I’ve traveled a lot in my life. 21 years in the military and subsequently having jobs that required business travel.

I dislike traveling by commercial air. I do it a lot because I have to, but my general rule is if I can drive it in 12 hours or less, I’ll drive rather than fly.

One of the things I do while driving is listen to audio books. That’s how I was introduced to Jack Reacher. I started with Lee Child’s first Jack Reacher novel “Killing Floor” several years ago and have listed to a few others since then.

When Tom Cruise played Reacher in the movies, I was a bit incredulous. Jack Reacher’s size is one of his defining characteristics in the novels so having a diminutive 5’7″ actor trying to play the role strained credulity a bit. I watched both of Cruise’s movies and enjoyed them, but I avoided the cognitive dissonance by considering it a completely different dude, who just happened to have the same name as Lee Child’s character. It helped that the two Cruise movies were not based on any of the books I’ve listened to (so far).

My wife and I recently watched the Reacher series on Amazon Prime.

Highly, highly recommended.

No woke BS. No kindler, gentler wussification of the character. Jack Reacher is an unrepentant, masculine, very large badass. The first season of the series is based on the first book…the first Jack Reacher novel I ever listened to…and follows the storyline very accurately and correctly.

I’d never heard of Alan Ritchson before this so I had no idea what kind of actor he was going in, but he pulled off Jack Reacher beautifully. I’m now a fan.

The series was so good, once we started, we couldn’t stop and ended up binging the whole series over last weekend.

Kudos to Amazon and the production crew for living up to the novels and resisting the current urge to wokify everything under the sun. I can’t wait for the next season.


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