Not Playing the Game

So, we have incident after incident occur, shootings, cars driving through parades, firebombings, etc…and the story goes away after a day or two because the perpetrator didn’t fit the narrative so the leftists and media (redundancy alert) can’t milk it for political gain.

Then there are a couple of shootings that they CAN fit into their narrative and they gleefully start dancing in the blood of the innocent victims to score political points.

The stories come hot and heavy and for weeks every aspect of the incident is examined under a microscope, every victim’s family members are given a platform (assuming they agree with the narrative, if they don’t, somehow they never get any attention), every leftist trope painting everyone who doesn’t support their agenda as complicit in the crime is bandied about.

And we play right along. Gun blogs and right wing media outlets provide their own blow by blow analysis of the incident trying to undermine the fallacies of the left (which, incidentally, isn’t hard); every day for weeks that’s about 70% of what anyone wants to talk about.

I’m tired of it.

Very simple: Painting every gun owner with the same brush as the killer is just as wrong as painting every black with the same brush as every gang banger; painting every liberal with the same brush as the one who shot up the Senate baseball game; painting every muslim with the same brush as the 9/11 terrorists.

It is wrong in They are doing nothing more than heartlessly exploiting a tragedy to push their political agenda. It is despicable and sickening and that’s my only response to this. We’ve been over this ground time and time and time again. They enable these tragedies by refusing to enact any real measures to protect against them, by hamstringing police, by coddling criminals, by disarming the very people charged with protecting our kids and then blame us when their policies lead to the inevitable conclusion.

These tragedies are nothing more than tools for them to use to advance their agenda. I’m not going to play the game of pretending to believe they’re sincere in their anguish over an event that could have been stopped in its tracks if only the teachers in that school had been prepared and equipped to defend it.


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