More victims of the Opioid Crisis

Just not the kind you normally think of:

Lewis had undergone back surgery on May 19. He complained of extreme pain after the surgery, but the surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips, refused to prescribe more medication.

I’ve known several people in the past 10 years or so who’ve struggled with things like this. The scrutiny that doctors have been under make them very wary of prescribing opioids for pain.

I get that it’s a problem…that there are unscrupulous doctors who will write prescriptions for people who don’t need it, but like any government response, it’s gone way overboard in many cases and people who are legitimately suffering can’t get relief because their doctors are afraid to prescribe them anything strong enough to actually get the pain under control.

Especially things like back and neck pain can be very difficult to diagnose and it’s difficult sometimes to tell whether the person is legitimately in pain or is exhibiting drug seeking behaviors.

The problem is that the government has made it so dangerous for doctors to prescribe narcotics for pain, that they routinely err on the side of denial. Legitimately suffering patients just, well, suffer. And after the primary physician denies their request, if the patient tries to go to another doctor for help…well…”doctor shopping” is one of the major red flags they look for to identify “drug seeking” behavior. Doing the only thing that might get you the help you need is used as evidence in denying you that help.

So, when someone is legitimately in severe pain, can’t get any relief and has little hope of it ever getting better, I can see them snapping like this. “I can’t live with this pain, but if I’m going to die, I’m taking the a$$hole who did this to me with me.”

People in that kind of pain can’t function. There is often no position they find comfortable for more than a few minutes. They can’t sleep, they often can’t eat, they can’t work, they can’t concentrate on anything. Their life literally becomes a living hell.

It’s probably not even the doctor’s fault…he’s just living with the rules that have been thrust upon him…but I’ve seen it in others before. The doctor’s professional demeanor comes across as uncaring and the person who’s in excruciating pain needs someone to blame.

I know that opioid addition is a terrible problem right now, but honestly, why is it any of the government’s business what substances anyone chooses to ingest? The government’s job is to protect us from each other, not from ourselves. Medical decisions should be made strictly between a patient and their physician and government meddling should have no part in it.

But, unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Human nature dictates that there is a percentage of the population who believes they should have the power to tell other people how to live their lives and a large percentage of the population willing to let them do so.

And those of us who don’t need a baby sitter suffer for it.

Hat tip to I Hate the Media


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