I’ve attracted a troll

Considering how seldom I’ve been posting lately, I’m kind of honored. Unfortunately, not a very good troll, but beggars can’t be choosers.


4 thoughts on “I’ve attracted a troll

  1. Dobro? …….meh, a little Cyrillic never hurt anyone, isn’t that the coating on my nonstick frying pan ? Good stuff, good stuff. Eggs motherfuckers scrambled haven’t a chance of sticking on my Cyrillic coated frying pan, ya bastids

  2. Nah, those were just spam comments. I’ve deleted them now. My spam catcher does a pretty good job of filtering most of that out, but it misses some things sometimes. I’d rather have it too lax and let the occasional spam comment through than be too strict and block legitimate comments.

    The troll was on this post: https://sailorcurt.com/2022/04/worst-white-supremacists-ever-2.html/

    My blog isn’t exactly “high traffic”. I used to get a lot more traffic years ago when I was a dedicated “gun blogger”. Now I just post about whatever catches my fancy. Anyway, back then I attracted a troll or two (and even a stalker once), but it’s been a long time. Usually people who disagree with me just tell me they do and why and we can have a good conversation about it. Trolls I just laugh at. If the best you can come up with is to call me names, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be pretty useless with respect to having a constructive conversation.

    • yeppers, I’d rather not cut off my nose to spider face…..(Michael Scott) that’s not what he said…info is info, data, that’s not the prod, it’s the analysis, judgement, action upon the data that’s the prob. And spider faces just so freak me out, the multiple gigantic thousand stare eyes with four smaller ones underneath. Just what the the hell are spider faces up to besides being dominant predators ? Sheesh, they exhaust me. (Btw virtue signal alert I rescue and re home ,out side , all spiders I can, but I don’t live in a tarantulla area, so I can afford to be magnanimous to the spiders, but if one of those dinner plate 6 eyed giant arachnids snuck up on me , I’d probably be less , gentle, I’d totally freak, ……but then still try to re home it outside) venomous monsters, bastids

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