60 Minutes Makes a Shocking Discovery!!!

Rifle Rounds, even intermediate powered ones, do more damage than handgun rounds.

There is going to be a lot more damage to the tissues, both bones, organs…the bones aren’t going to just break, they’ll shatter.

I know, I know, who could have imagined it right?

I mean, when you compare these two cartridges with each other, who could possibly imagine that they might do different levels of damage?

I do have to wonder how shocked they’d have been had they compared the 9mm to something with a little more oomph like the .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm.

Or maybe with the venerable .30-06.

Or even the round that has recently become my personal favorite* that is commonly used in a repeating rifle that predates semi-automatic rifles by some 20 years or so.

It seems to me that, on the extremely rare occasion that a rifle is used in a crime, we should be pretty thankful that criminals and nutbags buy into the MSM hysteria and choose a round that is actually pretty anemic, relatively speaking.

Hat tip to The Gun Feed

*Yes, I’m aware that .45-70 isn’t exactly a long-range caliber considering that it has a ballistic trajectory akin to an artillery shell, but 1. It is an absolute blast to shoot (at least for the recoil junkies amongst us) 2. It makes REALLY big holes in things…I’ve been warned several times that there are black bears in the area of The Estate and making big holes and imparting lots of energy to the target is a big plus…and 3. The place where I shoot is in the mountains and woods so having a clear shot over 200 yards is really rare. Most shots will be within 100 yards. The artillery shell ballistics aren’t nearly as big a deal at shorter ranges like that and the wallop those slugs hit with at short range is…um…impressive…so for my purposes, the .45-70 is an excellent choice…and did I mention that it’s really fun to shoot?


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