Another one bites the dust

I used to read “The Hill” quite a bit. It’s fairly leftist most of the time, but occasionally would publish a right leaning article, plus they used disqus for comments and didn’t censor comments.

One of my primary considerations for whether a site is a “daily read” versus only going there when someone links something of particular interest to me, is the ability to engage in unfettered discussion, so, The Hill was one of the few news sites that I frequented.

I actually had been cutting back on my time there because I’d noticed that more and more they were closing comments early or not allowing them at all on some stories. If they didn’t want dissenting opinions to see the light of day, they’d just close comments…ostensibly to foster “civility”.

Well, apparently they decided to go whole hog and completely eliminate their comments section:

My guess is that they got tired of being called out for censorship so they decided to let the pros handle that. Send the conversation over to “big tech” so that when conservative comments get censored, The Hill has plausible deniability.

Well, since I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, that means I have no voice on The Hill and that means I won’t be frequenting their site any more. Oh well, no big loss for either them or I.


2 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust

  1. The Hill is “leftist”? The Hill is far-right.

    The Hill is a mouthpiece for rightoids and Amerikkkan imperialist capitalist interests. Leftists aren’t liberals. Liberals are right-wingers, and conservatives are neoliberals as well.

    Leftist would be communist or anarchist. I don’t see the Hill advocating for Marxism-Leninism and the destruction of capitalism or putting up Mao statues, you delusional pond scum cracker trash piece of shit.

    • Wow, your cogent points, unassailable logic and rational arguments have convinced me. I’m immediately going to turn in my conservative card and support leftist causes for the rest of my life.

      [I know, I know…don’t feed the trolls. I couldn’t help myself, this was just too funny to pass up.]

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