Remote Undisclosed Location

I’ve mentioned in the past that My wife and I recently purchased a remote undisclosed location for “get the heck out of dodge”, recreational and, ultimately, a retirement home purposes.

I’ve decided to try to document some of my experiences with this in my blog. I don’t want to give away too much information for opsec purposes, but I think I can do it and still retain our privacy if I’m careful.

At any rate, consider this the first post of the series. I’ve created a new category “Undisclosed Location” for this series of posts.

First, I haven’t had the chance to get out to the place since we closed on the purchase. The last time I’ve been out there was a few days before closing, just to make sure everything looked OK and nothing terrible had happened between us finding it and closing. Other than being pretty overgrown, everything was good.

Since then, I’ve been working on a project in this house (remodeling a bathroom) and haven’t had an opportunity to get out there, but I haven’t been idle.

I’ve contacted the power company that serves the area and have gotten information from the local fire marshal on what it will take to get the already installed power meter turned on. Right now it’s just a meter and an outlet on a pole. I’m going to expand that service so I’m going to add a breaker box with a master and some additional circuits. I want to power the shed that’s right next to the pole and I hope to get internet connected there. That way I can put in a router and install some security cameras so I can keep an eye on the place while we’re not there.

There’s already a well on the property. The pump hasn’t been run in a while but I’m hoping it still works. I’ve been in contact with the company that originally drilled and installed it and they gave me information on the well itself and the type of pump that’s installed. I’m going to run a circuit from the panel to the pump and get it running. If the pump doesn’t work, I’ll get the well company out to troubleshoot and possibly replace the pump.

So my first priorities are going to be to get power turned on and then get the well running. That will enable us to more easily camp on the property while doing other things.

One of the other things I did was use a trick I learned from my work: I used the survey and the state’s property plat maps to get the GPS coordinates of the property lines. I entered those coordinates into a spreadsheet and then converted that into a .kml file.

Then I found an “offline” mapping app for my phone. This allows me to view maps and GPS location without a cell or wifi connection. I paid a few dollars extra for an add on that allows the import of .kml files and imported the property lines GPS locations. That gives me an overlay of the property on the offline map, that I can then use while I’m exploring the property to see where I am in relation to the property lines and such. I want to be able to be sure I’m actually still on my property when I find features to explore or things to do.

I fuzzed out the gps coordinates and blocked out some details along the road to protect privacy, but here’s what it looks like on my phone:

And that’s what the property looks like. The southeast edge is the low end along the road, and the Northwest end is basically the ridgeline. I’m thinking a mountain will make a pretty good backstop.

I’m hoping to take a trip out there in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know how things go.


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