Modern “Justice”

It’s not a criminal act to vandalize a person’s vehicle and attack them with thrown objects, but it is a criminal act to defend oneself against such an attack.

I want to point out that the guy didn’t pull his gun in response to his vehicle being vandalized, he pulled his gun when the attackers started pelting him with whatever it was they were throwing. Also, he was severely outnumbered. Disparity of force is a factor in the “reasonableness” of the decision to use deadly force.

Some would say he shouldn’t have been there with his flags, that he provoked the response.

My response is, since when does only one side get to express their first amendment rights? The Antifa thugs are a tiny, tiny minority in our society, the fact that we allow them to commandeer the entire conversation because we are too afraid to meet them face to face is why we are losing the culture war. We don’t fight. We sit in the comfort of our homes and shake our heads over it, and when a few brave souls do show up, we vilify them for being so stupid as to stand up for what they believe.

And many cheer the Police arresting them for trying to defend themselves against the mob.

That’s why I find it hard to believe that a “civil war” is brewing as many on the right keep predicting. We as a culture no longer have the will to stand up and fight for our freedom and liberty. The other side definitely has the will to fight for their power to oppress us, but we don’t have the will to resist. There will be a few pockets of resistance, but they will be ruthlessly wiped out and the rest will meekly surrender. By the time things get bad enough for a large enough number of the population to be willing to fight back, it will be way too late and the jackboots will be firmly on the neck of the nation.

As I’ve said many times before, I just hope it takes long enough that I’m dead and buried before this slow motion train wreck comes to rest.


The next step in the battle against wrongthink

So, they’ve successfully defined membership in various patriotic, America first organizations like the Oathkeepers, Proud Boys and Three Percenters (and, illogically have even included the Patriot Guard Riders, which makes absolutely ZERO sense if you know anything about what the Patriot Guard Riders do or why they were formed) as “domestic terrorist” organizations.

They’re working on purging the military of politically unreliable troops…”politically unreliable” being defined as anyone that leans to the right or has ever expressed the sentiment that they will not obey illegal/unconstitutional orders.

The next step is to root out the insurgents in the weeds. The ones who aren’t publicly members of the horrible domestic terrorist organizations mentioned above. How better to do that than to scour the internet for wrongthink.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security is now getting ready to hire public companies, individual contractors outside government, to scour public data and social media in order to provide information for the new “domestic terror watch lists.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m going to be on one of those watch lists soon. Of course, I have to travel for work, so being on a list that prevents me from flying will get me fired, but that’s a small price to pay to save the nation from my evil thoughts isn’t it?

I mean, my beliefs that the government should work FOR the people, not the other way around, that people should be free to do whatever the heck they want as long as it isn’t depriving anyone else of their rights, that it isn’t the government’s job to take care of me – or to tell me what to do, etc etc etc are obviously an existential threat to the American way of life, right?

I suppose I could delete my blog right now and try to fade back into the weeds…but that’s what they want. That’s the whole point: to shut us up, keep us silent and prevent us from spreading wrongthink willy nilly throughout the country.

Besides, it wouldn’t do any good anyway. The Internet is forever.


Hear Hear!

From The Last Refuge:

A reminder…. 50 FBI agents were enlisted within the Trump-Russia investigation to push a narrative. 13 FBI agents were dispatched to Talladega speedway to investigate a garage pull-down rope and push a narrative. Thousands of FBI hours have been spent investigating the January 6th Washington DC protest… and once again another terrorist carries out a mass shooting where the FBI knew the suspect in advance.


The Ideological Purge of the Military has begun

Remember all those times that people on the left said that if we resisted their plans to forcibly take away our guns, we’d lose because we can’t fight the might of the US military?

Remember how we responded “but most of the military would be on our side”?

They listened and they’re working very hard to eliminate that problem.

In his memo, Austin announced that the Department of Defense “will not tolerate…actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies” and ordered all 1.4 million personnel to receive “extremism” training. And he promised it was just the beginning: the “stand-down is just the first initiative of what I believe must be a concerted effort to…eliminate the corrosive effects that extremist ideology and conduct have on the workforce.”

And what to they define as “extremism”?

Supporting the Second Amendment, Supporting the First Amendment, being critical of government, quoting or citing the Constitution, using phrases like “don’t tread on me” or “Molon Labe”, membership in subversive organizations like the Patriot Guard Riders or the NRA, refusing to ignore the plethora of evidence that the 2020 election was stolen, insisting that the federal employees that conducted themselves illegally while engaged in a four year witch hunt for “Russian collusion” after the 2016 election be prosecuted for their crimes.

You know, basically anything a typical middle America, conservative Republican might think, say or do.

It is nothing less than an ideological purge. They want to ensure that the military is loyal to the left.

There is only one way to view this: preparing the field. They are readying themselves for what they know is coming and they don’t want to ensure that, when the military is ordered to turn the tanks and guns and bombs on their fellow US citizens, there will be no balking, hesitation or defections.

When someone constantly tells us we are their enemy and is clearly preparing for war, we should probably take heed.


Consent of the Governed

“That to secure these Rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed.”

Does it seem to anyone else that this is not the behavior of a group of people who sincerely believe that they are simply exercising powers derived from the consent of the Governed?

The task force charged with reviewing Capitol Hill security in the wake of the deadly Jan. 6 attack on Congress has proposed among its reforms launching a permanent military police battalion staffed by rotating Guard and reserve troops to help provide “quick reaction” support in case of future violence.

“Fences don’t work…except the ones we put around our homes and the Capital building to protect us from the the people we work for.” doesn’t sound much like people who sincerely believe they are serving the best interests of the people to me.


This is my surprised face

Cases against rioters quietly dismissed

So, if you were involved in a movement that burned down businesses and homes, looted, assaulted and murdered innocent people, blockaded and took over entire blocks of a major city for weeks, attacked federal buildings and police with Molotov cocktails, missiles and fireworks…no worries, it was a mostly peaceful protest after all.

But if you believe that the election was stolen, are a Trump supporter, expect your first and/or second amendment rights to be respected and protected, you’re an domestic terrorist and if you were involved in the “armed insurrection” wherein no one was armed and the primary act of insurrection was visiting congresscritter’s offices and taking selfies, you should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and sent to prison for 30 years.

Nope, no double standards here at all.


Ihre Papiere, bitte

The German government (of course) is calling for “vaccination passports” to be implemented for travel in the EU.

Of course, we are assured:

Merkel … cautioned that a vaccine passport should not “mean that only those who have a vaccination passport are allowed to travel.”

Note the weasel word “should”.

Just like Social Security numbers shouldn’t be used for identification.

And the records of guns sales and background checks shouldn’t be used as a backdoor gun registration.

Allow me to translate that out of “politicianese” and into English:

“We realize that if we make this mandatory for travel at this point, many nations will refuse to implement it due to concerns that it will cause a political backlash and the government figures who support it may lose their positions of power; therefore, we’ll insist that it ‘should not’ be used in such a way until it gains wide adoption, after which we’ll change the words ‘should not’ to ‘shall'”

Because that’s just how totalitarian leftists roll.

By the way…I wonder if they’ll check the vaccination passports of “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa?


More cops like this please.

While I commend Officer Higgens for her conduct and congratulate her on the notice it received, I can’t help but be disappointed by the fact that the behavior noted by the judge was noteworthy at all.

“As an aside, Officer Higgens is to be commended for her honesty on the stand during the hearing on the motion to suppress,” Judge Schmidt wrote. “She was upfront regarding her mistake of law and did not waiver or attempt to provide an alternative ground for the stop when one did not exist. Her testimony makes clear that the mistake was subjectively honest and made in good faith.”

Um…isn’t that how the Police are supposed to conduct themselves? It seems pretty clear that the judge considers it unusual to see a police officer who is “subjectively honest and [acting] in good faith”.

If that’s not a sad statement on the state of affairs in Policing in that area, I don’t know what is.


This almost makes me ill to admit…

…and you’re likely never going to hear anything remotely like this from me again – but – I agree with Biden on this:

Biden previously said the militarization of police “is like the military invading… they become the enemy,” during a July 8, 2020 interview with NowThis. “Surplus military equipment for law enforcement? They don’t need that.”

I do not like the trend toward an increasingly militarized police.

The military’s job is to kill the enemy and break their stuff. There are no nuances about little details like “rights”, or “presumption of innocence”. We declare war on you and we blow you up. That’s the military’s job.

That’s not the Police’s job. It’s the Police’s job to protect our rights as citizens. They do this by enforcing the laws, but enforcement is not the goal, that’s a step toward reaching the goal…the goal is ultimately protecting the rights of the citizens. When criminals violate the rights of the citizens, it is the Police’s job to find, apprehend and incarcerate those criminals to prevent them from continuing to violate the rights of other citizens.

Note that I didn’t say it’s the Police’s job to protect us. that’s why you don’t have a police officer stationed at your door 24/7. It’s not their job to protect you; that’s your job. It’s the Police’s job to respond, attempt to disrupt the crime in progress if possible and, failing that, to apprehend the offender and submit them to the judicial system.

Do the police really need armored personnel carriers and machine guns to do that job? I would say no. Those are tools used in controlling a population, not in providing effective policing.

It’s not the police’s job to control us. It is their job to protect our rights. Period.


The purge continues – Update 2

It’s going to get worse before it gets better…if it ever does.

Democrats Move to ban Trump Supporters from federal jobs or joining the military:

Mike Lindell Permanently suspended from Twitter.

Literary agency fires employee for having a Parler account.

Update – And another one: Epoch Times demonetized by youtube

Update 2 – And the hits keep coming: Trump Supporting Memer charged by DOJ

I love this line about it:

William Sweeney, who leads the FBI’s field office in New York, asserted in a statement that Mackey’s alleged actions “amounted to nothing short of vote theft.”

“It is illegal behavior and contributes to the erosion of the public’s trust in our electoral processes. He may have been a powerful social media influencer at the time, but a quick Internet search of his name today will reveal an entirely different story,” Sweeney said.

Posting sarcastic memes that make fun of Democrats on twitter erodes the public’s trust in our elections, but apparently kicking republican observers out of counting areas, putting up cardboard to block the windows so people can’t see the counts, video of ballots being pulled out from under tables in the dead of night, accepting improperly submitted ballots that can’t be verified…those things don’t erode trust in elections in the slightest. [/Update 2]

It’s getting easier and easier to get purged.

You don’t have to be involved in anything violent, all it takes is to question the integrity of the election.

You don’t have to post anything questionable or hateful, all you have to do is have an account on an alternative social media site.

This is how totalitarians work. They will not stop until they have crushed dissent. Until anyone who opposes them or their agenda is too afraid to speak. Until they can force their will on us without opposition.

Because the left is a religion. They can’t be wrong. Everything they want to do is good and is for the good of the people. Therefore, anyone who opposes them must be evil and must be crushed.

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”
— H.L. Mencken