Not so subliminal messaging?

My go to timewaster on my phone is a freecell game that I’ve been playing for years. Basically, whenever I’m waiting for something for more than a couple of minutes, I pull it out to keep my mind occupied and avoid the “what the heck is taking so long?” thoughts.

Since it’s not exactly an important aspect of my life, I’ve never bothered to pay for it. It’s ad-driven. The ads aren’t too obnoxious…after you finish a game, you have to watch an ad before it will let you start a new one. No biggie.

However, recently I’ve been inundated with a particular ad – I’ve been getting it over and over again repeatedly over the past few weeks:

I’m trying to decide whether it’s just random, or if they know something that I don’t.

Maybe it’s time for a checkup.


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