Another mass shooting that won’t make national news

From the Western Journal:

A charity event in southeastern Arkansas devolved into a shooting gallery Saturday night.

When the bullets stopped flying, one person was dead and 24 others were wounded,

“Multiple gunmen just started shooting,” said Keith Finch, chief of police in the town of Dumas, according to KARK-TV in Little Rock.

25 people shot by multiple gunmen at a charity event. Sounds like ready made national news to me doesn’t it?

Not so fast…exactly what kind of charity event are we talking about here?

Wallace McGhee of the Delta Neighborhood Empowerment Youth Organization said the group had been holding the Hood-Nic event for 16 years without any trouble

Hm…an event named “hood-nic” Sounds like a charity event that’s going to be chock full of boy scouts, SPCA volunteers and Sunday school teachers doesn’t it?

Can’t imagine (cough [gang]) who the perpetrators (cough [bangers]) might be or who they (cough [rival]) were targeting (cough [gang]) in their (cough [bangers]) horrific attack. Darn spring allergies.

If you do see this story in the leftist national media, I’d be willing to bet that these minor details, along with the demographic data about both the shooters and shootees and only if they exploit the tragedy to tout some gun control scheme or another.

Because those evil mind controlling guns are out there, controlling minds – and turning unsuspecting innocent choirboys of color into violent criminals every day.


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