What a shock

Military recruitment is down significantly.

Amid the first conventional war in Europe since 1945 and China’s massive military buildup — including nuclear weapons — the U.S. military is experiencing a dangerous drop in its warfighting capability. The U.S. Army, the largest service, has only reached 40 percent of its recuiting goal with just more than three months remaining in the fiscal year.

Leftists aren’t exactly the predominant demographic to choose the military life. When you turn the military into something that actively repels the demographic that would traditionally be drawn in that direction, it shouldn’t be a surprise when recruitment dries up.

“We need people to volunteer to serve in the military but we really don’t want the people who would voluntarily serve in the military.”

Great philosophy for success. Kind of reminds me of Groucho Marx’ quip that he wouldn’t want to be a member of any club with low enough standards to accept him as a member.

My son was considering entering the military (Marines) after he graduated from college ten years ago or so. Interestingly, the fact that he didn’t use ROTC to pay for his college ended up being a detriment. After the process dragged on for over a year, he finally decided to write it off and go in a different direction. I’m certainly glad he dodged that bullet.


1 thought on “What a shock

  1. The wok esters will be shocked when conscription kicks in, mums and dads apoplectic, can’t look sons AND daughters in the eye, the guilt of their greedy cheap folly, off to war,. Sad, how many know they guaranteed their death, the shots already fired, the jabs. Pun intended.
    The wildlife has blossomed in my suburb, 20 yrs here, not the like until last 3. Deer, on every corner, seriously, as we walk the dog at dusk. They follow us, with a gsd , they’ve no fear.. Rats running amok. Do the wilds know ? This was their land and it will soon be returned to them?
    A robin sat perched on a rock as my husband walked past, less than 2 feet away, didn’t move, not frightened, held its ground. Almost mocking, you idiot human. I joked it was a drone. Some joke, eh.
    There are signs. I’m no master of interpretation of nature , and my husband is , kindly, rather worse than me, reading nature , but even he sees something odd, off, unusual, of concern.
    Shtf? Coleman says 6 mos. There are other timelines, none good.
    Jus sayin, overlay nature on top of “news” , there is amiss.
    Wonder what the seas are up to, harbinger central, I’m guessing. I’m land locked, don’t know. Sea nature, wonder anomalies there as well?

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