What’s in a name?

This one made me laugh.

Apparently, an MLB player has been suspended for calling a black player on an opposing team “Jackie”.

Josh Donaldson was suspended by Major League Baseball for one game and received a fine for making “inappropriate comments” following an MLB investigation into Donaldson calling White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie,” 

My first thought was “what moron would object to being associated with Jackie Robinson, one of the greatest baseball players in history?”

Then I read further and got to the backstory:

[in] a 2019 Sports Illustrated article…the White Sox star said, “I kind of feel like today’s Jackie Robinson. That’s huge to say. But it’s cool, man, because he changed the game, and I feel like I’m getting to a point where I need to change the game.”

So, in what world does being mocked for making an incredibly boastful (and ridiculous) comparison between yourself and a prominent historic figure result in punishment for the mocker?

If I ever compared myself to someone of that kind of historic significance, I’d expect to be harassed about it for the rest of my life. And if I complained about it, the mockery would get even worse.

But in Anderson’s case, he can play the black privilege card because mocking him for an egotistical statement that he made about himself in a national news outlet must be racist right?

I watch a game every now and again, but I’m not much of an MLB fan and I don’t know many of the players these days, so I appreciate it when some of them remove themselves from consideration for “players I should care about”. It makes it easier to winnow the list down to the ones who are worth it. Not only is Tim Anderson an egotistical blow hard, but he’s also a whiny little [female dog] who can’t take a joke. Scratch him off the list.


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