Anti-gun/left projection

They’re at it again.

Our friends on the left, some of them quoting the comic and social analyst Dave Chappelle, maintained yesterday that soaring legal gun purchases by black Americans would cause conservative white Americans to rethink their support for gun rights. As it happened, we had a real-time test of that theory on Twitter yesterday when The Hill tweeted about blacks buying guns. Liberals chimed in to say white conservatives would blanch. Instead, white conservatives cheered:

I’ve actually seen reports about this in a few places. A couple identified it accurately, but most seemed mystified or at a minimum brushed it off as comedy.

This is just another prime example of the lefts projection. They are racists, pure and simple. They believe that blacks are inferior to whites. Why else would they believe that blacks are incapable of competing with whites in a purely merit based system? Why else would they believe blacks to be incapable of a common, everyday function like obtaining lawful ID? Why else would they believe blacks to be incapable of grasping and learning universal concepts like math and grammar?

Because they are racists, but can’t admit it to themselves, they project that racism onto others as a self-defense mechanism.

This causes them to have inaccurate views of the opinions of those others, hence their incorrect assumptions about our beliefs and intentions.

It’s actually quite sad that such a large portion of our population could be so mentally and emotionally crippled in this way.

I wonder how disappointed they’ll be when their eagerly anticipated GOP support for gun control fails to materialize.

At any rate, I, like the vast majority of other lawful gun owners and supporters of the 2nd Amendment, offer my welcome to new law abiding gun owners of all races, creeds, ethnicities, genders and every other category that the left loves to divide us into.

In view of that, I’d like to remind people about the Open Invitation that I and others have been offering for many years to provide basic safety and marksmanship training to new gun owners free of charge. This offer is open to any lawful gun owner or prospective gun owner.


Women on Target

We had another very successful Women On Target clinic at Airfield Shooting Club last weekend.

We had about 30 women from various areas of Virginia attend.  I don’t think we had any foreign visitors this time like we did last time, but it was a pretty diverse crowd in every respect (except, perhaps, gender).

They got swag.

They got Instruction.

They got shooty fun.

They got Lunch.

Heck, they even got certificates.

And, to close out the day, the traditional firing of the ceremonial cannon (home-built by one of our several resident engineers).

Of course, we covered all three shooting disciplines again: basic rifle, basic pistol and basic shotgun, but I was helping to mentor the rifle discipline this time so I didn’t have the opportunity to wander around and take pictures of the other disciplines and I didn’t bring the video camera this time.

Based on the number of smiles that were generated, I think we had a pretty good day.

There are pictures of the Shotgun discipline up on Airfield Shooting Club’s site and all of the pictures I took can be found here. I won’t leave them up forever, but they’ll be up at that location for a couple of weeks so participants can download any of them that they want. Once I take them down, I’ll update this page to reflect that they’re no longer available.  UPDATE:  The pictures are no longer available on my private web space.  If you’d like a copy of one, e-mail me using the “Contact Me” link in the sidebar.