Cowboys and Indians

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but according to “family lore” I’m 1/16 Blackfoot Indian by blood.

My Uncle is the family historian and has traced our family tree as far as he has been able. He’s actually my Dad’s brother, but in following family lines, he’s even chased down the connections of spouses. While following my Mom’s family lines backward, he discovered the gravestone of my mothers grandmother upon which was inscribed her status as a Blackfoot Indian.

So, assuming my Great Great Grandmother was full blooded, my Great Grandfather would have been half, my Grandmother 1/4, My mother 1/8 and I’m 1/16 (and my kids 1/32…the same ratio that Elizabeth Warren claimed before her claims were debunked by DNA testing).

I’m tempted to get a DNA test to verify this just for curiosity sake. I’m interested in where I come from but I’d never claim “minority” status as an Indian because I’m not. I wasn’t raised in an Indian culture, I don’t look Indian, I wouldn’t even be aware of that potential heritage if it hadn’t been for the research of my Uncle and it’s completely unverified except for that inscription on a gravestone.

I also have a tenuous and unverified family relationship with a signer of the Declaration of Independence (Thomas Stone of Maryland) that I find equally interesting, and equally irrelevant to my daily life.

I have never and will never mark any box other than “non-hispanic white” on any form where racial discrimination is embodied. The color of my skin, racial heritage and DNA define physical characteristics, not who I am. Who I am is a function of the culture in which I was raised and the choices I’ve made throughout my life that have gotten me to where I am. The culture only provides the foundation. The choices are the part that really define me.

If I’m not happy with who I am (and, of course, in some ways I’m not), the blame rests solely upon the shoulders of the person upon whom I gaze in the mirror every morning.

What brought this on is my disbelief at the numbers of people who recently have begun claiming Indian ancestry (a la Elizabeth Warren) either for personal gain (preferential treatment based on minority status…also a la Elizabeth Warren) or for points in the Victimhood Olympics.

America has a huge “Fake Indian” problem. It’s hard to know exactly how many people, often white leftists, falsely claim to be descended from the nation’s early Indian population, but census numbers show either a massive population boom or a sharp growth in fake Indians.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that the party who’s platform involves declaring that anyone can “identify” as pretty much anything they want regardless of minor things like facts and reality would sport a growing number of people who would succumb to this, but it doesn’t mean I have to celebrate it.

It’s very sad that so many are either so insecure in who they are, they feel it necessary to concoct a heritage they can feel some pride in, or are so dishonest, they do so for personal gain. But I guess there are so many disappointing things about our current society that this one is pretty minor.


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