Comment to Clayton Cramer

This is in response to Clayton Cramer’s blog post

The comments on this article over at Volokh Conspiracy demonstrate that we are past any realistic civility…There will be a divorce soon, and I doubt it will be amicable.

I was going to leave this as a comment but his blog is hosted (at least until he’s deplatformed) at blogspot…a google owned entity…and a google account is required to comment. I avoid google like the plague so I wasn’t able to comment there.

Maybe he’ll get a trackback from this and see it here…I don’t know:

I realized that over Thanksgiving. Had dinner with my son and his wife. They were both raised in Christian conservative households but then both families committed child abuse by allowing our kids to attend public Universities. Yes, there are things in life that I regret.

They both graduated not with an education, but with a re-education.

At any rate, after T-day dinner, the discussion turned towards politics. The scary thing is that we can look at the exact same set of circumstances and come to completely different conclusions. I believe I exclaimed at one point “we live in two completely different realities”.

Many of their claims and charges were directly from left wing media talking points: Trump praised NAZIs at Charlottesville. Biden’s obvious mental decline is just a manifestation of speech impediment he had as a child. Hunter Biden’s laptop was a Russian disinformation operation. Trump tried to pressure the Ukrainian government into investigating Biden. Biden’s brag about successfully pressuring Ukraine into not investigating his son’s company was taken all out of context etc etc etc.

They professed to be “open to other viewpoints” so I pointed them to several right leaning news outlets and have been relentlessly sending my son links to articles and posts undermining the position of the left, but so far their faith in the left has been unshakable so far.

Religions are like that.

Naw, we’re screwed as a nation. But I don’t think there will be a “divorce” as you call it. Too many Americans are too comfortable to give up their big screen TVs and on demand streaming of never ending reruns of Survivor and The Bachelor.

There will be pockets of resistance. They’ll be wiped out; the cry from the left to crack down on “Domestic Terrorists” will increase and since “deplatforming” will never be enough, “hate crimes” laws will be passed to criminalize criticism of the left. America will begin to look more and more like a totalitarian regime. It’s already started, it doesn’t take much imagination to see it continuing.

As more people who would be willing and able to fight are killed or incarcerated, the will of the remainder will continue to diminish and the inability to communicate effectively will prevent any kind of organization.

So, there will be no divorce. Just the typical battered wife living with the abuse because she’s both terrified of the violence that will be unleashed should she try to escape, and also terrified that she won’t be able to maintain the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed should she succeed.

If Mr. Cramer happens to come here, an explanation: I actually just added him to my blogroll yesterday. I know I used to read his stuff regularly and couldn’t remember why he wasn’t on the blogroll. Now I remember why. Google is evil and hates us. My blog used to be hosted by blogspot, but as soon as Google purchased it years ago, I purchased hosted webspace and a domain name and brought my blog over here. I removed Mr. Cramer’s blog from my blogroll specifically because he only allows comments by people with Google accounts. I don’t use Google so I can’t comment there and I don’t blogroll blogs that don’t allow me to comment so…there you go.

I guess I’ll be removing his blog from my blogroll again which is a shame because he really does share some good insights.

Mr. Cramer, if you ever take off the training wheels and get off blogspot, or alternatively open up comments to people who don’t have Google accounts, feel free to let me know. You can leave a comment here, or use the contact link in the menu to send me an email. I’d love to put you back on my blogroll.

Goodbye Facebook

I’ve never been a big fan of facebook.  The basic premise is that if any service or product is free to you, then in reality YOU are the product they are selling.  Facebook is pretty much the epitome of that.  They make their money by tracking every aspect of your life and then selling what they learn about you to others.

At any rate, I’ve had a facebook account for years.  I rarely post on it, but that is many people’s primary means of communication, so if you want to know what’s going on in their lives, you have to have an account and follow them.

Well, as of tomorrow I’m deleting my account.  I’m done with them.  The only reason I’m waiting until tomorrow is because I posted a message to that effect so that it’s not a surprise to the people who follow me.

I started an account on the free-speech, privacy oriented alternative MeWe.  My profile is here.

I’ve also got a Parler account but since they were strangled by the big tech oligarchs who can’t handle a little friendly competition, I won’t post links to that until they get it back up.

Are Hospitals Really Overcrowded?

This is a question I’ve been wondering about…we keep being told that we need to lock down and wear masks and all the other stuff to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed.  We’ve been told that the virus is “spiking” and the government will save us if only we’ll let them dictate to us every aspect of how to live our lives.

Well, I happened to come across this NPR site purportedly showing how crowded hospitals are with Chinese Wuhan Virus patients.  The first thing I noticed is that I didn’t see a huge number of areas reporting massive overcrowding.   I suspected that hospitals with very few beds might be driving the numbers up artificially.  I decided to dig deeper.  The first overcrowded area I selected at random to click on, tended to confirm my suspicion.  It only had 10 Chinese Wuhan Virus patients on average but was listed as having 98% of its beds occupied by sufferers of Kung Flu.

So, I picked another area…this one happened to be Harris County Texas which was showing 51% of the area’s beds occupied by Chinese Wuhan Virus patients.

But here’s where it got interesting…when I dug into the details, I found this gem:

A hospital with only 36 Kung Flu patients on average has 630% of its beds occupied by them?  That doesn’t seem right.  The hospital only has, what…6 beds?  Where are they putting the other 30 patients?  In the basement?

So I checked.  Strangely, according to the Hospital’s web site, they have 255 beds.

Hm. I wonder if incorrectly calculating that hospital to be at 633% of capacity rather than the true number of 14% might have skewed the numbers for Harris county somewhat?

Is that NPR chart what the CDC is using to exclaim that the sky is falling and our hospitals are dangerously full?

I don’t know, but I have to say that if I found that huge of an error on the second entry I clicked, that doesn’t lend a whole lot of confidence to the data if you ask me.

Don’t bother asking NPR how overcrowded our hospitals are…they don’t have a clue.

Windows 10 reports no internet connection incorrectly

My work computer recently started having a strange problem. The notifications area in the taskbar was showing that I have no internet connection even when everything internet related was working fine.

I could open a web browser and connect to websites, check my e-mail, etc.

This is mostly just an annoyance, however there are some Windows functions that check this and if Windows 10 tells them there’s no connection, they don’t even try to work.

Apparently this is something that happened with a recent Windows update, Microsoft knows about it, but hasn’t figured out a fix yet.

I searched and searched and searched for a solution and finally found something that worked for me. I’m posting this on the off chance that someone else having the same issue finds this post helpful.

Here’s what I found:

Open Device Manager (easy way, just push the windows key on your keyboard and then type “Device Manager”, Windows will find it and you’ll see it pop up in the results.

In device manager, go to the network adapters section. Find your actual physical ethernet adapter, you may have several virtual adapters if you use any VPNs or anything like that…you’re looking for the actual ethernet connection (it’s possibly that you could have more than one ethernet adapter; if so you may have to do this more than once…I’m not sure).

Double click the Ethernet adapter from the list or right click and select “Properties”.

In the Properties dialog, go to the Advanced Tab, click the IPv4 Checksum Offload property and change the value to “Disabled”

Click the OK button.

That’s it. That fixed it for me. I checked all the other network adapters in my system and the physical ethernet adapter was the only one that even had that setting. As I mentioned, if you have more than one physical adapter (like if you have a docking station for your laptop, your laptop may have one adapter and the docking station another), you may have to do it for the other physical adapters, but on mine there was only the one.

I hope that helps someone somewhere.

Lessons learned

With a tip of the hat to Irons in the Fire: fair warning: don’t watch this if you’re squeamish.

Lessons learned:

1. Keep shooting until the threat is eliminated: Shooting someone is nothing like depicted in Hollywood. They will NOT be thrown backward; they will likely not drop immediately unless they choose to; they may very well not react at all to the first, oh, 6 or 7 shots.

2. Malfunction drills can save your life: The deputy in this video executed a textbook malfunction drill when the gun didn’t go “bang”. The only way you can do that with the fear, adrenaline and fight or flight response playing havoc with your perceptions and responses is practice, practice, practice until it’s so instinctive you don’t even think about it.

3. Magazine capacity restrictions can kill you: How many shots does it take to bring down a crazed/high attacker? You never know. Too many in the magazine means you carry some extra rounds home with you; not enough means you don’t go home.

4. Don’t let someone with a knife approach you. Cops arguably have a duty to try to de-escalate the situation before defending themselves, you don’t. It may take way more shots to bring an attacker down than you expect and if, while you’re pumping rounds into them, they get close enough to slash you, it could be all over right there. The deputy in this video was very lucky she wasn’t seriously injured or killed when the attacker got within touching distance. Knives can make deep, gaping wounds and we have vulnerable arteries in some pretty exposed places. Do everything you can to prevent them from getting close enough to open a spigot in you.

I’m no self defense guru, but those are the things that were going through my mind while watching this video.

Talking about Race

[Udpate]Apparently, they received enough ridicule about the chart I was talking about that they removed it from the post. They still left the main body of their racist post, they just got rid of the ridiculous graphic. I had originally just linked to the image but I copied the graphic and saved it for posterity under the auspices of the fair use doctrine. The internet is forever.[/Udpate]

According to the Smithsonian Institute’s National Museum of African American History & Culture, dependency, promiscuity, subjectivity, irrationalism , emotionalism, laziness, tardiness, lack of foresight, etc are all traits endemic to Black Culture or “Blackness”.

Their list is quite enlightening.

I wouldn’t dare speak for the Black community, but if they made such terrible accusations against Whites, I’d be pretty upset. Who knew the Smithsonian was such a racist organization?

Click for full size

Comment on Bearing Arms

I haven’t been blogging much for a long time, but I’m still active on the internet and tend to leave comments on sites where that is allowed. In fact, I rarely even bother to read sites where comments are not allowed, I enjoy speaking with someone, not being spoken at by someone.

At any rate, one of the sites I read regularly is Bearing Arms. An online gun magazine. Most of the time their articles are well written and I agree with them, occasionally, however, they tend to go a little overboard. I generally leave comments both when I find something particularly well written, or when I disagree with them.

The latter occurred a week or so ago when they wrote an article comparing two gun cases and drawing a conclusion from them. This irks me as it is a common tactic of the left: compare two different cases without considering all the involved factors and declaring that the difference in outcome is due solely to the social justice cause of the day rather than the underlying factors.

The interesting thing is that they even decried this practice themselves:

Now, it’s always difficult to look at two cases and see all the nuances between the two. What may look like a racial disparity may have more to do with other factors that don’t show up in brief news reports.

And then proceeded to ignore what they’d just said:

That means it’s up to us to call out situations like this, to raise the question of whether police view armed minorities differently than armed white folks, and if they do then oppose it as vehemently as possible.

I left a comment calling them out for this. 7 days later and my comment is still “pending”. Apparently they don’t like me pointing out the issues with their assumptions. For posterity sake, I’m going to re-post my comment here:

You say it’s up to us to call out situations like this, yet didn’t do even the barest research to find out if the differences in treatment may have been warranted.

I’d call that irresponsible. Your implication is that there was bias involved in the disparity of treatment when it is more plausibly explained by differences in circumstances that you could have found with a 10 second internet search.

1. The police had a “credible tip” that Trevan Young was armed and intended to do harm. Why do you think they stopped him? His gun was hidden away…do you think the cops have x-ray vision? He was charged not for carrying the gun, but for carrying it with the intent to do harm.

Kevin Leko, on the other hand, was never accused of threatening anyone, he was just spotted on the roof with the gun.

2. Young refused to stop, resisted arrest, and disobeyed officer’s orders. He was also charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct.

Leko was drunk, but completely complied with police orders and was arrested without incident.

So your talking about one guy with three charges, one of which indicated he intended to do harm, and another guy with one charge and no indication that he was a threat. I would say that it’s completely plausible that this explains the disparity in bond amounts and I’m more than willing to give the judge the benefit of the doubt.

By the way: you do understand that the Police don’t set bond amounts right?

I completely support the gun rights of all Americans and will vehemently oppose any difference in treatment under identical circumstances, but taking two completely different cases and jumping to conclusions doesn’t help anyone…except maybe your click count, so I guess there’s that.


I really wish someone could explain to me how I can buy a complete upper including barrel on sale for $190.

But I can’t find a 15″ keymod handguard by itself for less than $120.

I’m tempted to buy one of those uppers, take off the handguard and then sell everything else. I bet I could ultimately make a profit.

Richmond 2A Lobby Day

I’ve been a Virginia Citizen’s Defense League member for a LONG time (15 years? 20? I don’t remember) I was an Executive Member for a couple of years before my job requirements made it too difficult. As a VCDL member I’ve attended lobby day on MLK day many times over those years.

This year I decided not to go. I’m ashamed to admit that I bought into the fake media’s hype and was afraid that leftist provocateurs were going to show up and try to make the whole thing something it was never intended to be: a riot.

After it’s all over, I wish I’d gone. I am EXTREMELY proud of my fellow gun owners, how they comported themselves and how the rally went. I’m embarrassed that I ever considered it could be otherwise.

The rally went off without a hitch, tens of thousands of gun rights supporters peaceably assembled and made their voices heard without a single incident. The only arrest was after the rally was over and was for a non-violent offense (wearing a mask in public after several warnings).

And, as has been my unfailing experience with right-wing “protests”…they cleaned up after themselves instead of leaving the place trashed like leftists invariably do.

At any rate, since I don’t have any pictures, I’ll link to a couple of twitter feeds with pictures and videos of the rally. It’s quite inspiring:

A couple of video interviews

lots of pics