Why are they pushing the Wuhan China Virus vaccines so hard?

Well, there’s this:

Those experiments were a stepping stone towards two of the most important and profitable vaccines in history: the mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines given to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Global sales of these are expected to top US$50 billion in 2021 alone.

Might have something to do with it.

Also might explain why they’re pushing so hard for “boosters” that would require the use of hundreds of millions more doses in this country alone.


Victims of White Supremacy

Isn’t it terrible that these two blatantly white men had the audacity to violently inflict their whiteness on these poor innocent BIPOC people?

Who can blame these terribly oppressed victims for mostly peacefully defending themselves from the aggressive and violent presence of blatantly and unrepentantly white people in their midst? Who can blame them for then exacting reparations from the obviously racist interlopers in the form of taking their possessions after they’ve been mostly peacefully subdued?

How anyone can view this video and not gain a better understanding of the plight of horribly oppressed minorities in this systemically racist nation is beyond me.

Hat tip to my best friend CB who sent this to me via e-mail.


And they wonder…

…why we’re skeptical when they tell us that all we need to do to be safe, secure and happy is everything they tell us to do.

The story on its face was absurd, yet multiple media outlets pushed the claim, based on the word of a single doctor who gave an interview to KFOR.

Stephanie Six, hospital administrator at NHS-Sequouyah, told KXMX that the hospital had “not seen or had any patients in our ER or hospital with ivermectin overdose” nor did it have “any patients with complaints or issues related to ivermectin.”

She reiterated that McElyea hadn’t treated patients at the NHS-Sequoyah emergency room in several months.


In reality, you’re on your own

Another friendly reminder from the US legal system (via Of Arms and the Law) that the Police are under no legal obligation to protect anyone:

Former boyfriend violates the protective order, stalks her, calls her 86 times. Police get two arrest warrants and … send them to former boyfriend via first class mail. Officer calls former boyfriend, tells him he will not be arrested.

Boyfriend fatally shoots the woman and kills himself.

Held, her parents cannot sue.

As much as society likes to pretend like we’re all in this together, when it comes down to it, we are ultimately responsible for ourselves in every respect from providing food and shelter, to defending ones own life and family from predators.

These are basic laws of nature. “Civilization” may mask these basic laws from time to time, and the division of labor and efficiency that comes from a society definitely makes these things easier, but these only soften the brutal truth of nature’s immutable laws, they don’t eliminate them. The only person responsible for your own survival is you.

By the way…I would submit that the above story is prima facia evidence that women should never date cops or anyone related to a cop. If the relationship turns abusive, can you count on the police to enforce the laws against one of their own?

In a perfect world the answer would always be “yes” but this is hardly a perfect world and by the time you figure out you’re in one of those places where the “thin blue line” is more about protecting the police from the public than the public from criminals, it may be too late.


Military trying to figure out how to defeat China

The Military is trying to figure out what to do after failing to defeat China’s theoretical capabilities in a war game:

The U.S. military “failed miserably” in an October wargame scenario reportedly involving a battle for Taiwan, and now military leaders are looking at how to change the U.S. joint warfighting strategy, a top U.S. general revealed for the first time this week.

I’ve got a suggestion for them:

Fire all the woke, political Admirals and Generals and promote some actual warriors into those positions (assuming there are any left at this point). Then let them do their jobs without fretting over diversity or inclusion or anything other than the best way to kick the enemy’s a$$.


Will you please share your private medical information with me?

I’m a little confused about something:

If you’ve been vaccinated against the Wuhan China Institute of Virology Virus, what difference does it make to you whether anyone else has been or not?

You can sit back and smile smugly as all those unvaccinated rubes get sick and suffer, secure in the fact that you’ve been immunized, right? So why do you care?

Tucker Carlson’s response to the intrusive request for personal medical information is a pretty good one. When asked by a “journalist” if he’d been vaccinated, Tucker replied: “When was the last time you had sex with your wife and in what position? We can trade intimate details.”

My response would be more along the lines of “Have you finished your gonorrhea treatments yet, that all cleared up now?” or something along those lines.

Just a more creative way to say “mind your own business”.


Pallywood at its finest

“Pallywood” is a term used to describe “Palestinian” propaganda in the form of staged and faked “news” videos. They have a long tradition of faking videos (often with the full cooperation/collaboration of the media) to engender an emotional response with the goal of increasing support for them and opposition to Israel.

Occasionally, their plans go awry and it becomes obvious what’s going on.

In this prime example, these upstanding, not in any way connected with terrorists, citizens were faking a child’s funeral “Oh…look how the evil Israelis are killing our children”.

But wait, an air raid siren – so everyone runs away…including, after a short delay, the deceased.

Notably, even though the adults involved in the ruse presumably knew that the child they were carrying in the shroud was not really dead, none of them even attempted to help the child flee the potential air raid; they all just dropped the stretcher and ran away.

It just warms the cockles of the heart to see how much these people care about the well-being of their children doesn’t it?

Somehow I don’t think you’ll see any reporting on this in the MSM. I wonder why?

Full disclosure: I have no idea about the provenance of this video and cannot vouch for it’s authenticity. It’s so ridiculous it almost comes across as parody or satire. The kid poking his head out of the shroud like a groundhog, looking around for a second before realizing all the adults had abandoned him, and then running away is just comedy gold. Maybe that’s all this was and it’s being taken out of context…I don’t know.

But I do know that I’ve seen enough of these put on Pallywood videos in the past that this comports completely with their propaganda efforts so my inclination, unless proven otherwise, is to believe it is exactly what it appears to be.

Hat tip to the Geller Report.


The Mass Shooting you’ll never hear about

And that will never make it into the stats:

Why? Because, thanks to the intervention of an armed law abiding citizen, it never reached the level of a mass shooting.

Hicks was shot multiple times inside of her apartment by Arnold who was armed with a semi-automatic rifle. Arnold continued to shoot his rifle at neighboring apartments. A resident at the apartments heard the gunshots and got a hunting rifle which he used to shoot and kill Arnold.

This is how the anti-gunners deny the utility of armed citizens in stopping mass shootings. When one is stopped by a cop, it’s usually been going on 30 minutes or so before the police even arrive on scene, so there are already more than 4 victims (the lower limit of an incident that defines a mass shooting) before they even get there.

Armed citizens are the first responders because they’re already there when it starts. When they intervene, they often prevent it from getting to the 4 victim level in the first place.

If it doesn’t get to the 4 victim level, it was not a mass shooting so it doesn’t make it into the statistics and they can deny that it ever happened.

Personally, I’d rather have the saved lives than the statistics to back up our contentions, but the fact is that this guy, and many like him, stopped a mass shooting in its tracks before it ever reached that level…and the public will never hear about it because as far as the anti-gunners and their PR wing in the media are concerned, it never happened.

Hat tip to Bearing Arms


Our road is dangerous

We live on a fairly busy 4 lane city street. The speed limit is 35mph as it’s a residential area, but recently, it’s become more and more dangerous. We’ve always had issues with people driving too fast, but recently it’s been young people in sports cars or on motorcycles racing or showing off and coming off the light a couple blocks down as fast as they can.

This happened Wednesday right before I got home from Baseball practice with my grandson (watch the upper middle area):

That video is from one of our security cameras and it only caught the tail end of it so we can’t see the cause, but if you watch it again, you might notice a blue Mustang screaming by just before the SUV flies across the median and crashes through the across-the-road neighbor’s fence.

My guess is that either they were racing from the light and the SUV lost control, or the Mustang did something aggressive that made the SUV lose control.

Note the family walking their dog right in front of our house when the Mustang goes screaming by right next to them. That Mustang was probably going 60 or 70 mph within inches of that family. Even with our 4k resolution video system we couldn’t get a good still of the plate of that mustang because it was going so fast the stills from the video were too blurry.

Also, the across-the-road neighbor (a nice family by the way) who’s yard the SUV ended up in has two dogs that spend a lot of time in that yard during the day. It’s a miracle one or both of them weren’t killed.

I’ve lived in our house for a long time (like multiple decades) and there’s always been an issue with people driving too fast on that road, but it’s really started getting ridiculous lately. That’s the second crash in that exact location within about a month. The first one resulted in the car hitting one of those small trees in the median and breaking in two. The driver in that one died. Because the car didn’t make it across the median in that one, we didn’t catch any of it on our video. Can you imagine how fast you have to be going to hit a tree and split your car in two? In a 35mph zone.

With that in mind, I haven’t seen our city’s cops running traffic enforcement for a long time. Used to see them pretty regularly sitting the side streets with radar guns, but not for probably two years or so. It’s like they’ve just given up. Or maybe the number of people willing to work as Police Officers has just gotten so low, they don’t have the manpower for it.

At any rate, even more motivation to get our refuge in the undisclosed location ready for occupation.

By the way, that’s moving along. We still haven’t gotten final approval for the loan or closed the deal yet, but we’re at the point where it looks like it’s a done deal at this point, just waiting for all the T’s to be crossed and I’s to be dotted.


Why would anyone want to be a cop right now?

As I’ve said many times, in the current environment, there are soon going to be only two kinds of cops – the REALLY good ones: who are still doing it because they love the work and have a sense of duty, even though they’re treated like the scum of the earth, and the REALLY bad ones: The ones who “get off” on the power of the badge, who are corrupt, or who are so inept they know they’d never make it in the world of business where you actually have to produce something to succeed.

As the younger generation who’ve come up learning that “All Cops Are Bastards” and that policing is inherently racist reach adulthood, the first kind is slowly going to disappear.

Who, in their right mind, would want a job where you’re hated by half the population, working crap hours, underpaid and expected to perform perfectly in every respect every time without fail…and, even if you do perform perfectly, if the outcome turns out badly, there’s a very good chance you’ll be thrown under the bus, at best lose your job and at worst end up in prison?

Seems I’m not alone in that sentiment.

My advice to my fellow officers is simple: The best thing you can do to take care of yourself and your family is to walk away from the table before the dealer decides to clean you out. If you have the skillset to be successful in this profession, you will be successful outside of it.

It’s worth reading the whole thing.

Be prepared to defend yourself and your family because if we aren’t already on our own out there, we very soon will be.