“You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”
-Inigo Montoya

I keep seeing stories about the Alec Baldwin homicide that insist the gun “misfired”.

The prop gun misfired, according to Deadline, when Baldwin was holding it on the New Mexico set of the movie “Rust.” According to the Santa Fe New Mexican, Baldwin was questioned by authorities and seen in tears. The newspaper reported that authorities were trying “to determine if the incident was an accident.”

According to Merriam Webster online:

mis·​fire | \ ˌmis-ˈfī(-ə)r , ˈmis-ˌfī(-ə)r \
Definition of misfire (Entry 1 of 2)
intransitive verb

1: to have the explosive or propulsive charge fail to ignite at the proper time
“the engine misfired”

2: to fail to fire
“the gun misfired”

3: to miss an intended effect or objective
“the new ad campaign misfired”

Definition of misfire (Entry 2 of 2)
1: a failure (as of a cartridge or firearm) to fire
2: something that misfires

They’re trying to use a term that minimizes Alec Baldwin’s blame in the incident.

The fact is, the gun did the opposite of misfire, It did not fail to fire, it operated properly: Alec Baldwin pulled the trigger, the primer ignited, which ignited the powder, which created rapidly expanding gasses that propelled the projectile down the barrel, which traveled at a high rate of speed in the direction in which the muzzle was pointed, which then impacted the objects (people in this case) in that direction.

It is the responsibility of the wielder of the weapon to ensure they do so safely, it is not a “misfire” when the gun did what it was designed to do. It’s no different than if he just started randomly swinging a sword without checking to make sure no one was in the way and hacked off someone’s head.

According to CBS:

As a film crew and actors in Western garb prepared to rehearse a scene inside a wooden, chapel-like building on a desert movie ranch outside Santa Fe, assistant director Dave Halls stepped outside and grabbed a prop gun off a cart.

He walked back in and handed it to the film’s star, Alec Baldwin, assuring him it was safe to use because it didn’t have live ammo.

“Cold gun,” Halls yelled.

There is plenty of blame to go around. Why was there even any live ammunition on the site? That’s the responsibility of whoever brought it, probably one of the armorers. Why wasn’t the gun checked for ammunition (live or blank) before it was placed on the prop cart? Why didn’t the assistant director check and verify the condition of the gun when he picked it up from the cart? Why did he tell Alec Baldwin it was a cold gun when he handed it over, without having checked it himself?

But ultimately, the blame lies with the one who pulled the trigger.

NRA rule #1: Always keep the muzzle pointed in safe direction

Jeff Cooper rules #1: All guns are always loaded
                             #2: Never let the muzzle cover anything you are not willing to destroy

Alec Baldwin had the responsibility to verify the condition of the gun he was handed regardless of what he was told. Even failing that, he had the responsibility to treat the firearm as if it was loaded. The “Industry Wide Labor Management Safety Committee” even published a bulletin with that sentiment in the very first, bolded, paragraph.

Had Alec Baldwin fulfilled his responsibilities with respect to gun safety, it wouldn’t have mattered whether the gun was cold, hot, or room temperature. The worst thing that would have happened would have been the gun goes “bang”, the bullet flies off in the “safe direction”, everyone is shocked, the armoror is fired and they all go about their business of making a movie.

In fact, according to some of the recent stories (a couple of them linked above) this had already happened twice on the set. A “cold” gun wasn’t cold and went “bang” when it should have gone “click”.

The armorers should have been fired already. But it took Alec Baldwin’s negligence to wake them up to the dangers. Too bad a talented young cinematographer had to die to drive that lesson home.

The Navy has a saying “Naval regulations are written in blood”. The point being that we learn from our mistakes and establish regulations to prevent them from happening again.

Too bad anti-gun Hollywood actors don’t take those words of wisdom to heart.

I blame Alec Baldwin.  In my humble opinion, he is guilty of negligent homicide.  But he’s one of the “elite” to whom the laws for the little people don’t apply, so it will all be written off as “an accident” where that evil gun just “misfired” and killed an innocent person.   What a shame.


Supply Chain issues

This is another one of my infamous comments that turned into a post. This is in response to this post at The Last Refuge:

As noted, and as previously outlined, the issues with the backlog of the California ports have absolutely nothing to do with rapid unloading of ships and container vessels. The issue is the inability of California truckers to move those containers. The problem is a shortage of CA emission compliant internal transportation trucks to move the containers out of the port and into the U.S. mainland.

Here’s the thing. You may be right that the problem is a lack of trucks, but at this stage, just repealing the laws that are causing the truck shortage isn’t going to fix anything.

At the very beginning, right after the restrictive laws went into effect, there weren’t enough trucks to move the containers out quickly, so the containers start to stack up. Then when a truck shows up, the containers have to be moved around to get to the one the truck is there to haul, which takes time.

Meanwhile more containers stack up. And more. And more.

Until we get where we are: so many containers are stacked everywhere that they don’t have space to work. A truck shows up to pick up a container that’s in the middle of a huge stack and they not only have to take the time to move all the containers that are in the way, they also have to find or make space to put the containers that they need to move…so truckers sit for hours waiting for their cargo to be ready to pick up.

Meanwhile, more ships are being offloaded and added to the huge piles of containers.

So, even if they repealed the laws today and thousands more trucks became available to move cargo, it would still take forever to get the cargo out of the piles and onto the trucks they’re intended for.

What they would need to do to straighten this all out would be immensely expensive and a logistical nightmare, but it’ the only way short of just shutting down the port until the backlog is cleared that they’ll be able to get this fixed:

  1. Repeal the laws restricting trucks and drivers from operating in California
  2. The port or the state needs to contract every truck they can get their hands on.
  3. They need to lease or buy several large staging areas away from the city.
  4. When a truck arrives at the port, load it with the first container available and get it on the road immediately.
  5. The trucks take their loads to a staging area and drop them where their entry is logged and the recipient of the container is notified where to find it.
  6. The truck immediately returns to the port to pick up the next container.

This needs to continue until the backlog is resolved, then the trucks can be released and allowed to return to their normal duties.

Hopefully because the staging areas won’t be so congested (more staging areas, less containers at each) and each will have less traffic than the port itself, trucks can be loaded with their intended cargoes much more quickly and efficiently and the staging areas can be cleared relatively quickly (at least within a couple of months).

It will be slow because enough truck traffic will have to continue to serve the ports to prevent them from just backlogging again, so movement of cargo from the staging areas will still be slow.

Honestly, I’m not sure there are enough trucks and/or drivers available for that plan to even work. This may not be recoverable without flat out shutting down cargo ships into the ports until the backlog is cleared. That would be disastrous…but probably not much more disastrous than what’s already going on.

Any way you cut it, this is going to continue to get worse before it gets better…if it ever does.


Leftist policies don’t improve education?

Who could have possibly predicted that?

The stated primary purpose of many left-wing education reforms, including the most recent “Common Core State Standards,” has been to shrink the achievement gap. Despite implementation of these reforms throughout the nation, standardized test scores have shown the gap has not only not diminished, but has even grown worse.

As I’ve said repeatedly:
Every policy that comes from the left has at best no effect and at worst the opposite effect from what they claim to desire.
These results are easily predictable by anyone with any common sense
The only possible conclusion from these two immutable facts is that their actual intention is to make things worse.

And they are doing it on purpose because it assists them in reaching their goals.
What are their goals? Ultimately one world government…totalitarian…run by them.

Well educated, strong, confident, self-reliant, secure people will not submit themselves to servitude willingly.

So they need the people to be ignorant, weak, fearful, dependent and insecure in order to see their plans to fruition.

Regardless of what they claim their intentions are, all of their policies are transparently geared toward those ends.

It’s a feature, not a bug.


Definitely not an insurrection

A group of people with strong political beliefs held a demonstration in Washington DC. At the conclusion of that demonstration, some number of demonstrators forced their way into a government building and, in the process, injured several police officers.

Videos of the demonstration rapidly made their way online, depicting protestors forcing their way into the building and protesting once inside.

Oh…this wasn’t on January 6, this occurred this week.

Dozens of climate activists have been arrested after they clashed with police in Washington DC and forced their way into the Interior Department building in scenes that some have called reminiscent of the US Capitol riot.

An Interior Department spokeswoman said a group of demonstrators rushed the lobby on Thursday, injuring multiple security officers, at least of whom was taken to a nearby hospital.

Police and protesters clashed outside the building, and officers used Tasers and batons against several unarmed protesters, representatives for the activist group said. The group said 55 participants were arrested.

The only difference I can see between this and what happened January 6 is that none of the protesters were shot by cops with itchy trigger fingers.

Oh…and the dearth of major news outlets screaming endlessly about the insurrection.

Why? Because this insurrection was thrown by lefties.

Heck, I can’t even find a major news outlet that reported on it, let alone called the incident an “insurrection” or claimed the perpetrators are traitors. Note that the story linked is from the UK.

And they wonder why we suspect that they might be a tad biased.


Another Blow to crime control

In the face of “Defund the Police” movements, general lack of support for police by local governments, reduced effort by police in the face of potentially being charged and convicted of a crime if they’re required to use force, decreases in recruiting success due to public disdain for Police, and losing officers who refuse to comply with Kung Flu vaccination mandates, today yet another body blow to law enforcement was announced.

No donuts for you!


Who could have possibly foreseen this?

As usual, not from American media, but from the Daily Mail:

A Virginia father who went viral after being dragged out of a Loudoun County school board meeting and arrested for protesting its proposed transgender policies has now revealed he was trying to tell the room that his daughter had been raped by a boy at school in the girls’ bathroom.

Who could have possibly imagined that a policy allowing teenage boys into the girl’s restrooms and locker rooms in schools could possibly turn out badly?

Even more, who would have guessed that both the school officials all the way up to the school board, and the media, would be complicit in covering it up?

I mean, other than…well…everyone with a brain.


How the mighty have fallen

Just another in the long list of Naval Incidents in the past decade or so that illustrate the downfall of the US Navy.

A U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarine that was damaged in a collision with an unknown underwater object in the South China Sea last weekend has arrived in port at Guam, the Navy said Friday.

We just can’t seem to stop bouncing ships off of stuff. In peacetime. Doesn’t bode well for our capabilities in making war.

One other point:

When it disclosed the Oct. 2 accident on Thursday, U.S. Pacific Fleet said that there had been no damage to the sub’s nuclear propulsion system and that it had not yet determined what underwater object had been struck.

I don’t know if that was the Navy’s way of describing the incident or the reporter took some liberties, but when I was in the Navy, there was no such thing as an accident. An “accident” implies that it was an unavoidable incident primarily just the result of bad luck. What we called failures like this when I was in the Navy is a “Mishap”. Indicating that it was entirely preventable and was a result of one or more failures in performance and the chain of command. Most typically a mishap is caused by a chain of cascading failures that ultimately were direct result of poor decisions high in the chain of command and the lack of leadership required for anyone in that chain of command to say “hey…wait a minute! This is a BAD idea”.

With our current military “leadership” I certainly hope they’re able to stay out of any wars with technologically advanced, capable enemies, or we’ll get our asses kicked. We’ve had decades of politically correct policymaking and weak, ineffective leadership to degrade the fighting spirit and capability of our military forces. They can run roughshod over a bunch of goat humpers using technology that dates from my military heyday, but I fear if we went up against the big boys, we’ll find out that an emphasis on teaching our military members how to identify white supremacy in themselves, how to walk in high heels (at last for those who weren’t already experienced at it), and how to properly utilize all the most current and trendy socially conscious buzzwords doesn’t translate well into warfighting ability against a capable and motivated foe.


Tess Who?

I saw a link to this article somewhere and clicked it out of curiosity*. I don’t keep up with “celebrity” news because…um…I don’t care. I take a certain pride in not knowing who the heck they’re talking about in the “celebrity news” (oxymoron alert) sections.

At any rate, I saw the article and this particular bit really caught my attention:

Tess, who recently opened up about her battle with anorexia, wore her flame-hued tresses in a loose style before sweeping them up into a ponytail.


I really, really, really wanted to leave this comment on the daily mail site, but they’d already closed comments…I can’t imagine why.

I wanted to say:

She battled anorexia??? She kicked it’s ass. She should sell her anorexia cure and make millions!!!

Anorexia Warrior

*Be warned…if you click the link to the story, you cannot unsee some of the photos they present.


Mutual Combatants

I’m sure you’ve all heard the story by now of the Chicago thugs shooting it out in the street being let off the hook by the Soros approved AG because they were all engaged in “mutual combat” therefore no criminal charges can be filed.

I saw this quote from Mayor Groot and I was a little amazed. She’s a flaming liberal, isn’t she in on the gameplan?

Lightfoot said at a press conference Monday. “If the bad guys that are out there that are picking up guns and shooting without any regard for the sanctity of life, do not believe that there’s accountability for them, the brazenness will not end. It will escalate, it will continue and our communities will not be safe.”

OK Ms. Mayor…oh crap…I’m assuming gender again. OK Mayor of Indeterminate Gender, I’ll let you in on the secret:

It’s a feature, not a bug.

If I may be so bold as to quote myself:

As I’ve mentioned before, they constantly do things that don’t seem to make sense, but make perfect sense when you understand their goal is to destabilize society, engender fear and force the general public into dependency.

Do you get it now Mayor Groot? Of course this Soros approved State’s Attorney refused to lock up the criminal thugs. If they were locked up, they wouldn’t be free to wreak mayhem…mayhem that can then be used to agitate for ever more restrictions on the activities and lives of the regular citizens that would-be dictators like Soros and Foxx yearn to rule.

Were you sleeping through the Democrat Party planning meetings? Or did they just not invite you?


Entry number…oh, I’ve lost count…in the “I’ll believe them…

…when they start living like they believe it..”

And actually in this installment, she basically just admits that wearing masks is kabuki theater.

Hat tip to Irons in the fire.

It’s not necessary…heck, it’s not even effective…and they know it. It’s nothing more than a compliance tool and they only do it in public themselves because they’ll be called out for it if they don’t. She apparently wasn’t smart enough to realize she was close enough to the camera for them to get audio.