Why they can’t have nice things

In an illustration of why the Dickey Amendment was enacted, fake news from the CDC via BBC:

Gun deaths were the leading killer of US children in 2020

Of course, to get there, they had to classify “children” as being up to age 19.

the rise in gun-related deaths among Americans between the ages of one and 19 was part of an overall 33.4% increase in firearm homicides nationwide.

Not mentioned is the fact that teenagers make up a large portion of the gang-banger community.

That’s the “bait and switch”. When most people think of “children” they think of innocent grade-schoolers being killed in accidents – not 17 year old gang bangers dying in a shootout over a drug deal gone bad…which is mostly what the statistics are about.

That’s how fake news is created. It’s based on actual data, but framed in a way that is intentionally misleading. And that’s why the CDC was rightfully prevented from this type of “research” for decades…because when given half a chance, they don’t provide objective information designed to inform the public, they provide political propaganda designed to advance an agenda.

Something that no taxpayer funded, governmental organization should ever be allowed to do.

Luckily, the CDC has pretty much burned any credibility it may once have had over the Wuhan Flu madness, so I doubt that their renewed interest in publishing anti-gun propaganda will gain any traction outside of the usual anti-gun suspects.


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