I’m back

Did you even notice I was gone?

For OPSEC purposes, I generally don’t announce it when I’m going to be out of town for awhile. I’m back now so I can tell you I was on the Left Coast for two weeks for work.

Here’s where I was staying.

Seattle is not a fun place to visit right now. Urban Outdoorsmen just pitch their tents wherever they feel like with no consequences. The Chinese Virus has the population in the grip of panic. Most people wear masks even when outside and it’s mandated inside whether vaxxed or not. Vaccine papers are required in bars and restaurants and the fear in many is palpable.

Inflation is out of control. Gas was about $4.50 a gallon. A pound of hamburger was around $8. A decent steak (at the supermarket, not a restaurant) was over $20. A gallon of milk was about $5. A dozen eggs $4. etc etc etc.

Nuts. It’s hard to believe that there are people who live there willingly.

I’m never going to be one of them.


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