And then they act surprised

This is the way it always goes.

First the left starts instituting rules against their enemies.

Then they start using those rules against their own.

John Fuller … added that he “full-heartedly” believes that Black people are superior.

Members of the student government who were uncomfortable with Fuller’s comments reported the comments to the Office of Institutional Equity.

And Mr. Fuller will be absolutely SHOCKED that his fellow leftists reported him to the thought police.

They never think their rules will be applied to themselves.

I completely disagree with Mr. Fuller’s comment that “black people are superior” but I unreservedly defend his right to say it.

If people aren’t allowed to say what they really think, how are we supposed to know which ones are racist assholes with whom we do not wish to associate?

By the way, if blacks are inherently superior, why isn’t Africa the economic, political, military and scientific powerhouse of the world?

For the record, I don’t believe that blacks are inherently inferior. I don’t think skin tone has a thing to do with it. Cultural norms are what make a particular group more successful than another. The reason asians are highly successful in academic and scientific pursuits isn’t because of their sallow complexion or uniquely shaped eyes, it’s because their culture places very high emphasis on academic achievement and hard work. The graduation rates of blacks isn’t 15 points lower than whites because of relative melanin levels: it’s because their culture tells them that academic success is “acting white” and makes them a “sellout”.

In my experience, blacks who don’t buy into those fallacies are just as successful as whites and don’t need “affirmative action” policies to give them an artificial advantage to do so. I’ve had a very long and varied work life and I’ve worked with many, many blacks who had no need of liberal white patronization for them to succeed.

Hat tip to The First Street Journal


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