Two thoughts about this story:

NASCAR has reportedly rejected the “Let’s Go Brandon”-themed car of Xfinity Series driver Brandon Brown, who had signed a sponsorship deal with cryptocurrency meme coin LGBcoin.

This comes six days after Brown revealed his new car with the letters “LGB,” a reference to both LGBcoin and the anti-Joe Biden phrase “Let’s Go Brandon,” printed on its side.

The quote doesn’t tell the whole story: Before Brandon Brown’s team revealed his new car and sponsorship, they had followed NASCAR procedure and gotten the sponsorship and paint scheme approved in writing.

As soon as the announcement was made, it went viral because…well…duh.

As soon as it went viral, NASCAR all of the sudden decided it needed further review and after having already approved it in writing, reversed the decision and rejected the sponsorship.

My first thought is that I wonder if whoever issued the initial approval wasn’t really paying attention and thought that the “LGB” initials stood for something else? It wouldn’t surprise me.

My second thought is that I’m glad they out themselves publicly in this way. I used to be a huge NFL fan. Me spending Sunday afternoons and Monday nights for five months of the year parked in front of the TV (or, on rare occasions, in a stadium somewhere) was as inevitable as the tides. Then the NFL went woke. This is my third (or is it fourth?) season having not watched a game. I don’t even know who the big name players are any more except for some geriatric carryovers from the last year I cared.

To be honest, although it’s nice to have Sunday afternoons to get stuff done (or relax as the mood strikes me) all year long now instead of just for 7 months of it, I do miss it a bit. The competition, the struggle, the strategy, the joy of victory and agony of defeat. I’ve often wondered if I could find another sport to substitute and NASCAR was a candidate for a while.

Not any more. I should have seen the writing on the wall when they supported the driver who tried to claim a garage door pull was racist, or allowed BLM to sponsor vehicles or ended Tobacco company sponsorships, but I still had hope that they at least wouldn’t go full woke (never go full woke). Oh well. At least they proclaimed clearly and unambiguously that I’m not welcome as a fan before I got too into it.

I’m sure they’ll claim that they just want to stay out of or above politics and that’s why they changed their minds, but the fact that they allow other political sponsorships like BLM belies that assertion. They’re OK with political messages, as long as they’re the right (or rather, the left) political messages. So NASCAR is out as well. I guess I’m back to spending my weekends getting stuff done. Maybe someday a successful, truly non-political, professional sports league will emerge (or one of the existing ones will grow some sense and return to that), but I’m not holding my breath.

It’s too bad Brandon Brown has to suffer for the idiocy of the woke overlords, from everything I’ve seen about him, he doesn’t deserve it…but as my parents used to tell me, nowhere on your birth certificate does it say that life’s going to be fair.


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