Reaping What they Sow

For decades now “climate scientists” have been making dire predictions, setting timelines and proclaiming that “tipping points” will be reached on some arbitrary date.

Of course those predictions never come to fruition and the tipping point dates keep getting moved back and back and back.

But after being indoctrinated from birth that the end is near, we’re killing the planet and if we don’t change our ways before x date, we’re all doomed, many of the younger generation seem to be convinced that it’s too late.

The problem is, if it’s too late, why bother?

I mean, if we’re past the “tipping point” and the planet is doomed no matter what we do, why give up a life of relative wealth and ease for nothing? Heck, we might was well live it up until the end right?

Which has the climate alarmists exclaiming “oh crap” and desperately trying to wave away the fact that, according to their past predictions, it’s already too late and has been for a long time.

Charles is 27 and lives in California. His quirky TikTok videos about news, history, and politics have earned him more than 150,000 followers.

In the video in question, recorded in October 2021, he decided it was time for a confession.

“I am a climate doomer,” he said. “Since about 2019, I have believed that there’s little to nothing that we can do to actually reverse climate change on a global scale.”

Climate doomism is the idea that we are past the point of being able to do anything at all about global warming – and that mankind is highly likely to become extinct.

That’s wrong, scientists say, but the argument is picking up steam online.

Wait, what? That’s wrong? But you’ve been telling us for decades that we’re going to destroy the earth. NOW you tell us it was wrong?

They thought the doomsaying would be able to convince everyone to basically give up modern society for our own good. It hasn’t happened fast enough or thoroughly enough so now, not only do they have to keep trying to convince “climate deniers” (what a stupid term) to give up everything that has made modern life possible, but now they have to try to convince the gullible kids that they’ve been duping all this time that, contrary to what we’ve been telling you, it’s actually not too late, so you still have to give up everything that has made modern life possible…to SAVE THE WORLD.

It would be funny if it weren’t such a serious topic.


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