Put a fork in Joe Rogan

He’s done.

Full disclosure:  I’m not a podcast kind of person.  I’ve watched bits and pieces, and even some full episodes, of podcasts and found them interesting, but not interesting enough to listen regularly or subscribe to them.  Especially political podcasts.  My political viewpoints, at this point in my life, are pretty much set in stone.  It’s not that I’m closed minded, or not open to counter-points…it’s that I’ve heard them all before.  Repeatedly.  Many, many times.  If I wasn’t convinced the other 7,349 times I’ve heard this particular argument, I’m probably not going to be convinced this time.

So, if I were to listen to political podcasts they would fall into one of two camps:  I’d be basically listening to someone recite all the things that I already believe to be true.  Or I’d be yelling at the radio the whole time about how the speaker has it all wrong.  I can’t see any value added to either scenario.

All that is to say, I don’t listen to Joe Rogan podcasts other than the few short snippets I’ve seen posted in various places over the years…and I don’t imagine I ever will, so my opinion probably isn’t something Joe Rogan should lose any sleep over…but:

After the mea culpa Joe Rogan’s posted to Instagram yesterday, I’m guessing his popularity is about to take a nosedive.

He made two points in the part that I listened to (after the second, I’d had enough) that I took extreme exception to:

First, he said, flat out, that the “N-word isn’t mine to use”.  The implication, of course, being that the very word belongs to blacks and that for a white person to utter it in any context or for any purpose is inherently wrong.

BS.  A word is just a word.  No part of any language “belongs” to just a small subset of the people who employ that language.  That’s “woke” garbage and is meaningless.  The fact that Rogan publicly supported that concept knocked him down a bunch of notches in my mind right there.

Secondly, he said “whenever you’re in a situation where you have to say ‘I’m not racist” you f-ked up.”

Again…BS.  The left calls everyone racist for anything they disagree with.  Virtually every white person in the US over about age 8 has, on more than one occasion,  defended themselves against unjust accusations by replying “I’m not racist”.  In fact, in this day and age, having to utter those words, in my opinion, more often means that the person you’re uttering them to “f-ked up” by assuming racism when none existed.

The fact that he stated, clearly and unambiguously, that any time a white person is accused of racism it’s because they legitimately did something wrong was major strike two and was all I could take.  I stopped listening after that.


So…the left hates Rogan and always will.  He attacks their shibboleths, he violates their norms, he platforms the blacklisted (for now).  Apologizing isn’t going to satiate them, they’ll always demand more, more, more and never stop attacking him until he’s neutralized as a threat.

Retreating from this battlefield isn’t going to help him win this war, it’s a major setback for him.  He’s set the precedent, the left will smell blood in the water and their attacks will become unrelenting.

At the same time, the right will see this abject defeat for what it is:  a surrender to the left.  A capitulation.  A show of weakness.  Rogan’s entire schtick is built around unapologetic, fearless discussion of anything with anyone.

Well, he doesn’t seem very unapologetic or fearless now does he?

I’m not saying he’s going to fade into obscurity…he’s too popular with people from all over the political spectrum for that, but I suspect he’s going to lose a significant percentage of his fans for this.

I only speak for myself and I was never really a “fan” of his, but I respected him.  Now?  Not so much.


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