Horrible Racism and anti-immigrant sentiments

Recently, expletive-laced posters appeared around town.

“New to the city? Working remotely?” … “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

Obviously the work of white supremacists who oppose the influx of illegal aliens from south of the…Wait…what?

[The] problem [is] in Mexico City where Americans, many of them from California, are fleeing not just their state but their country in order to take advantage of the much lower property values in Mexico City.

I thought it was just Racist White AmericansTM who were so opposed to being invaded and their culture submerged. Apparently not:

small, family-run lunch spots — are being replaced by Pilates studios, co-working spaces and sleek cafes advertising oat-milk lattes and avocado toast.

And English — well, it’s everywhere: ringing out at supermarkets, natural wine bars and fitness classes in the park.

I can’t believe those horrible Mexicans would find it offensive for transplants from another culture to move in and supplant them. How dare they be offended by profligate use of a foreign language in their capital city?

I’m kind of curious…what would you call them? Brown Supremacists?


3 thoughts on “Horrible Racism and anti-immigrant sentiments

  1. Interesting post because I am friends with neighbors who are actual Mexican immigrants from 2 decades ago, and there has been kefluffle amongst some of my most woke least bias neighbors as to said Mexicans and how they have been identified, accepted on my street.
    The old man, late 70s was an architect , old lady, an accountant, THE Mexicans. Their daughter is married to a “white dude”. The thing is the elders look more Euro Mex , not indig Mex………back story, neighbor backyard fire pit cocktail gathering several yrs ago, I was talking about THE Mexicans ( my friends) and the neighbor couldn’t understand to whom I was referring. I said, the house, the people right across the street(could I be more exact) and the neighbor still couldn’t,t place THEM, the Mexicans. I said yes right across the street, you see them all the time, , she still couldn’t get who they were and finally I said is it perhaps because THEY don’t look the way you expect Mexicans to look? …….oh and holy bubbles I was the one accused to be the racist, when it was the neighbor who clearly thought in the chair of her mind Mexicans looked a certain way, so could not grasp the Whitish looking people right across the street as being Mexican, yet somehow I got pegged as the asshole……..
    l love when woke goes broke, proves itself to be the projection crap that it is..(btw after the fact the fiancée gave me a what for about how she is the least racist person ever)………
    End of day every culture has standing. It stands. Every culture has standing, in its own space. Right or wrong, it is theirs to do with it themselves what they decide.
    An overrun of gringos, while mex sufferes under joe Biden open border policy , not seems like another move by the elites who CAN move, to greener pastures, yet foul those pastures with new sht

    • Little detail as I reread, I must make clear the cocktail party discussion was , ….hey did you know ther are Mexicans on our street no one knows who they are, I’m like well, I know who they are, they’re my friends, but it was so obvious that all these virtuous white people couldn’t understand that those also white looking people were the said Mexicans. ….in other words, they couldn’t get that the Whitish people across the street were Mexican. ………..that’s the bias, the ignorance. They are not brown. Blow the mind. “……….from my reading, much like North American natives, the gene pool of Mexicans is as diluted past 500 yrs, as all of north central and South America. Some people , to the eye, look greater or lesser indig or Euro. Funny how some people react, respond, even know history? But judge up a mother-forker, ignorant breakfast tacos, eg.

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