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The title to this post is the answer to this question regarding the school shooting in Texas:

Furious parents and relatives of the 19 children and two teachers murdered on May 24 are demanding to know why the 18-year-old gunman was free to continue his rampage as the officers stayed outside the classrooms.

In the past 30 years or so, the mantra “officer safety” has replaced “to protect and to serve” as the motto of the police.

I think it really kind of started with the advent of the SWAT teams. It’s great to have a unit trained especially to handle highly volatile situations, but what it’s turned into is pretty much every other cop deciding “it’s not my job” when a dangerous situation erupts.

Then the SWAT teams started becoming the “go to” for pretty much anything that could potentially become more dynamic than a routine investigation or patrol. Spending all that money on the training and equipment, even in small communities who’s most serious crimes typically involve dive bars and fisticuffs, gotta find a way to justify it somehow.

So we end up with SWAT teams kicking down doors, throwing flash bangs into baby cribs, shooting pets and sometimes innocent homeowners to serve search warrants that could have been accomplished by just knocking on the door and asking to be let in; and the excuse? “Officer Safety”.

And on the other side of the coin, we have fully empowered cops standing by and doing nothing, or worse, cowering and hiding, during dynamic situations waiting for the SWAT team because of…you got it…”Officer Safety”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Officer Safety when it’s practical to achieve. In the military, during training, safety was huge. You never want to get people killed during training. It looks bad and those dead military members are expensive assets just wasted. But during the real deal…at war…all bets are off. The mission comes first and if some of us die to get it done, well, that’s a risk we all knew we were taking when we took that oath.

For cops, Officer Safety comes into play every day and I get that…but when the police determine that it’s acceptable to sacrifice the lives of innocent citizens…the very people they’ve sworn to protect and to serve…in order to ensure their own survival, then something’s gone off the rails.

Any cop that’s not willing to put his or her life on the line to protect innocents…especially innocent kids…needs to find another line of work – and any Police Department who’s policies and procedures put Officer Safety ahead of saving innocent lives needs to seriously rethink their priorities.


2 thoughts on “Officer Safety

  1. I’ve seen some of the video. Where are the heroes? It’s ….awful. But it also illucidates today’s status quo, which is more awful. ….the potential heroes will be punished. Can we say that out loud that that is the thought in everyone’s head? The heroes will be punished, if they act, somehow they will be punished. ….Nothing to fear but fear itself? No , all replaced by fear of weaponnized so callied justice system that rewards the criminal and punishes the hero. Do the right thing, you will be punished . I can’t judge those seemingly negligent law enforcement persons, because is it their reality that that is what they would be doing, “eliminating the shooter” actually violating the “rights” of the shooter, and possibly held accountable , punishable, when it gets to the DA..? …….we are not Floyd blind. “………..but damn, somebody’s gotta find an inner make my day, worse case, find an inner Travis..?…
    The post modernists would have us to believe that all is relative, subjective, there is no authentic right or wrong, no objective reality and therefore no EVIL. (Yeah, I skipped a few steps). There IS evil, and it is them, those, who deny it. They define it by their denial of the hero, they define evil by denying it exists. Psychologists call it projection.

  2. One last point, I would not be at all surprised to hear of suicides from law enforcement personnel, going forward. Not unlike Jan 6 bs. There are human beings that were put in an untennable situation with a thousand should not have been part of the thought process in a just world thoughts pumping simultaneously with the adrenalin, what to do here what fo do. What to do seems so obvious to us onlookers, but that’s my point , what should have been obvious and have been done has been chilled by external bullsht forces, which resulted in dead babies. By the same crowd , btw, is so enthusiastic about abortion. Any of this coming together, reader? Not a cooinkidinks , and PTSD for all, life forked derailed forever, this is the plan, this is the evi.

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