I’m a displaced farm boy who retired from the US Navy as a Chief Petty Officer after 21 years of service.

The title of this blog sort of reflects my personality in the sense that, although I’ve been in positions of authority and have thrived in them, I’ve always been a bit of a loner.  I can take a leadership role if necessary, but I don’t enjoy being responsible for (or exercising power over) others; however I definitely don’t like anyone else assuming responsibility for (or exercising power over) me.

I’m the Captain of my ship, but I’m  the only crew.


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  1. Good Morning, Sailorcurt:

    I just finished reading your analysis of weapons used in violent crimes. I agree with you totally. The issue of the proposed “Assault Weapons Ban” is a political effort by some Democrats to alter the “Second Amendment.”

    The following is part of an e-mail I sent to Senators Nelson and Rubio of Florida, and to the NAGR.
    “I am concerned that the Democratic Party is only politicizing the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary. This effort for the “Assault Weapons and Hi-Capacity Magazine Bans” is only being done for political gain. It has nothing to do with the safety of our children or our citizens.

    This politicization is a veiled effort, as Obama has continually promised, to “Fundamentally Change America.” This is an attack on our “Bill of Rights” as well as our “Constitution.” Where was the administration when the Democratic Party had both the House and Senate? The issue of Gun Laws was not an issue at that time because there was no political benefit.

    Why has the Democratic Party shown limited support for “Protecting our Borders?” The reason is that the Democratic Party realized that there was an opportunity. This opportunity was recently enhanced by the Obama Administrations “Temporary Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants” to gain the Hispanic vote for the 2012 Elections.

    Taking a simplistic view, the Democratic Party is attacking our citizens that are “Law Abiding and Legal Gun Owners” because these gun owners typically vote Republican. Any effort to take rights away from “US Citizens” while granting “Temporary Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants” will force many Democrats to consider voting “Republican” for the 2014 Mid-Term Elections!

    Before the Feinstein Gun Ban reaches the House and Senate floors people need to realize that the proposed Gun Ban will also have a significant economic impact. Firearms sources indicate that there are approximately 100,000 people employed directly in the manufacture of firearms. There are as similar number of people employed in supplying components to the firearms industry.

    There is also, what economists call, the “multiplier effect.” Simply stated, for every one person that would lose their jobs in the manufacturing and supplier bases, from five to seven indirect individuals will also be impacted.

    Any decision made will also have an even greater economic impact. To paraphrase, the sale of ammunition, firearms, accessories, and other incidentals contributes between $30 billion to $70 billion to our economy. The industry also makes a significant contribution to federal, state and local tax coffers.

    We do not need an “Assault Weapons Ban” or “Ban on Hi-Capacity Magazines. We need to “Protect our Children” as well as “Protect our Second Amendment Rights,” and our “Constitution.” We need to enforce the 20,000 plus Gun Laws already on the books, and have the BATFE and FBI develop better screening for individuals unable to be “Law-Abiding Legal and Responsible Gun Owners.”

    Some gun owners did not head the NRA, GOA, and NAGR Warnings prior to the 2012 Election. The first “Verbal Shots” have been fired across our bow. Collectively, we can survive the “Gun Ban Storm” and see our Gun Rights and the Second Amendment” be strengthened during and after the “Gun Ban Storm” subsides.

    Please consider me as a member of your crew as we fight to preserve the “Second Amendment.” We, and all Law-abiding Gun Owners, must address the lies being presented by the Obama Administration and his “Left-Wing” press.

    Please also accept my thanks for the 21 years of service you gave to the United States of America.



  2. Love your blog! I feel ya brother. 3 years and counting until I can put in my papers and leave the canoe club. STGC here. Tin can sailor. Same boat, I’m a loner and don’t like responsibility over others but use mine to shield them from as much BS as I can. Going to retire to a farm and live in peace as long as they’ll let me.

  3. Thank you for your service. We don’t get enough thanks. 20 year’s RM1. Just to comment on sks trigger videos they were one of the best that I’ve watched.

    • I always feel a little uncomfortable when people thank me for my service. True it was a hard, challenging life. There were sacrifices. It was always tough and sometimes dangerous. I lost good friends, I’ve seen men die and be seriously injured and had a few close calls myself, but that’s just the nature of the beast working around jets, props and helicopter rotors, especially on the flight deck. There is no job in the military that’s without risk, but we know that going in. The fact is, I’m not a combat vet in any real sense. In aviation maintenance, my version of “war” was launching airplanes with full bomb racks and recovering them with empty ones. My job was dangerous, sure, but no one was ever shooting at me.

      I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to see places, do things and live a life that most people could never even dream of. As tough and challenging and dangerous as the job was, I miss it and I wouldn’t have traded it for any cushy office job in the world.

      So, no…I don’t deserve the thanks myself; but I also realize it isn’t really about me. Saying thanks to one veteran is really a symbol of thanks for all who serve and I recognize and appreciate that…and so I accept the thanks humbly not for myself, but for all of our brothers and sisters in arms that now serve or have served…especially in combat…and for those who sacrificed all and will continue to stand the watch for eternity.

      And so in that spirit I say to you too: thank you for your service brother.

      • Curt,
        Having felt uncomfortable with people thanking me for my service for years (I retired from the Navy), I found reading your blog interesting in that thinking about that feeling was stimulated.
        You commented that no one shot at you. Being in the Navy, most of the time no one shot at us. And being a child of the cold war I have had to recognize that although no shot may have been fired, we were surely targeted. The USS Cole comes to mind when someone pulled the trigger.
        As for our jobs, they were fabulous. We got to work with some of the finest individuals to walk this planet. We worked as a team with a common goal in mind. Yes, there was occasional conflict on the team but that I have realized is the nature of animals as we eventually iron out our differences and move on.
        Were our jobs dangerous? I had an opportunity last fall to visit Pensacola and take friends and family on a tour of the base and museum. We sat and watched the video of the events on the USS Forrestal. No enemy engagement in that incident but still devastating. That video helped me recognize that the thanks people give me is not just for surviving being shot at. It has to do with the attention we all gave to handling a challenging environment and allowing the folks at home to take care of their families and live fulfilling lives.
        So, thank you, Curt. I know you did something that helps to make our country great. May you have fair winds and following seas.

  4. I’m a newbie here. Came here chasing info on cz82’s. Found everything I need and then some. Before I forget, you know it’s so easy to get off subject, now where was I, oh yeah – thank you for your service, and may God bless you and yours. Thanks so much for the info. I’m a lot like you, just not as smart. Love reading your blog, I’m hooked.

  5. I was far from a “lifer”, doing 4 years in the USN, than 2 years in the AF reserve. Did my cruise on the JFK as avionics flight deck TS. Still called the most dangerous quarter acre in the world. Very much enjoy your blog. The info on the CZ 82 is much appreciated. Being retired gives me time to enjoy working on firearms. I did my duty in the USN, but my 40 years of service as a radiology equipment service specialist was a bigger contribution to society.

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