The State of the Navy

DDG-62 recently traveled through through the Straight of Singapore, giving a nautical photojournalist the chance to capture images of this representative of US Naval Might in all its glory.

There are 5 photos starting with the one linked above.

Here’s a sample:

USS Fitzgerald

What a fine display of American prowess at sea.

I’d be embarrassed to be a crew member of that ship. Everyone hated busting rust when I was in the canoe club, and it was often used as punishment for minor infractions, but we all recognized the job as necessary and we took pride in a clean, well maintained vessel.

Apparently these days, proper use of preferred pronouns and rooting out white supremacy are way more important than keeping ships…well…ship-shape.

I wonder if lack of rust is racist?

By the way…the Fitzgerald is one of the Navy boats that bounced off a civilian vessel in recent years. DDG-62’s “incident” was in 2017.

There are a few pictures of an Australian Frigate on the site linked above as well. While the Aussie boat isn’t pristine, the difference is striking.


1 thought on “The State of the Navy

  1. I am Aghast!
    I didn’t think any skipper would be that stupid!
    When I rode ships, that would never have happened.
    Sad days…..

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