I bet Chris Wray is shaking in his boots

According to the NY Post:

FBI Director Christopher Wray always seems a little too pleased with himself. But on Thursday, the smirk may be wiped off his pretty face when Republican members of the House Oversight Committee start grilling him on the mounting evidence that something is very rotten inside the agency Wray runs.

Oooh, a bunch of politicians are going to speak harshly to him. Scary.

With the Republicans in the minority, this is blatantly obvious political grandstanding. Even if they got him to admit under oath that the FBI under his direction intentionally buried the Hunter Biden laptop in order to sway the election, what are they going to do about it? Wag their fingers and admonish him sternly?

I’ll believe that the Republicans are serious about cleaning up government when I start seeing high ranking…VERY high ranking…officials doing the perp walk and defending themselves in front of a jury of their peers.

Even when (if) the Republicans win majorities in both houses in a couple of months, congressional committees and investigations aren’t going to cut it. If there aren’t criminal charges levied against the people obviously subverting government agencies for political purposes, then the Republicans will have failed in their responsibilities and deserve no further support.


1 thought on “I bet Chris Wray is shaking in his boots

  1. Yeppers. Until heads start to roll, no one gives a duck fart. Just so much per formative nonsense. Strongly worded letter. Pphhhttt.
    I think the malaise amongst the “survivors” of esp the covid scamdemic, is because none expect JUSTICE. Us little people, try finding a lawyer to take your case. None. Most big lawyers captured or corrupt themselves, or , they get it but also get the environment is not suitable, pun intended. The Birx “confessional” book should be clear cause/effect (unjustifiable arbitrary lockdowns) and the effect”…..,,lost jobs, education, child development, medical treatments,so much etc I can’t list, but direct cause and effect yet try to find a lawyer. I’ve tried, can’t get one.
    To restore the faith, there must be prosecutions for the grossly obvious, still happening as we speak, across the board malfeasance.
    Without justice, this nice little democracy experiment is toast.
    Justice delayed is justice denied, but no justice at all is game over.

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