Are Democrats seeing the light?

I keep seeing stories like these pop up:

A new study shows that over one million voters across the country, particularly in suburban areas, are switching parties ahead of November’s midterm elections, in a massive warning for the incumbent Democratic Party.

The question I have is whether this really indicates people are switching parties, or is this a concerted effort in certain states to undermine the Republican primaries before the next election?

Actually, there’s really no question that it’s a bit of both, the question is how much of each?

You don’t have to be registered as a republican to vote for the republican candidate in the general election, only to vote in the primaries (in states that require registration). In my experience, it’s typically the seriously politically involved that bother to vote in the primaries. So I’m to believe that democrat true believers, the motivated democrat voters who register as democrats so they can vote for the “right” candidate in the primaries, are suddenly switching parties and instantly becoming true believers in the republican platform?

Let’s just say: color me skeptical. I suspect that a large bit of this is driven by democrats registering as republican to try to sabotage the republican candidates that have the best chance of winning the general election. That’s been a democrat strategy for a long time. It’s much easier for them to execute in “open primary” states (like Virginia) but if they have to switch their registrations to do it in closed primary states, they won’t hesitate.

I think the republican pundits are reading way too much into the numbers.


3 thoughts on “Are Democrats seeing the light?

  1. Sailor, you’re spot on and missing data, to wit. …..when I went to vote in the open Ohio primaries a few weeks ago, here’s what happened to me. I am in an overwhelmingly lefty precinct, a just north of Columbus Ohio , called clintonville Beechwold. Our voting machines system here would make Lindell’s head explode, I could eloborate on that, another time, here’s to your, sailor, point, the “poll workers” nice lady watched right in front of me , to witness, illegally, which party I was voting for. She put the thingy vote tabulation eigh track tape looking thingy in the machine, at that point she should’ve walked away but she didn’t. She waited to see which party I was voting for. She watched, did I select D orR, then she walked away.
    I was not happy and confronted the workers after I’d voted that that procedure was illegal. I had 4 women arguing with me that it was just fine in part because ones vote is never secret anyhow. This was in real time, about 1 pm, Ohio primary, that these neutral poll workers told me my vote is not secret (secure) anyhow it can all be searched on the Internet., we did nothing wrong.
    All I did was try to vote , walked into the matrix
    Came home, made butt load of calls to report, finally got someone out of AG office, those poll workers were incorrect and needed”immediate” retraining, they,ll go there right away who know as if they did or not. Poop on the ground in teeny tiny pellets,, but adds up like rat shit.
    How to tabulate “anti” or opposition votes. Good luck to you, what a scam sham, USA USA USA.””………

    • Ohio’s generally a “swing” state and has a large impact on the elections, so shenanigans there are especially bad.

      Good on you for reporting it. Who knows whether anything will actually be done about it.

      • Ohio used to be thought of as swing, because like so many of the flyover states, it’s rural vs urban/suburban, true. And there was a diff between the flyover industrial or agricultural, not always on the same page. I think it is now getting on same page….Tthe “unions” of the industrial , long corrupt in some “rust belt” places locally (see On The Waterfront movie eg), and rural farmers, really coming together in USA today like never happened during the Depression, 30s, where this was split. I think the peeps , across the globe BTW, are starting to get the point, farmers and factory all the same group, but was divided by the ……..oh sht as I write this and think it through to its logical conclusions, crap, I was a
        Life long Union supporter, but this has gone horribly wrong…….aawwww crap. , kinda sometimes was right and sometimes wrong, from the start. That’s just the legit history. The ideology, the politics, the opp for corrupt, the opp for good, socialism, communism, razor thin the right from the wrong. Capitalism, same room for sht…….guess it’s just down to the particular humans integrity or lack there of to implement the “systems” ………ideology””……..
        Ah fork, humans mostly suck lately, is there a messiah in da hous? Checking my old school wrist watch, I’d say over due…….As a Deist, I assume God checks in on the Internet, so here on an obscure(no offense sailor) post, hey God , it’s a good time to check in, jus sayin

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