Guns in Church

Why would anyone need to have a gun in a place of peaceful worship and meditation like a church?

A pastor was shot and killed during a church service on Friday night in Calcasieu Parish.

Myers said Karey shot Harris with a shotgun twice, once when he walked into the church and a second time when Harris fell to the floor. Myers said Karey walked up to him and shot him at close range.

Because there is no magical anti-violence force field at the entrance to a church. It’s just a building. Bad people can strike there as easily as anywhere else…actually – easier, because in many states churches are by law victim disarmament zones.

This just enfuriates me…

Because everyone knows that an unarmed, angelic, black teenager (hoodie optional) could never harm a fully grown, adult, “white-hispanic” with their bare hands…right?

Santiago was followed by the three teens while walking on 3rd Street between Adams and Jefferson Streets in Hoboken on Sept. 10 when one of the juveniles threw a punch at Santiago’s head in what detectives believe was a game of “knockout.” Santiago then collapsed onto the fence, wedging his neck between two iron fence posts, where he died, the prosecutor said.

Too bad that white looking guy with a hispanic sounding name (versus a hispanic looking guy with a white sounding name) died, but sucker punching an innocent person on the street trying to knock them out is not REALLY a violent crime, it’s just a childish prank.


Also interesting that I had to go to the video to figure out the race of the young innocent pranksters, it wasn’t mentioned a single time in the entire article.

Funny that.

If this kind of crap keeps up and continues to be brushed under the rug…black violence against other races ignored or whitewashed while people defending themselves against black thugs is touted as evidence of racism and results in the modern equivalent of the Salem Witch Trials…there absolutely WILL be a race war in this country eventually. And blame for it can be placed squarely at the feet of the race hustlers in both the Black community and the media.

Zimmerman Aftermath

The first thing I notice is that, even after the trial and all the evidence being spelled out in painstaking detail in court, virtually every article I’ve read that attempted to recount the events of that night got at least one major fact wrong. Most got several wrong.

Not surprising considering the state of Journalism today, but still aggravating and discouraging. And they wonder why we’re tuning out.

The second thing I notice is that every comment that I read by someone who disagreed with the verdict where they attempted to recount the events of that night, got most of what they said wrong. Apparently, the only requirement for disapproving of the verdict is not having any idea at all about what the evidence shows actually happened.

Some of the more common misconceptions:

Zimmerman wasn’t on a Neighborhood watch “patrol”. He was on his way home from Target. His activities had nothing to do with the Neighborhood watch other than his taking the initiative to call the police to report a suspicious person.

Zimmerman was not told to stay in his car. He was not informed that he “didn’t need to” follow Martin until well after he’d already exited his vehicle…in response to questions asked by the dispatcher.

Zimmerman was not following Martin immediately before the altercation began. As soon as he was informed that he didn’t need to follow Martin, he immediately replied “OK” and stopped. Any objective review of the non-emergency call between Zimmerman and the Dispatcher makes this abundantly clear. Shortly after replying “OK” to the dispatcher’s news that following wasn’t necessary, Zimmerman stated “he ran” (past tense…meaning it’s all over with and Martin is gone). Shortly after that, Zimmerman was reluctant to tell the dispatcher his home address aloud because “I don’t know where this kid is”.

Martin was not just trying to get home. Had he been trying to do so, he would have succeeded with plenty of time to spare. The top of the “T” sidewalk is only about 400 feet from the home Martin was staying in. One can walk 400 feet at a normal walking pace in less than 2 minutes. A 17 year old in decent physical shape (as Martin appeared to be) could run it in a flat out sprint in 12 to 15 seconds. Placing his gait at somewhere in the middle, call it a minute to get home and another minute to unlock the door and get inside.

Using the non-emergency call timeline, combined with the 911 call in which the shot could be heard, four minutes elapsed from the time Zimmerman lost sight of Martin and the fatal shot. By most accounts, the altercation lasted between 45 seconds and a minute. That means that Martin had at least 3 minutes to travel the 400 feet to the home he was staying in…yet the altercation started within a few feet of the top of the “T” (where Zimmerman’s keys and flashlight were found) and ended up no more than 30 feet from the top of the “T”. If Martin was only trying to get home and away from the “creepy ass cracker”, what was he doing during that 3 minutes that he was still right near the “T” as Zimmerman returned to his truck?

Zimmerman didn’t initiate the contact. Even according the the State’s star witness, the girl who was on the phone with Martin right up until the altercation began, it was Martin who initiated contact with Zimmerman.

And, Finally, if George Zimmerman was a “wanna-be cop”, why did he turn down an offer from the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator to take on a community policing position that would have had him wearing a uniform with a badge and driving a patrol car with lights?

George Zimmerman was the kind of neighbor most people like to have. The kind that takes an interest in their neighborhood and keeps an eye out for others. He WAS “minding his own business” that night…by keeping an eye out and reporting suspicious behavior in his neighborhood. He did exactly what he should have done and what I wish more people would do.

As many have said, no black (or white, or yellow, or green) “child” deserves to be shot and killed for nothing more than walking home from 7-11 with candy and a drink. But that isn’t what Martin was doing when he got shot. He was committing felony assault with a deadly weapon by pinning Zimmerman to the ground and pounding his head repeatedly against the concrete sidewalk. Sorry, but that absolutely IS grounds for being shot, no matter what skin tone you happen to have.

Zimmerman trial closing arguments

Listening to the closing arguments of the Zimmerman Trial I have to ask myself:

Is there a course entitled “how to ramble on for several hours at a time while saying as little as possible and making as little sense as possible 101” in lawyer schoool?

Granted, I speak before groups of people for a living (I’m a technical trainer) and the object of my speaking is to provide them with information in as clear, concise, thorough and efficient manner as possible.

Both the prosecution and the defense closing arguments have been rambling, confused, and lacking in clarity.

I’m pretty sure it was completely intentional for the state, as they have no actual…you know…evidence. Their entire strategy was to emotionalize, confuse the issues and imply that non evidence and remote possibilities are actually evidence and probabilities. I was expecting their closing to be confusing and make little sense.

On the other hand, the case for the Defense is pretty clear cut and straightforward. The Defense’s case SCREAMS OUT for clarity, conciseness and a logical progression through the evidence.

O’mara had impressed me with the defense up to this point, but his closing, so far, has been painfully confusing and disjointed. Is it just that laywers are too smart for their own good and have trouble organizing their thoughts as a result? I just don’t get it.

This should be a slam dunk for the defense, but O’mara is turning the closing argument into a confusing mess of disjointed, rambling, seemingly unconnected thoughts.

I’ve never been overly impressed with the practitioners of our legal system based on my meager experience with it. This trial hasn’t done anything to disabuse me of the general low regard in which I hold such practitioners.

State’s case Vs Zimmerman

Listening to the Zimmerman Trial live.

Cross-examining a medical examiner expert witness right now.

ME testified that George Zimmerman’s injuries were consistent with a punch to the nose and then head striking concrete repeatedly, that Martin’s hand injury was consistent with punching someone and that the gunshot wound was consistent with shooting up into someone who is on top.

State’s cross: “Isn’t it possible that someone could get injuries by, say, bumping their head against a tree branch?” “Isn’t it possible that Martin may have injured his hand in some other way than punching?” “Isn’t it possible that some weird, implausible, million to one occurrence could have made the gunshot LOOK like it was fired up into someone on top, but really wasn’t?”

Apparently, the state’s case revolves around “it COULD have POSSIBLY happened in a way other than the way that all the evidence is consistent with, so obviously Zimmerman was lying”.

Or something.

Every piece of evidence*, every witness (including the State’s witnesses…including their STAR witness) supports Zimmerman’s account of how the event took place.

So the State’s only recourse is to muddy the waters and imply that it might have POSSIBLY happened in some other way.

Apparently the State is unfamiliar with the premise that it is THEIR responsibility to prove the elements of the crime “beyond a reasonable doubt”.

I cannot imagine a jury that would find any defendant guilty with the evidence that’s been presented in this case.

*Possible exception: Sabrina Fulton (Martin’s Mother) testified that the voice yelling for help on the 911 tape was Martin, which would tend to disprove Zimmerman’s account of events…however, two other family members (Martin’s half-brother and Father) said variously that they weren’t sure, or it wasn’t Martin screaming, and then changed their stories later. The defense provided several witnesses who testified with conviction that the voice of the screamer was Zimmerman, so I feel that, at best, this single piece of evidence that might tend to disprove Zimmerman’s story is a wash and it is still unclear, based on the audio, who was screaming for help. There is significant other evidence that supports the claim that Zimmerman was the one crying for help…not the least of which was the witness who saw them fighting just before the fatal shot and testified that Martin was on top, apparently pummeling Zimmerman “ground and pound style”.

Not a single piece of other evidence has been presented by the state to disprove Zimmerman’s account…their entire case seems to be built upon “isn’t it possible that it could have happened in some way other than what Zimmerman claims and the evidence seems to support?”

Things that make you go “hmmm”

I was supposed to be flying from Toronto to San Francisco yesterday.

The San Francisco leg of the trip was canceled and I ended up coming home yesterday instead.

Then I read this on Drudge from yesterday:

The Boeing 777, considered one of safest aircrafts in the sky, recorded the first fatalities since it was launched 18 years ago when the Asiana Airlines crashed at San Francisco Airport today.

Granted, I would have been on a Delta flight, not an Asiana Airlines plane…but it does make one wonder if the trip cancellation wasn’t just God’s way of keeping me out of harm’s way.

When we found out about the cancellation, which had some significant impact on our personal plans, The Wife even commented “everything happens for a reason, it’s all a part of God’s plan” and, at the time, I remember thinking something along the lines of “well, if something happens there on Saturday, we’ll know the reason”.



Psychological projection and the left go together like bread and butter.
Ham and cheese
Peanut butter and jelly
“Tolerance” and violence.

I doubt that they even grasp the irony of physically assaulting two peaceful people exercising their first amendment rights at their own “no h8” rally.

“You must tolerate me, but I have no interest in tolerating thee.”

Hat tip to BFF CB

Intolerant tolerance

I’m actually speechless at the idiocy and blatant hypocrisy on display here.

Most offensive to Kirby and others was that one student chose to wear a Confederate flag — for many a grim reminder of slavery and segregation.

The student, who is from a state where the flag is more prevalent, did not see a negative connotation, the superintendent said.

Maureen Costello, director of the Teaching Tolerance program at the Southern Poverty Law Center in Montgomery, Ala., said schools would do well to adopt the slogan of physicians: Do no harm.

“Do no harm to a student’s sense of identity,” she said. “Everyone should feel welcome.”

Unless, of course, part of your sense of identity involves a confederate flag…in which case you’re NOT welcome.

Or involves Christianity, or doesn’t support re-defining marriage into something it isn’t, or disapproves of murdering the unborn, or supports the US Constitution, etc. etc. etc.

The overall story is about how horrible it was that a school hosted a “redneck day”. At one point, they mention the evils of stereotyping and how hurtful that can be. Strangely, they didn’t seem to be able to find any offended members of the group that was stereotyped to quote abut how terrible it was, only NAACP and SPLC members.

Funny that.