Blown Up Sir!

(You have the say the title of the post in your best impersonation of Bill Murray’s voice to get the full effect)

In a follow up to this post, there’s more news about the Army’s “one size fits all” fitness testing.

Following a three-year review, the Army has scrapped plans to use the same physical fitness test for all soldiers, choosing instead to have some reduced standards to allow women and older soldiers to pass, the service announced Wednesday.

It took a three year review, not to mention untold years of planning and preparation and designing the standards and preliminary testing and pilot programs and untold millions (or billions) of dollars for the Army to discover that boys and girls are different.

They should have asked me. I could have saved them some trouble.

The interesting thing is that with the new acceptance of “transgender” troops, now when a man with low scores wants to improve his chances of promotion, all he has to do is identify as famale. Viola! Dramatically increased fitness scores with no additional effort required…a la Will Thomas who couldn’t compete at the top levels of men’s competition so just decided to dominate the women.

Hat tip to The Gun Free Zone


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