I couldn’t have said it better myself

It didn’t seem to matter.

“We’re a family that believes in science, believes in the medical advice of the community, medical recommendations from doctors. We followed everything very strictly. So all that combined is kind of what we’re still in shock about how it didn’t seem to matter, at least for my mom.”

Saying you “believe in science” is not a proclamation of any profound truth, it’s a self-congratulating catechism of the leftist faith.

“Science” is not inscribed in stone tablets and scientists are humans: just as prone to mistake, corruption and bias as anyone. Science is not based on consensus, it is based on evidence. As Einstein is alleged to have once said when a hundred scientists wrote a book taking him to task over his theory of relativity “Why 100 authors? If I was wrong it would only take one to prove it.” Taking on blind faith any “science” that supports your worldview while dismissing out of hand any that does not is not “believing in science”.

So your faith failed you. You followed all the advice and your mother died anyway. I wonder…had you been willing to stray from the boundaries of your religious restrictions and had tried an Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine protocol as soon as your mother realized she was sick, would the outcome have been different? We’ll never know…and neither will you because you would never stray from your faith.

And just how devout does one have to be to make the decision to politicize the death of a loved one just to proselytize for their religion? Gotta commend you for your devotion, if not your judgement.


And even more evidence that it’s all Kabuki theater:

Refugee flights from Afghanistan “paused” as a result of measles outbreaks in Virginia and Wisconsin.

A measles outbreak in Virginia and Wisconsin amid refugees from Afghanistan has caused the U.S. State Department to pause the program for further arrivals.

So, let me get this straight: Wuhan China Virus is an existential threat that warrants lockdowns, mask mandates, virus mandates, travel restrictions etc etc etc…but is not so bad that we have to shut down refugee flights from Afghanistan; or even, for that matter, ensure that the refugees are vaccinated before releasing them into the wild.

But a measles outbreak…a disease that’s been with us for centuries, that virtually every person my age or earlier endured as a kid (along with chicken pox, mumps, and myriad other “rite of passage” illnesses that have since been vaccinated almost out of existence) and has never resulted in such extreme measures to quell, shuts the flights right down.

And we’re supposed to pretend like this all makes perfect sense.

Ignore that man behind the curtain.


It’s hard to make predictions…

…especially about the future.

But sometimes the tea leaves are easy to read.

With a make-or-break vote looming in the Senate on a sweeping voting-rights and anti-corruption bill, President Joe Biden and his advisers have said in recent weeks that Biden will pressure wavering Democrats to support reforming the filibuster if necessary to pass the voting bill.

Remember what I said all the way back in June?

As a result, I’m going to make a prediction: The Dems will end the filibuster sometime early next year. They will convince, threaten or bribe the two Democrat hold outs to vote their way eventually.

There’s an outside chance they’ll get it done before the end of the year, but I think my prediction is holding up pretty well. I’m thinking sometime early next year. There are some state and local elections held in “off” years from federal elections. I think they’ll want to wait until after those are over to stave off the inevitable outrage and pushback.

But it’s coming. They’ve taken the reigns of power (literally…they weren’t elected, they stole them) and they aren’t going to give them back easily. We aren’t going to be voting ourselves out of this one no matter how many delusional establishment Republicans think it will happen.

The next necessary step for them to maintain their power is to nuke the filibuster so they can then federalize election rules in the manner that makes it easiest for them to maintain their cheat machine.

If they succeed in that, after the they steal the 2022 mid-terms and increase their majorities to more comfortable margins, the next step will be to pack the Supreme Court so that they don’t have to worry about constitutional challenges. Then it will be off to the races.

Damn I’m glad I’m old. I sincerely hope I don’t live long enough to see the worst of it. I had the privilege of living through the time and place where people lived the most free, comfortable, safe and secure lives in human history. Now that it’s almost over, it’s heartbreaking.


And in the latest edition of…

…I’ll start taking Wuhan Chinese Virus mandates seriously when the people who issue them start acting like they’re serious.

Basically, a bunch of Democrat high level muckety mucks gathering for some press event in New York. Before the media shows up, they’re all maskless, mingling, shaking hands, rubbing shoulders and just generally acting like…well…normal.

But then the media starts showing up and magically, the masks appear.

If that isn’t a poignant reminder that this is all kabuki theater, I don’t know what is.


Another lesson on why reliance on others is weakness.

Just another story among many reinforcing why you should never become reliant on others for your well-being.

The European Union is threatening to hold back millions of euros —$150 million — in cohesion funding to local areas in Poland due to their declarations and stances against LGBTQ ideology.

They initially act like benevolent benefactors: here, you need help with this aspect of your life, so accept our money, assistance or guidance.

That’s all well and good, but it is very easy to, over time, become dependent on that assistance. Without it you can’t pay your bills, your lights will be turned off, your water service will end, you’ll be evicted, you’ll starve.

Which gives them power over you. When you do something, say something, think something that they don’t approve of, they threaten to turn off the tap. You will comply or else.

This works at all levels, from the no or low income people in the US who are dependent on the welfare state, to states dependent on federal government grants, to organizations dependent on twitter to get their message out, to individuals dependent on facebook to share pictures of their grandkids.

Dependency inevitably results in slavery.

Why do you think the left is so all-in for “single payer health care”? When the single payer is the government and you are dependent upon them for your medications, doctor’s visits, life saving treatments…you are their slave.

You want your cancer treatments this month? You’re going to have to give up that earth killing gasoline car and cut back on your electricity use. It’s all to save the planet you know.

You want your blood pressure medication? You need to delete those “transphobic” tweets where you said that people with penises shouldn’t be using the same public bathroom as your daughter.

You think that’s not the end goal? Then you haven’t been paying attention. The argument will be that you’re an evil white supremacist planet killing Nazi, why should the hard working taxpayers have to pay for your medical care?

It’s very difficult if not impossible to be completely independent in the society that we’ve allowed to fester, but do the best you can because dependency equals slavery.

“whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you.
–Albert Jay Nock


Victims of White Supremacy

Isn’t it terrible that these two blatantly white men had the audacity to violently inflict their whiteness on these poor innocent BIPOC people?

Who can blame these terribly oppressed victims for mostly peacefully defending themselves from the aggressive and violent presence of blatantly and unrepentantly white people in their midst? Who can blame them for then exacting reparations from the obviously racist interlopers in the form of taking their possessions after they’ve been mostly peacefully subdued?

How anyone can view this video and not gain a better understanding of the plight of horribly oppressed minorities in this systemically racist nation is beyond me.

Hat tip to my best friend CB who sent this to me via e-mail.


And they wonder…

…why we’re skeptical when they tell us that all we need to do to be safe, secure and happy is everything they tell us to do.

The story on its face was absurd, yet multiple media outlets pushed the claim, based on the word of a single doctor who gave an interview to KFOR.

Stephanie Six, hospital administrator at NHS-Sequouyah, told KXMX that the hospital had “not seen or had any patients in our ER or hospital with ivermectin overdose” nor did it have “any patients with complaints or issues related to ivermectin.”

She reiterated that McElyea hadn’t treated patients at the NHS-Sequoyah emergency room in several months.


In reality, you’re on your own

Another friendly reminder from the US legal system (via Of Arms and the Law) that the Police are under no legal obligation to protect anyone:

Former boyfriend violates the protective order, stalks her, calls her 86 times. Police get two arrest warrants and … send them to former boyfriend via first class mail. Officer calls former boyfriend, tells him he will not be arrested.

Boyfriend fatally shoots the woman and kills himself.

Held, her parents cannot sue.

As much as society likes to pretend like we’re all in this together, when it comes down to it, we are ultimately responsible for ourselves in every respect from providing food and shelter, to defending ones own life and family from predators.

These are basic laws of nature. “Civilization” may mask these basic laws from time to time, and the division of labor and efficiency that comes from a society definitely makes these things easier, but these only soften the brutal truth of nature’s immutable laws, they don’t eliminate them. The only person responsible for your own survival is you.

By the way…I would submit that the above story is prima facia evidence that women should never date cops or anyone related to a cop. If the relationship turns abusive, can you count on the police to enforce the laws against one of their own?

In a perfect world the answer would always be “yes” but this is hardly a perfect world and by the time you figure out you’re in one of those places where the “thin blue line” is more about protecting the police from the public than the public from criminals, it may be too late.


Shopping Follies

This is a public service announcement…buyer beware.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I’m working on a project at home. I currently have a shop vac brand wet dry vacuum that is probably getting close to 30 years old. It still works but the motor is on its last legs so I decided to start looking for a new one.

Comparison shopping and all that, I was looking at Home Depot and found this one for a reasonable price.

The problem is that they don’t have any in stock in the store close to my work, so I checked the store closer to home…only to discover that the exact same product is more expensive when I select the other store.

And not just a little bit more expensive…about 27% more, just by selecting a different store. Oh…and the store with the higher price doesn’t have it in stock either. So, by selecting a store closer to home, I get to pay 27% more for the privilege of still having to wait until next week to pick it up.

I checked Lowe’s as well and the price I found for the item (which they have in stock) in the store close to work is the same price in the store close to home, and just for grins I checked a store about 700 miles away in my ancestral home of Indiana…same price. As it should be. I could see different prices in different areas of the country based on the local laws and price of doing business there, but to have wildly differing prices in stores just a few miles apart makes no sense to me.

My advice: avoid Home Depot unless you don’t mind taking the chance of paying more than you would have if you’d gone to the store a few miles away.



I know that the really popular bloggers put up a post every day, or at least on a regular schedule.

I used to do that as well, back when I was really striving to grow my readership. I pretty much stopped blogging for quite a while for several reasons:

– The gun blogosphere had expanded to the point that there were many voices saying the same things I was saying, and generally saying them better.
– The political landscape was deteriorating to the point that it was disheartening to post on it (that hasn’t changed).
– The big reason is it was starting to feel more like a job than a hobby.

I’ve never even tried to monetize my blog. For a while I was selling CD’s of my gunsmithing posts to raise money to buy a new computer, but that only lasted a year or so, and I’ve had that “new” computer for well over a decade now (and I still use it), so there was never a financial incentive to expand my audience, I was only in this because I wanted a place to vent, and to some degree I felt I had something to add to the conversation.

So, When I started feeling that I was no longer adding anything fresh to the discussion, I took a (long) break).

Now I’m back, but again, this is just a hobby for me. I started again in dribs and drabs just because I had something in my head that I wanted to get out there. I’ve been posting a bit more regularly, but I’m just venting, writing when I think I have something useful to add, or interesting to share, not just to put up a post.

I’ve been working on a remodeling project lately that has taken a lot of my “not at work” time. I stripped the oldest bathroom in my house down to studs and am in the process of rebuilding it. It had some issues and honestly I was expecting to find a lot of water damage in the walls and under the floors, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. It’s a small space so in the process we’re getting rid of the tub and putting in a shower stall. Slow going, but making good progress. I’m almost ready to paint the drywall parts and then start laying tile.

Still working on trying to buy property in a remote undisclosed location. That has hit some snags but we’re trying to move it forward. We’ll see what happens.

Doing my best to move forward, trying to prepare for an uncertain future and hedge my bets, all while actually living and enjoying my life rather than cowering in fear over a not particularly deadly virus.

I’m not very optimistic about the future of our society and haven’t been for over a decade. I think we’ve passed the tipping point. Entire generations have been indoctrinated into the cult of anti-individualism, explicit racism and communistic government control over speech, personal choices and lifestyle.

If we can get the electoral system straightened out in enough states, Republicans may actually even win a national election or two before being completely inundated, but the time is coming when the “traditional” American culture of rugged individualism, personal responsibility and individual liberty will be overwhelmed by collectivism and top down control over every aspect of our lives.

That’s just the way human nature goes. The vast majority of people want nothing more than a sense of security (false or not), and being relieved of the responsibility for making, and facing the consequences of, their own decisions. Most human beings simply want to be “kept”. It’s much easier than being self-reliant and independent. And they’re not even particularly concerned about the conditions in which they’re “kept” as long as it’s not abject misery…and as long as most of the people around them are in the same situation, so they’ve no grounds for jealousy.

At any rate, there’s nothing I can do about it. The leftist worldview isn’t compatible with “live and let live”. They won’t voluntarily leave me alone to make my own decisions and suffer my own consequences, so my best option is to find a place as far away from the people who would control my life as possible, ensure I have good sight lines to the approaches to my redoubt, and post signs on the property line that say “No trespassing: if you can read this, you’re in range”.

So that’s where I’m at. This started out as just an explanation as to why I haven’t posted lately and ended up rambling into a State of the Union address, but there it is.

Your mileage may vary.