Chinese Flu cases

This stuff just cracks me up.

According to Axios, the number of Chinese Wuhan Kung Flu cases has dropped off in recent months solely because of the vaccine.

Coronavirus infections in the U.S. are now at their lowest levels in seven months, thanks to the vaccines.

Here’s the chart they provided to prove their point:

Clearly the reduction must be caused by the vaccine, because that curve is completely unlike the natural ebb and flow of other viruses, like, say the flu right?

Nope, that couldn’t POSSIBLY be just the natural course of a flu-like virus at the onset of summer could it?

Of course, even as they try to convince us that, were it not for the vaccine, we’d be awash in cases and the night soil men would be roaming the streets in the mornings with their barrows crying “bring out your dead”, they’re simultaneously telling us that we haven’t nearly reached herd immunity yet, that people who’ve gotten the vaccine still need to wear an edict compliance device over their face and nose like good little sheep and that if certain states run by evil Republicans keep graciously granting us permission to exercise the God given liberty protected by the Constitution that we’re surely all going to die.

What’s scary about the whole thing is how many people just mindlessly follow along and accept the obvious gaslighting as revealed truth.

This nation is in deep doodoo.



Normally, tax day every year is Buy A Gun day. This year was a bit weird because tax day was officially delayed until May 17.

Also, I was really kind of hesitant to post my BAG day purchase just because of the current political environment, but the bottom line is, If my past activities and posts haven’t gotten me onto some kind of “domestic extremism” watch list, this isn’t going to put me over the top, so here goes.

After the Democrats stole the election for Biden, I decided I needed increase my stock of “ban resistant” firearms. My standard everyday carry piece is a Glock 19, but with a 15 round mag, that could be problematic in the near future. Yes, there’s a good chance that existing guns at the time of the ban would be grandfathered, but it’s possible they may not be as well and I figured if I wait until after a ban is passed, it could get really hard to find something that would fit the bill. Better to buy it now, while I have the chance.

So I started researching. I wanted something small…like small enough to use with a pocket holster…but with enough oomph to get the job done. Most people consider .380 the smallest caliber suitable for self defense, and I’m sure under most conditions, it would get the job done, but I wanted something that packed a bit more punch than that. There are a plethora of choices out there in subcompact 9mm guns so that’s where I wanted to go with it.

A friend of mine likes his Glock 43, but the barrel’s still got that blocky Glock profile and it’s only two tenths of an inch narrower than the Glock 19. That’s not much improvement when you’re giving up 9 rounds of capacity. Pretty much everything else I found that was low cap and small enough for me have the tiny little manual safeties on them. That doesn’t bother me in and of itself, but I’m left handed and I didn’t find a single one with an ambidextrous safety, plus they are so tiny and hard to manipulate, I don’t like the idea of having to try to manipulate it with the wrong hand under stress. One could just leave the safety off all the time, but that’s just another potential point of failure…what if it accidentally gets engaged, then I’m not trained at all to disengage it and under stress could mean the difference between life and death. Not gonna chance it.

One that really caught my attention was the Ruger EC9s for its diminutive size. The problem is, it has a right handed manual safety, plus the sights are machined into the slide, so no replacing them with night sights, and to top it all off, a magazine disconnect safety…that’s a deal breaker for me.

Too bad they don’t make them without all that crap….oh, wait. The EC9 is actually a less expensive version of an older design, which they made a variation that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

Since they aren’t in production any more, I had to search a bit to find one, and probably paid more than I should have, but it’s what I wanted so…here you go:

Ruger LC9s Pro

7+1 capacity so obviously impossible to use in crime or mass shootings. Chambered in 9mm Luger. Less than an inch thick. No magazine disconnect or right-handed manual safety to stymie me under stress. “Standard” sight bevels (I had the tritium night sights purchased and delivered before I even took delivery of the gun). It simply disappears when carried in a pancake holster and slips easily into a pocket holster for “grab and go” situations. Exactly what I was looking for and I’m extremely happy with it so far.

The only thing is that I haven’t had it out to the range yet. I’ve tried it with my laser training system and it points and feels just fine dry firing, but I haven’t fired live ammo through it yet. Just been too busy. I imagine that, as small as it is, it isn’t going to be exactly fun to shoot. I do typically use 147 grain subsonic ammo, so that will help, but I’m betting that the muzzle flip and recoil are still going to be…um…energetic. But we’ll see. I’m kind of a recoil junkie anyway so unless it causes physical pain to shoot, I’m thinking it’s still going to be fun. I’ll let you know…hopefully soon.

Next I need at least one more ban resistant long gun. I’m thinking maybe a lever gun, I’ve always liked them, or you can never go wrong with a bolt action.


Vaccine Passport idea

This occurred to me during a discussion on this story:

Over 60 U.S. stadiums and other venues are deploying an app from Clear to verify people’s COVID-19 status, placing the New York company known for its airport security fast lanes at the forefront of a national debate over “vaccine passports.”

One commenter said:

Hold ‘yer breath on that one… lol. If I don’t need an ID to vote I shouldn’t need a vaccine “passport” either.

Which got me thinking…

We need to demand that Voting be added to the list of things a Vaccine Passport is required for.

Vaccine Passports would then become evil to the left and we’d never hear about them again.



OK, so I’ve been looking for primers almost since the shortage began. I’ve got enough to last for a little while, but there is one size in particular that I’m short of.

Unfortunately, primers have been unavailable at any price for quite some time.

Well…ran across this yesterday:

Holy crikey’s!!! If I remember correctly, the last time I bought primers I paid something like $35 for 1000.

I’m not that desperate, but I must say that it’s encouraging that someone even has any, never mind the price. Maybe that means things are starting to look up in the ammo department? One can only hope.


Why I use Signal

Signal’s response to a Grand Jury subpoena:

…when we received this subpoena from the United States Attorney’s Office in the Central District of California, it felt like 2016 all over again.

The subpoena requested a wide variety of information that fell into this nonexistent category, including the addresses of the users, their correspondence, and the name associated with each account.

It’s impossible to turn over data that we never had access to in the first place. Signal doesn’t have access to your messages; your chat list; your groups; your contacts; your stickers; your profile name or avatar; or even the GIFs you search for. As a result, our response to the subpoena will look familiar. It’s the same set of “Account and Subscriber Information” that we provided in 2016: Unix timestamps for when each account was created and the date that each account last connected to the Signal service.

“But, but,but…why do you need to worry about it if you’re not doing anything wrong???”

I’m so old, I can remember when being patriotic was considered a good thing. When quoting the Constitution was an excellent way to make a point in a discussion. When being a member of an organization formed to defend the families of fallen soldiers at their funerals was an honorable and noble endeavor.

Now all those things can get you added to a secret list of domestic “extremists”. Don’t tell me there’s nothing to worry about. Why give them any more ammunition than you have to?

Hat tip to Joe Huffman.



This is a public service announcement.

There is a company based out of Nevada called that sells cheap tactical, survival and shooting gear.

I’ve ordered things from them a couple of times and have been pleased with what I’ve gotten from them. They do sell things at pretty good prices.

But, fair warning: they may not pay for return shipping – even when return is no fault of your own.

I ordered a pair of boots from them. I don’t normally buy any type of clothing online because you can’t try them on, but they were very inexpensive for a fairly pricey brand name, and has a 100% money back guarantee right? So I took the chance and ordered a pair.

I normally wear size 8.5 wide. If there is no wide version, I order a 9 and that’s usually a bit long, but fits good in width. They didn’t have a “wide” option so I ordered size 9.

Nope. They’re actually shorter in length than most 8.5’s I’ve bought and they are very narrow. I contacted Botach to make an exchange and they were happy to give me an RMA number, but refused to pay for shipping.

As far as I’m concerned, the product I ordered was defective…I ordered the right size, they’re sized incorrectly…so they should pay for return shipping. Nope. I checked prices at both UPS and the Postal Service and the cheapest shipping would be more than I paid for the boots to begin with.

I tried to leave a 1 star review on the product at Botach, but apparently their web site doesn’t allow that. Every time I try to post the review it says something like “you can’t post more than 3 reviews in 5 minutes” and refuses to post it…I tried twice with the same result.

That seems pretty shady if you ask me. That means you can’t trust the product reviews there either.

So, the bottom line is, although I’ve been pretty happy with my purchases from there up to this point, I’m no longer a Botach customer. They don’t truly honor the 100% money back guarantee they advertise and they prevent the posting of bad reviews.

Shooting is one of my two biggest interests. I spend a lot of money on shooting accessories and gear in a year. For the cost of shipping a pair of boots, they lost a good customer and hundreds if not thousands of dollars in sales a year for however many years I’ve got left in me.

Doesn’t seem like a very good trade-off to me, but if that’s the way they want to run their business…

At any rate, I just wanted to spread the word: buy from at your own risk.


Taxing the rich to enslave the poor

It probably shouldn’t given the current educational environment, but it never ceases to amaze me how many people simply don’t Grok basic, common sense, time tested economic principles.

For example: Capital Gains taxes tax the profits on investments. Generally, those investments take the form of stock purchases and sales.

What is stock? It’s a tiny slice of ownership of a company.

People buy things when they perceive a potential benefit to the purchase. When someone buys a stock it’s because they believe the company has value and they will reap benefits from owning a tiny piece of it. Those benefits can come from dividends paid out (the company dividing up the year’s profits amongst the owners) or from increase of the company’s value which raises share prices.

When the potential profits from such investments are reduced, what, pray tell, do you imagine happens to the investments?

If you said “they decrease” you get an “A” on your basic economics quiz for today.

When the investments decrease, companies don’t have the capital needed to expand. I work for a company that sells large scale fleet products and software. The way it works, a potential customer asks for bids. We place a bid. If we win the bid we get the contract. At that point we have to start purchasing the physical resources and expending the man-hours needed to fulfill the contract. Note, we haven’t received a penny of money yet, but we’re already spending loads in production of the product.

How do we have the money to start the work before ever receiving a red cent? Either profits from previous completed contracts, or from investments.

So, what happens to companies when investment slows? They have less revenue with which to get going. The biggest expense for any company in the (free) world is payroll. Guess what that means: Fewer employees…i.e. fewer jobs.

Do you think it’s going to be CEOs and CFOs and COOs that lose their jobs as a result? Not on your life. It’s going to be the people working the production floor. So, is increasing the capital gains tax really going to impact the rich? Or is it going to impact the middle class as well as the upward mobility of the poor?

Let’s go a little deeper: For brand new companies known as “startups”, the ONLY source of the revenue they need to get things up and running is investments. We’ve already discovered that increases of the capital gains tax will decrease investments, so, since that’s the only source of revenue for startups, what does that mean? Does that mean that the chances of a startup company succeeding are better or worse? If you said “worse”, you get an “A” on your second basic economics quiz for the day.

So…whom does that benefit? It certainly doesn’t benefit the startup businesses or the entrepreneurs that start them. It certainly doesn’t benefit the people who were hired by the startups that fail, or were hoping for jobs with startups that never get off the ground. So, who benefits? Existing companies that would have had to compete with the startups. Big Business benefits.

Why do you think that big companies are often on the left when it comes to taxation…especially business taxes like capital gains taxes.

Established businesses have existing production lines and cash reserves and longstanding customers and established revenue streams that can help them offset any losses of investment income. They also have armies of lobbyists that basically bribe congress into creating loopholes in the laws and armies of lawyers to help them in exploiting those loopholes to avoid paying the taxes themselves.

Do you really think the US tax code is a complex and confusing as it is because it NEEDS to be? Or because someone profits from it being that way (some of which profits trickle down to the people who author those confusing laws and regulations)?

Anyway, that’s just a long way of saying that Biden’s plan to tax the rich to fund all of his pet projects is going to backfire…bigly.

The Rich are the most mobile people on the planet, especially the super-rich. They can move anywhere…and will if it means protecting their wealth and income. And when they do so, they take that wealth and income (and ALL the tax revenue the government could have gotten from it) with them.

Businesses close or move to more business friendly countries, jobs go away, salaries decrease as the supply of labor increasingly exceeds demand and tax revenue ultimately does the exact opposite of the intention: it goes down rather than up.

And that leads me back to the title of this piece…the end result is more and more middle class people becoming poor and more and more poor people becoming dependent on the government for their survival. Which may ultimately be the goal all along. People who are dependent on the government for their survival are a lot easier for the government to control. “Oh, you don’t agree with letting biological males ‘compete’ against women in sports? We’ll cut off your food money for a while and see if you change your mind then…how’s that sound? I thought you might have a change of heart…”

This article from a guy who “gets it” is what prompted this rant.

Like those looters in Portland, Seattle, and other U.S. cities, progressives in Washington think the property of others is theirs for the taking. They control a majority in both house of Congress and the presidency, so they believe they have the right to take whatever they wish.


Coming soon, to an America near you

In the not to distant future, when cops just sit out crime calls for fear of being doxxed, protested, arrested and jailed for doing their jobs, this is what I imagine “justice in America” will look like:

A sex attacker had his penis and testicles hacked off and fed to wild pigs in a revenge attack after he allegedly attempted to rape his niece in Brazil.

Crude and brutal, but I bet that guy (is he still a guy or is he now transgender?) won’t ever be trying to rape anyone again.

That’s the kind of “justice” that an established police department and well working judicial system is designed to prevent. When the judicial system abdicates its duty by refusing to keep criminals away from society and the police are under constant threat of prosecution for performing theirs, the people will have no alternative but to seek justice on their own, and it won’t be pretty.