patently fascist “antifa” movement, Portland.

Police declared a riot in downtown Portland, Oregon after a group protesting Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal damaged property and threw rocks at cops on Friday night.

I saw a report that some journalists were attacked there for trying to video and report on things. Apparently they learned a couple of lessons from the Rittenhouse verdict:

1. In places other than Portland, attacking people during a riot can be hazardous to your health.

2. Video of the incident can be instrumental in proving that your narrative of “racist, vigilante, active shooter spontaneously firing upon innocent demonstrators” doesn’t hold water, so it might be best to keep the cameras at a distance…even if you’ve got to attack the camera crew to get it done.

I’m actually a bit surprised that there aren’t similar reports out of Seattle this morning. Maybe antifa riots there have just become so commonplace they don’t even make the news anymore.

Also, I was surprised this morning to see video of the crowd outside the courthouse in Kenosha when the verdict was announced. The media reports had led me to believe that the majority of the people there were calling for Rittenhouse’s lynching, but the vast majority of the crowd in the video cheered enthusiastically when the verdict was announced.

It seems I have again fallen prey to the urge to give credence to a media that doesn’t deserve it. I really thought that there was little support for Rittenhouse there. Wishful thinking on the part of the media, apparently, as most of the crowd was supportive. It is heartening to see that enough people weren’t blinded by the misinformation and propaganda that Rittenhouse’s supporters outnumbered his detractors (by quite a lot).

The fact that I fell for it demonstrates how effective propaganda can be even for the skeptical. Their narrative that Rittenhouse had little support in Kenosha fed my confirmation bias. I expected that and so when they reported it, I accepted it as truth on nothing more than their word (and their repeating of it incessantly). Confirmation bias is real. I really do try to be careful not to fall prey to it, but it is such an easy trap to fall into. I’ll try to be even more wary in the future.

At any rate, I’m glad for the people of Kenosha that they were spared another round of devastation.

As for Portland…well…they’re just lying in the bed they themselves made. Hard to feel any compassion over that that.


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