A powerful message

She said a mouthful here:

When a person is at peace with themselves and expressing themselves naturally, they don’t desperately micromanage everything and everyone around them.

The link goes to a very long story from a woman who bought into the “transgender” fad when she was a teenager, discovered her mistake before it destroyed her completely and then “detransitioned” before it was too late.

As I said, it’s very long, but it’s well written and poignant. She makes many points that many on the right have been making for years: Kids and teenagers are being pressured into declaring themselves “non-binary” for social acceptance and once they enter that world, they are continually pushed in one direction and one direction only. Expressing doubts results in being vilified, ridiculed and cast out…which is more than many can bear.

The quote above kind of summarizes a point I’ve been making with respect to all “marginalized” groups. If you are comfortable in your own skin, it shouldn’t matter a whit what anyone else thinks about you and how you express yourself. It is people who are insecure and doubtful about themselves…people who are presenting themselves for acceptance and accolades rather than for their own personal expression…who get defensive and angry when someone doesn’t approve of them.

This goes for race, sex, “gender”, sexual orientation, hairstyles, clothing choices, etc.

They claim they only want acceptance, but that’s not really what they’re after. What they really want is approval. When they don’t get it, they don’t react well.


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