Duck Duck Go sells out

So, I just heard that Duck Duck Go is getting into the censorship game.

Weinberg announced March 10 that his company would begin shadowbanning outlets that it considers “associated with Russian disinformation” amid the conflict in Ukraine.

I switched to the Brave Browser a while back when Mozilla made it clear that they hold conservatives in contempt. I see no reason to support a company that hates me. I’ve been using Duck Duck Go for years as a more private alternative to Google (I refuse to use anything associated with Google or Alphabet if I can avoid it) but I didn’t realize that Brave has its own search engine too. I’ll switch to that for now and see how it goes.

Hat tip to The Last Refuge.


3 thoughts on “Duck Duck Go sells out

  1. Yep, another one down.

    I found your site after having been banned from commenting on Citizen Free Press.

    Thank you for your efforts and providing the forum!

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