Shooter’s Reference is a lifesaver

One of the issues I’ve been having (and I would bet others have too) during this time of ammo and components scarcity, is finding specific load data for specific powders paired with specific bullets.

As any reloader knows, you can’t always find load data for every possible powder/bullet combo. Normally that’s not an issue…if I want to use a 325 Grain Hornady FTX bullet in .45-70 and the only load data I can find for that bullet is for IMR 3031, then I just buy a pound of 3031 and I’m good to go right?

Except right now, if you’re shopping for powder, you’re lucky if anyone has anything and it’s virtually guaranteed you won’t be able to find specifically what you’re looking for. So, what if all I can get right now is H322? Just wing it and hope for the best?

I usually scour the internet when I’m looking for specific load data and often I can find at least a starting point in a forum somewhere, but on one of these quests I stumbled upon a resource that I’ve found invaluable (click the image to go there):

It has a huge database of manufacturer’s and member’s load data for a number of common and some not so common calibers. It’s searchable by bullet weight, powder or both, which makes it very easy to find your combinations.

Plus it includes many other great piece of information like powder burn rate charts, primer manufacturer references, things like that. A wealth of good info.

You can also create an account and store and/or share your favorite load data.

The site is a labor of love by its creator; its use is free and there are no ads. He does have a means to donate (via paypal) and I broke my paypal embargo to pass him a few bucks for his effort. I’ve found the site extremely useful and I’m not a moocher so I felt a responsibility to help out even though paypal hates us and I try to avoid supporting businesses that hate me.

Anyway, I’ve found the site extremely helpful, especially in this time of scarce supply, and thought I’d share.


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