Murder-proof schools

OK, things have started calming down a bit and some actual information is beginning to show up, rather than the overhyped opinions of people who weren’t there and have an overinflated sense of self-importance.

An Interview of the Uvalde Schools Police Chief sheds a little light:

The chief of police for the Uvalde school district spent more than an hour in the hallway of Robb Elementary School. He called for tactical gear, a sniper and keys to get inside, holding back from the doors for 40 minutes to avoid provoking sprays of gunfire. When keys arrived, he tried dozens of them, but one by one they failed to work.

“Each time I tried a key I was just praying,” Arredondo said. Finally, 77 minutes after the massacre began, officers were able to unlock the door and fatally shoot the gunman.

So the big problem was that the school and room were locked so tight and the doors so impregnable that they flat couldn’t get in to stop the shooter.

That’s the problem that I see with the solution of “hardening” the schools against intrusion. That method has to succeed 100% of the time to be effective. That’s an impossible standard. A potential school shooter has effectively unlimited time to find a way in. Once they do that, after they are in, all those hardened entry points act to protect them, rather than deter them. They are now the one inside the impregnable fortress and the good guys are the ones trying to breach…but the good guys don’t have unlimited time to do so.

We come back to the fact that the true “first responder” is the victim and self defense is the most important form of defense. An entire classroom (or two? that’s unclear to me) of students was barricaded in with a murderous lunatic and the only one armed was the lunatic. Am I the only one who sees the issue here? It’s certainly not the hundreds of millions of guns owned by Americans that weren’t inside the school at the time. If just one of them had been there, in the hands of one of the teachers, things might have turned out dramatically differently.

That’s the problem with gun control measures. None of them make it harder for the bad guys who have the benefit of unlimited time to plan and scheme and acquire equipment through both legal and illegal means. Those laws only make it harder for the good guys, who have to be ready to defend themselves or others at a moment’s notice and only with the tools they have immediately on hand.

Personally, I think that turning every school into a ready made reinforced bunker full of unarmed victims for any nutball with a burning desire to go out in a blaze of infamy is not a great idea.

But that’s just me.

Hat tip on the Police Chief interview to The New Neo


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