As I’ve said many times before…

It’s a feature, not a bug:

While anti-gun politicians are clamoring for new gun control legislation, a case out of New York City is proving to be the latest example of lack of enforcement when it comes to laws that are already on the books. 19-year old Raquan Wilson was back in court on Monday on yet another gun-related charge after police discovered a loaded handgun in a bag on the floor of an Uber where Wilson was a passenger.

As the New York Post reports, Wilson already has five open gun-related cases against him, including an armed robbery charge, but none of those cases resulted in Wilson heading to jail.

The left rules by fear. You cannot convince a secure, safe, prosperous people to voluntarily surrender their liberty. Therefore, you must create fear. There are examples of how this is done, global warming alarmism, abject terror of a virus with a 98+ percent survivability rate, elevating isolated incidents of police misconduct (and even, in some case, perfectly acceptable conduct) into a national crisis.

This is just one more in the same vein: Keep violent criminals out in society where they can create mayhem and fear, while at the same time working to restrict the ability of the law abiding to defend against them.

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It’s not about crime

Another entry in defining the left.

Democrats this week:
– Voted FOR stripping gun rights from law-abiding citizens
– Voted AGAINST requiring ICE to be notified if an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun

As I’ve mentioned before, they constantly do things that don’t seem to make sense, but make perfect sense when you understand their goal is to destabilize society, engender fear and force the general public into dependency.

Their gun law proposals aren’t about reducing crime. They CLAIM that gun control is about reducing crime, but that’s a lie. If they were really about reducing crime would they also support releasing convicted criminals early? Reduced or eliminated bail? Wouldn’t they be more up in arms about the 40% reduction in prosecution for violation of existing gun laws that happened under Obama?

No, gun laws are not a method of reducing crime…criminals ignore those laws and are not punished for it…they are a method of controlling the law abiding. Of preventing law abiding citizens from the ability to defend themselves and their families both against criminals and against a criminal government.

Why? Because citizens who are secure, capable and equipped to defend themselves are self-reliant and confident. They don’t need the government to take care of them. They aren’t dependent. The left NEEDS people to be dependent on the government; that’s how they exercise control. So, make them insecure and dependent: take away their ability to defend themselves. Encourage violent criminals to continue terrorizing their communities. Keep the criminals out of jail and on the streets where they can do the most harm. Prevent the deportation of illegal aliens who are gang members and criminals.

There are symptoms of this in other areas of life as well, but the place that I think it’s the most stark is their blatant and seemingly contradictory stances regarding lenient treatment of criminals while simultaneously eliminating the right of citizens to defend themselves against those criminals.

As I said, it only seems contradictory when you don’t understand what the left is about.

Gun control is not about crime. It’s not even about guns. It’s about control.


It’s a feature, not a bug

Bearing Arms seems surprised to discover:

With anti-gun politicians and gun control activists pouncing on the shootings in Boulder as their stated justification for new restrictions on the right to keep and bear arms, it’s worth pointing out yet again that the criminal justice system isn’t exactly doing a bang-up job of enforcing the laws that are currently on the books.

The fact is the left loves these types of incidents. That’s why I characterize the exploitation of them as “Dancing in Blood”, they obviously celebrate every time one of these incidents happens because it gives them cover to plea to the emotions of people who are justifiably horrified by terrible tragedies.

Their “catch and release” practices in regards to actual criminals is another element of the same thing. As I’ve mentioned many times before, the left gains power through fear. It’s very difficult to get safe, secure, happy people to voluntarily surrender freedom to nanny government. In order to get people to voluntarily surrender their liberty, you have to make them afraid.

The Chinese Wuhan Flu Virus has been a prime example of that.

The Catch and Release criminal justice system is another. It’s a well known fact that the vast majority of violent crimes are committed by a tiny percentage of the population. Keeping those people in prison, where there restricted to visiting their violence upon other criminals doesn’t engender fear in the populace. The obvious solution is to keep the out of jail. That way they’re out among the populace perpetrating mayhem and engendering fear. Fear which the left can then use to advance their agenda…part of which is the disarmament of the people.

The policies of the left only seem illogical or counterintuitive if you don’t understand their goals. If you assume that, like you, the left just wants to improve people’s lives and make the world a better, safer, happier place, then their policies make no sense.

If you really want blacks and other minorities to have a better life, why would you promote policies that do nothing more than make them dependent, break up their families and encourage the murder of tens of millions of them before they’re even born? Why would you encourage policies that prevent the Police from enforcing the laws in high crime minority communities and insist that “equality” demands that the Police spend more time patrolling places with low crime rates?

If you really want people to be safe from crime, why would you insist on releasing known criminals back into the public? Why would you work so diligently to make it more difficult if not outright impossible for law abiding citizens to own and carry the best tools available to defend themselves from those violent criminals?

Simple…because those aren’t their goals. Their goals are to oppress the minority community, keep them dependent, and poor and “on the reservation”. Their goals are to engender fear in the populace and to use that fear to expand their power. When you have those goals in mind, the utility of their policy positions come perfectly into focus.


The left’s game plan re crime and gun control

Bearing Arms this morning, has a post up about the Chicago Tribune publishing a story about rising black gun ownership that isn’t completely derogatory.

As surprising as that is, there is one line in the story that sparked my interest:

Many of the same Democrats who support criminal justice and policing reform because they see systemic bias inherent in the criminal justice system are eager to put more gun control laws on the books, even if that means they’ll be disproportionately enforced against minorities.

On the surface that may seem ironic but it’s really not counterintuitive at all when you think about what the left wants. This is true about many of their policies that, to any logical, rational, fact based analysis seems counterproductive or even hypocritical…think high minimum wage that increase unemployment, unfettered immigration that floods the market with cheap (below minimum wage) labor, “entitlements” that discourage self-improvement, and policies that discourage nuclear families.

The left wants the populace dependent on the government. That is the bottom line of their entire worldview. Leftism is their religion and the government is their god…everyone must be subservient to their god. Virtually everything they do is oriented toward that end. The problem is: how can they force independent, successful, self-reliant people to submit their will to government?

One of the most effective means is fear. You don’t really think all this China Virus madness is really just to protect us from a virus that almost exclusively affects the old and infirm and has a 99.7 percent survivability rate do you? It’s to instill fear and condition us to just mindlessly follow along with government edicts no matter how illogical or oppressive.

Same thing with their lax policies on crime combined with their determination to reduce the effectiveness of police and policing. How can they possibly get a strong, secure, confident people to bend the knee to big daddy government? The vast majority of violent crimes are committed by a very small percentage of society and they tend to be the same people committing violent crimes over and over again. How are they to ply their trade if we have an effective police force and firm punishment? They can’t terrorize their communities from behind bars now can they? So…eviscerate the Police, falsely accuse them of systemic racism, demonize them and sometimes criminalize them for doing their jobs. You end up with an ineffective Police department made up primarily of people who have no other job prospects.

At the same time, eliminate pre-trial incarceration, release violent offenders early, reduce sentencing guidelines, do everything possible to get the small percentage of the population who have the tendency toward violent crime out in the public where they can “do their thing”.

The result? Violent criminals freely roaming the streets and empowered by the knowledge that the Police department can and will do little to stop them.

Why? To instill fear of course. A confident, secure and successful populace doesn’t cry out to god government for help. You need the people to feel fearful, insecure and vulnerable to get them to do that.

But, what happens when the people don’t start turning to the government, but start equipping themselves to handle business? When, instead of becoming fearful, they become defiant and even more self-reliant?

We can’t have that…so…make it increasingly difficult for the non-violent to properly equip themselves to defend their families. The end goal is to eliminate completely the ability of the people to resist and force them to prostate themselves before the feet of almighty god government.

On the one hand, they’re freeing criminals from prisons, reducing sentencing, raising them up on pedestals if they are killed by the Police and reducing the ability of the Police to enforce the laws, on the other hand, they’re vilifying anyone who has ever committed even the most minor of offenses as untrustworthy and unsuitable to ever own the proper tools to resist evil.

Contradictory? Hypocritical? Illogical? Or just part of the plan.