US Trained Doctors

I used to lament the fact that (at least around here) it’s becoming difficult to find a family doctor who went to medical school in the US these days. Lots of Hispanic, Indonesian, Indian and Pakistani doctors, not so many who went to EVMS or Johns Hopkins.

It’s not about immigrants per se…I was OK with, say, a Somali immigrant who went to medical school in the US; this is about immigrants who attained their medical degrees in their home countries before immigrating. And it’s not at all about race, it’s about trusting the quality of education they may have received in Mogadishu or Karachi or Belmopan.

However that’s now completely reversed for me. I mean, how bad can the quality of education in third world countries be as compared to this:

The “dominant medical practice in the United States has been built on the dehumanization and exploitation of Black people,” the document read, and WC4BL exists to rid the medical system of this allegedly pervasive racism. Doing so requires not only “dismantling anti-Black racism, white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and cisheteropatriarchy,” but also “dismantling fatphobia,” embracing “Black queer feminist praxis,” and “unlearning toxic medical knowledge.”

If that’s the focus of modern US Medical training, I’ll take a graduate of the Abrar University College of Medicine and Surgery any day.

The study of medicine used to be considered a science. Now it’s just politics as usual. Science as a discipline no longer exists. “Trust the science” is a catechism and statement of political faith, not an exhortation to follow any established practices of the scientific method.

“It’s such a shame ze had to have most of zer limbs amputated due to diabetes and died of heart failure at 55, but at least ze wasn’t a victim of fatphobia.”
-no real doctor – ever


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