Mass shooting you won’t hear about

You won’t hear much about this story in the US Media:

Nine Phoenix police officers were shot and wounded at a home early Friday morning, including four injured by a barrage of gunfire after being lured into a trap while rescuing a baby during a five-hour armed standoff.

Wow, that sounds like exactly the type of story that would get clicks and reads and garner interest, but if you see it in the MSM at all, it will be on the back pages and won’t last long.

Why? Two reasons: The victims here are not an authorized victim group. Cops are the bad guys, remember? They can’t be cast as victims of a brutal sneak attack…especially not when they were risking their lives to save a baby. That makes them look WAY too good.

Secondly, the perpetrators also don’t fit the narrative.

Doesn’t exactly scream “White Supremacist” now does it?


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