And even more evidence that it’s all Kabuki theater:

Refugee flights from Afghanistan “paused” as a result of measles outbreaks in Virginia and Wisconsin.

A measles outbreak in Virginia and Wisconsin amid refugees from Afghanistan has caused the U.S. State Department to pause the program for further arrivals.

So, let me get this straight: Wuhan China Virus is an existential threat that warrants lockdowns, mask mandates, virus mandates, travel restrictions etc etc etc…but is not so bad that we have to shut down refugee flights from Afghanistan; or even, for that matter, ensure that the refugees are vaccinated before releasing them into the wild.

But a measles outbreak…a disease that’s been with us for centuries, that virtually every person my age or earlier endured as a kid (along with chicken pox, mumps, and myriad other “rite of passage” illnesses that have since been vaccinated almost out of existence) and has never resulted in such extreme measures to quell, shuts the flights right down.

And we’re supposed to pretend like this all makes perfect sense.

Ignore that man behind the curtain.


And in the latest edition of…

…I’ll start taking Wuhan Chinese Virus mandates seriously when the people who issue them start acting like they’re serious.

Basically, a bunch of Democrat high level muckety mucks gathering for some press event in New York. Before the media shows up, they’re all maskless, mingling, shaking hands, rubbing shoulders and just generally acting like…well…normal.

But then the media starts showing up and magically, the masks appear.

If that isn’t a poignant reminder that this is all kabuki theater, I don’t know what is.


Latest Acquisition

So, in my quest to expand my stocks of “ban resistant” firearms, I’ve added a new piece to the stable. (click for full size)

It’s a Henry H010G in .45-70

Lever Action rifles were basically the AR-15 of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. They improved rate of fire dramatically over the break action, drop block and muzzle loading firearms that were common at the time.

They have advantages and disadvantages: They can typically only use round or flat nosed bullets because the pointy tips of one round against the primer of the next round in the tube magazine can cause chain fires of all the rounds in the magazine…which is bad. That means relatively low ballistic coefficient bullets which means a more arcing trajectory and more loss of energy at range. Lever guns also aren’t as accurate as bolt action by nature just because the bolt doesn’t lock up as tightly, there’s a bit more slop in the action…but the difference is really marginal for my purposes…for a defense gun and hunting (in the areas I’ll be hunting) the max range I’ll ever need is 150 to 200 yards anyway. I can get plenty of accuracy out of a lever gun at those ranges.

Their capacity is relatively limited in the larger calibers. Pistol calibers can hold more ammo because the ammo is smaller and I thought about that, but I decided that I really wanted the extra oomph that comes from rifle calibers. Most bolt guns have a similar capacity as well so there was no real advantage there. There are a few bolt guns made that can accept removable magazines but they are expensive and the magazines are expensive. There is one manufacturer that makes lever guns that take a magazine…expensive and hard to find. So tube magazine it is.

Lever guns are faster to operate than bolt guns and as a lefty, bolt guns tend to be inconvenient for me to use unless I want to pay the premium price for a left-handed bolt. For a self defense situation, putting follow up shots on target quickly may be the difference.

So, I got it down to a lever gun, now what caliber.

I decided to go with .45-70 over .30-30 just because of power. There have probably been more deer taken in North American by .30-30 than any other caliber that exists, so no one can argue with it’s capability, but the energy that can be generated by a .45-70 with a heavy load is pretty awesome. I do lose a round of capacity by going with the larger cartridge (4 in the magazine rather than 5), but I feel that the extra power makes up the difference. If I put them on target, I shouldn’t need many to get the job done.

Plus, that big thumper is just fun to shoot. I took it to the range last weekend. After making sure the sights were on, with the stock “buckhorn” open sights I made a 4″ group in the black at 100 yards. This was with 350 grain soft nose hollow points at 1850 fps. I’m thinking about getting a 1-4x scope. I do like the “traditional” look and I enjoy shooting with open sights, but my eyes just ain’t what they used to be.

At any rate, that’s where I’m at. The only thing left that I think I might add is a pump 12Ga shotgun. I’ve got a really nice semi-auto that I love, but if they go whole hog and ban all semi-autos, it would be good to have a ban resistant alternative.


An Olympian I can get behind

As disgusted as I am by the “woke” Olympics this year, I’m happy to see that there’s at least one ray of sunshine in an otherwise overcast sky:

“I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there,” the Olympic gold medalist said before pumping her fist, smiling, and pulling the stars and stripes tighter to her body.

I watched a video of her yesterday and she almost couldn’t hold back the tears of joy she had after winning the Gold medal. She was so obviously so proud to have represented both herself and her country in such a way.

She’s a credit to the nation and someone I’m proud to call a fellow American. Those are the people who should be representing us in the Olympics, not people who hate the country and hate their fellow countrymen.

I don’t know what her politics are and I don’t care. All I care about is that she was enthusiastic about her win and publicly supportive of the nation that nurtured her ambition and enabled her to succeed at such a level.

Congratulations to her on her will earned Gold Medal.

I’m not particularly fond of Wheaties, but I’d buy a box with her picture on it.


When Seconds Count…

Police are only 3 hours and 57 minutes away.

According to the incident report, officers were dispatched to Gamble’s crash at 4:30 p.m. They arrived at the scene at 4:35 p.m., three hours and 57 minutes after Gamble placed her first call to 911.

Granted, this wasn’t an active shooting or anything like that, it was a hit and run, but the people who hit and ran came back to the scene later to threaten the hittees who were still waiting for the police to show up…it could have turned out a lot worse.

Liberals who think the police can and will protect them are idiots.

Your safety and protection is your job. The constables are just there to mark where the bodies ended up.
–Phil of Random Nuclear Strikes (blog no longer active)

Hat tip to .357 Magnum.



Cutting off the “enhanced” payments results in people suddenly finding employment.

The number of unemployment-benefit recipients is falling at a faster rate in Missouri and 21 other states canceling enhanced and extended payments this month, suggesting that ending the aid could push more people to take jobs.

The full article is behind a paywall, but the headline really says it all.

The scary thing is that this result really was unexpected to a large number of supposedly very educated people.

Hat tip to From the Barrel of a Gun.


It’s no one’s “Democracy”

Robert Stacy McCain asks “Who’s Democracy is this” in a post that links to his piece on the subject in The American Spectator.

My answer is “it’s no one’s democracy”.

Because it’s not a democracy at all.

Our form of government is a Constitutional Republic. The founders considered democracy as a form of government when determining the form ours would take and soundly (and correctly) rejected it. Mob Rule is hardly a recipe for efficient and effective governance.

“Fifty-one percent of a nation can establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still remain democratic.”
–Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

A Republic is based on the rule of law, not on the rule of the mob.

The fact that the US is not a democracy is evidenced clearly in the Constitution itself.

The only members of the federal government who were, as designed in the Constitution, directly elected by the people are members of the House of Representatives. Each representative represents a relatively equal sized portion of the population as determined by the census and the establishment of the congressional districts in the states and directly elected by the residents of that district.

The House of Representatives very name describes it’s purpose. It is The People’s House and is there to represent the people.

The Senate was originally intended to represent the interests of the state governments. This is why each state has two senators, regardless of size. As individual, sovereign states, each state government was considered to be of equal importance and therefore was given an equal say in the federal government. Senators were originally chosen by the legislatures of the states.

In my humble opinion, the 17th Amendment which institutionalized direct election of Senators by the people was the second biggest mistake ever included in the supreme law of the land. The biggest mistake was the 18th Amendment which was subsequently repealed, so the 17th is the biggest mistake that is still operable. By approving the 17th Amendment, the state governments basically surrendered any influence they had in the federal government to the whims of the masses…but I digress.

The President is not elected by the people, the President is elected by the state governments. The electors who make up the electoral college are selected by the state legislatures, not directly elected by the people. The Presidential election is, by nature, essentially an advisory election, the only thing that commits the state legislatures to selecting electors based on the outcome of the popular vote is the law of the specific state. If any state passed laws allowing them to completely disregard the popular vote and select presidential electors by picking names out of the phone book*, or through a Ouija board, or just choosing whoever they darn well please, that would be perfectly constitutional.

The problem is that the there are no states who’s laws allow for such. Each state has it’s own set of laws that determine how the Presidential election is to be conducted in that state, but they are all based on the popular vote. When, as was the case in 2020, several of the states just arbitrarily ignore their own laws in a bald-faced attempt to change the outcome that was probable were the election to be held in accordance with the laws, that is a subversion of our Republican government who’s primary principle is the Rule of Law.

Insisting that the laws be upheld and voiding the outcome of elections that were held in violation of those laws may very well be a subversion of democracy, but our system of government is NOT a democracy. Such insistence for the sovereignty of the rule of law is absolutely, 100% supportive of our Republic.

*For my younger readers, a phone book is a pre-internet, paper volume published annually by the local telephone company that listed the addresses and phone numbers of everyone in the locality with a telephone who didn’t specifically request an “unlisted” number.


And so it begins

Now that the panic has begun to subside, our overlords have successfully trained the majority of the population to just mindlessly obey when nonsensical edicts are issued, and they’ve satisfied themselves that local police officers are more than willing to act as their stormtroopers in enforcing the edicts upon those of us who aren’t sheep, they can start walking back some of the demonstrably and egregiously false “statistics” that gave them the cover for their operation.

A quarter of all deaths previously attributed to COVID-19 in Alameda County weren’t actually caused by the coronavirus, the Alameda County Public Health Department announced today.

Wow, what a shock.

And that number is still too high. Basically, this audit only discounted people who tested positive for the Wuhan Chinese Virus, but obviously died of something else. Anyone who was questionable is still included as a Kung Flu death.

A death can only be attributed to COVID-19 if the coroner or medical provider can show that the person died “as a direct result of COVID-19, with COVID-19 as a contributing cause of death, or in whom death caused by COVID-19 could not be ruled out.” [bold added – ed]

In other words, if we can’t say absolutely that they died of something else, it was a Wuhan China Virus death, even though we know that the testing procedure used was way too sensitive and resulted in an untold number of false positives, so some of the people who died of…say…the flu…but had a false positive test for the Wuhan China Virus, we’re going to say they died of the Virus.

Which may help explain why flu deaths were virtually nonexistent last year.

By the way…I was keeping track of “excess deaths” and was all set to write a post about it but I was waiting for year end numbers.

As of November, per the CDC death statistics, 2020 was on track to post about 75,000 “excess deaths” over what would normally be expected based on historical data and averages adjusted for population changes. But sometime between November and December, some 200,000 or so additional deaths were added to the numbers.

The CDC had been claiming that over 300,000 people had died of the Wuhan China Virus, but the “excess death” numbers didn’t bear this out and plenty of people were noticing. So they fixed it.

Where did all those death reports added between November and December come from? The CDC will claim they were delayed reports, but I’d sure like to see some data as to specifically where those numbers came from because it looks to me like they just bumped the numbers up arbitrarily to support their narrative.

I believe there were actually somewhere between 75,000 and 80,000 excess deaths last year. Most of the people who died of the Wuhan China Flu were already very old or very ill and would likely have died within a short time anyway. The rest of the excess deaths weren’t caused by the virus, they were caused by the ridiculous overblown reaction to it by the government and the media in the effort to extract the Orange Bad Man from the Presidency.

Domestic Violence deaths, suicide and people dying from otherwise treatable illnesses that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t get care for because of the Kung Flu hysteria.

I believe historians are going to view this time as a very dark period of American (and world) history.