The Democrats giveth and the Democrats taketh away

Biden’s economy is making people poorer:

The Labor Department reported Friday that average hourly earnings increased 0.4% in October, about in line with estimates. That was the good news.

However, the department reported Wednesday that top-line inflation for the month increased 0.9%, far more than what had been expected. That was the bad news – very bad news, in fact.

That’s because it meant that all told, real average hourly earnings when accounting for inflation, actually decreased 0.5% for the month.

Never fear, this is an easy fix: All they need to do is raise the minimum wage to, say $40 an hour. Because that would have no downstream economic consequences at all right? Would just make everyone’s income go up. Adding costs to businesses wouldn’t increase prices because businesses would never increase their prices to compensate for increased business expenses…just ask Jennifer Psaki.

Another one of those awesome leftist policies that make the thing they’re supposedly trying to solve even worse.

But take heart…that’s the point. After all, their policies destroying the economy is a feature, not a bug.


A rose by any other name…

One of the primary tools lefties use to “sway” opinion is to attempt to control the language. It’s not gun control, it’s gun violence prevention. It’s not CRT, it’s just teaching kids history through the lens of historical racial inequities. It’s not pro-abortion, it’s pro-choice. It’s endless.

They constantly try to reframe the arguments by using euphemisms to disguise what they’re really after.

When it gets funny is when their euphemisms finally catch on enough that people on the right turn them into derogatory terms. Then the back-pedaling starts.

It’s happened over and over again just with what the lefties call themselves. Are they progressive? Leftist? Liberal? Socialist Democrat (as if that weren’t an oxymoron of the highest order)? Every time they choose a new term to proudly call themselves, it rapidly becomes derogatory and they start looking for a new one. They’ve run out of ideas and progressive has actually been recycled at least once.

The latest one is “Woke”. I’m honestly not entirely sure what they had in mind when the coined the term, but it hasn’t taken too long for it to become synonymous with the cancel culture, everything is racist including your toothbrush, hate America and all it stands for crowd…which is pretty much exclusively the domain of the left. It’s gotten so bad that even AOC is now decrying the “distraction” that it’s causing:

According to AOC, the term “woke” has been appropriated by Republicans as a “derogatory euphemism for civil rights & justice,” charging that Fox News not only serves to indoctrinate right-wingers but also to trick Democrats into believing that racial justice is “controversial.”

What’s really hilarious about it, is that they can’t seem to figure out that it’s not the term they use to describe their positions that is the problem, it’s the positions the term is describing.

I don’t care if they start calling what they espouse the “cute puppy policy”…if the underlying planks of the platform are the same, it won’t be long before everyone is hating on cute puppies.

They are so myopic that they can’t just seem to grok that it’s their entire worldview that people are mocking, not just the name they call it.

It simply CANNOT BE that people don’t agree with their America hating, free market destroying, liberty infringing platform, it’s got to be all because Old White GuysTM like James Carville and those jerks on Fox News keep making fun of what it’s called.

Shorter AOC: “The fact that everyone hates our agenda is distracting us from the ability to advance our agenda.”


Are we dumb, or are you?

Biden thinks the supply chain is just too complex for we lowly citizens to understand.

What — like, for example, if I had — if we were all going out and having lunch together and I said, “Let’s ask whoever the — whoever is at the next table, no matter how — what restaurant we’re in — have them explain the supply chain to us.” You think they’d understand what we’re talking about?

I think they’d probably have a better chance of understanding what the problems are than an ageing, mentally declining professional politician who’s never had a real job in his life…unless you count his teenage lifeguard job where he met his nemesis Cornpop.

When I saw this story what immediately came to mind was a quote from someone who most likely understands exactly what’s going on with the economy and the supply chain:

“Much of what sophisticates loftily refer to as the “complexity” of the real world is in fact the inconsistency in their own minds.”
–Thomas Sowell

Joe is projecting. What he’s really saying is “get off my back, I don’t understand the supply chain or how to get it back on track and I’m way smarter than you, so if I don’t understand what the problems are and how to fix them, there’s no way you mere citizens could.”

Liberals never seem to be able to figure out why their “unicorns and rainbows for everyone” plans never seem to work out…possibly because they never matured to the stage of development most people reach where they realize that intentions are way less important than results.

“Well, maybe I did crash the economy, cause crushing inflation, contribute to shortages, throw millions of people out of work, saturate the nation with unvetted, untested and unvaccinated illegal immigrants in the midst of a pandemic we’ve been hyping as an existential threat (and that we may even have caused by funding illegal research by our enemies), abandon American permanent residents and even citizens to the tender mercies of a violent, totalitarian Islamist theocracy, and completely destroy any respect America had left on the world stage…but I meant well.”


Rittenhouse Trial Prediction

As eminent American Philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “Making predictions is hard…especially about the future.”

I was wrong in my prediction that the Virginia Democrats would be able to create enough fake votes to steal the election from Youngkin…not for lack of trying mind you, but they just couldn’t overcome the wave…

So after being pleasantly wrong on that one, I’m going to make another prediction, this time on the Trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. By the way, if you’re interested in the case and how the trial is going, Andrew Branca, self defense attorney and the brains behind “The Law of Self Defense” has been covering each day of the trial in detail with a daily post at Legal Insurrection.

Friday was Day 4 of the Trial. I discovered Andrew during the Zimmerman Trial where he covered the proceedings in detail and his coverage of the Rittenhouse trial has been lo less indispensable.

At any rate, my concern is that the SJW’s are desperate to see Kyle drawn and quartered for having the audacity to fight back against the Antifa and BLM rioters in Kenosha and my fear is that at least one of the jurors is a stealth SJW who lied during Voir Dire to get on the jury.

If that’s the case, they will try their hardest to convince the jury to convict which will at best result in a hung jury.

There’s no way a fair, non-politically motivated jury could ever convict Kyle based on the evidence they’ve presented, and I see no cause to think they’ve got some bombshell to drop that’s going to prove he was some murderous zealot out for blood rather than just what he seemed: A patriotic kid who wanted to try to help protect the town and provide medical assistance to anyone who needed it, who was violently attacked by the rioters when they realized he was alone and isolated and was forced to defend himself.

But I think there’s probably at least one stealth SJW on the jury and my prediction is that it will end with a hung jury.

This is another of those predictions where I sincerely hope I’m wrong. Time will tell.


Gender and the Draft

Why does the title of my post sound to me like the name of a musical group from the 50’s?

Anyway…lately there’s been talk of adding women to the draft registration requirement.

Of course, there are some…mostly on the conservative side…who oppose this idea:

Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., filed an amendment Monday in an attempt to prevent Democrats from requiring women to register for the military draft – something he says is out of step with the American public.

In a normal, sane world I’d agree with Senator Hawley. There are many reasons why men are traditionally the warriors and protectors and women stay inside the city walls, and those reasons are legitimate. But those reasons no longer apply in today’s crazy world.

From a purely Schadenfreude related perspective, my instinct is to say “women claim to want equality, let them have equality”. But the problem is that this would compel all women to register for the draft, not just the feminazis who demand “equal treatment” while attempting to avoid equal responsibility.

But the primary reason for it is not to compel women to register, but to eliminate the ability of men to use the exclusionary policy to avoid fulfilling their societal responsibility.

Today, the US government officially allows anyone to legally be declared whatever gender they want to claim. Therefore, any man who doesn’t want to register for the draft, just needs to declare themselves to be women and viola! Not only are they exempt from registering for the draft, but they hang out in women’s public restrooms and shower facilities, can get preferential treatment reserved for women in hiring, promotion and educational opportunities, can be a champion level competitor in every sport they care to try; heck, if they commit a rape, they can even be incarcerated in a woman’s prison and enjoy a “target rich environment” while paying their debt to society.

The simple fact is that, if “sex assigned at birth” is meaningless, then so are all gender-specific carveouts. Our world is hardly normal or sane, in which case special privileges based on gender are pointless.


Hooray! I was wrong!!!

I’ve never been so happy to be wrong in my life.

I was convinced that the democrats would cheat their way to victory in the Virginia Governor’s race.

The polls were showing it as basically a dead heat. For the past 10 or 15 years, all polls have skewed democrat by a big margin so if they said it was a dead heat, my estimate was that Youngkin actually was up by about 10 points.

That was borne out in the results early on, Youngkin had about a 10 point lead…then the cheat machine kicked in.

Fairfax had a “glitch” and had to rescan a bunch of votes.

While many counties have promptly reported their election results, however, deep-blue Fairfax County has missed the deadline to count early votes and has announced it needs to “rescan” the ballots.

Nope, nothing fishy about that at all right?

Oh…and it wasn’t the election officials that initially reported this development – it was the McAuliffe campaign that first reported it to the media.

Jackie DeFusco of WRIC-TV added that according to McAuliffe’s campaign, “a portion of the early votes in Fairfax County need to be rescanned and there is no set timeline for that yet. His staff says that could delay the results.”

Nothing suspicious there at all either right?

And, magically, shortly after this announcement, Youngkin’s lead began to shrink…but apparently they just weren’t able to manufacture enough votes to overcome the Republican’s huge advantage. Not enough cemeteries in Fairfax County I suppose.

The final tally was Youngkin by a little less than three percent. Which means the actual margin, when the manufactured votes are taken out of the mix, was probably more like 10 or 12%…bigger than the margin of cheat was able to overcome.

But the important thing is that we no longer have an authoritarian, racist, communist in the Governor’s mansion, and the downstream races seem to have had similar results.

By the way, I loved this point made by Miguel over at the GunFreeZone:

Black people with guns

Yup, we Republicans are so fearful of black people with guns that we elect one of them to be our Lieutenant Governor.



How the mighty have fallen

Just another in the long list of Naval Incidents in the past decade or so that illustrate the downfall of the US Navy.

A U.S. Navy nuclear-powered submarine that was damaged in a collision with an unknown underwater object in the South China Sea last weekend has arrived in port at Guam, the Navy said Friday.

We just can’t seem to stop bouncing ships off of stuff. In peacetime. Doesn’t bode well for our capabilities in making war.

One other point:

When it disclosed the Oct. 2 accident on Thursday, U.S. Pacific Fleet said that there had been no damage to the sub’s nuclear propulsion system and that it had not yet determined what underwater object had been struck.

I don’t know if that was the Navy’s way of describing the incident or the reporter took some liberties, but when I was in the Navy, there was no such thing as an accident. An “accident” implies that it was an unavoidable incident primarily just the result of bad luck. What we called failures like this when I was in the Navy is a “Mishap”. Indicating that it was entirely preventable and was a result of one or more failures in performance and the chain of command. Most typically a mishap is caused by a chain of cascading failures that ultimately were direct result of poor decisions high in the chain of command and the lack of leadership required for anyone in that chain of command to say “hey…wait a minute! This is a BAD idea”.

With our current military “leadership” I certainly hope they’re able to stay out of any wars with technologically advanced, capable enemies, or we’ll get our asses kicked. We’ve had decades of politically correct policymaking and weak, ineffective leadership to degrade the fighting spirit and capability of our military forces. They can run roughshod over a bunch of goat humpers using technology that dates from my military heyday, but I fear if we went up against the big boys, we’ll find out that an emphasis on teaching our military members how to identify white supremacy in themselves, how to walk in high heels (at last for those who weren’t already experienced at it), and how to properly utilize all the most current and trendy socially conscious buzzwords doesn’t translate well into warfighting ability against a capable and motivated foe.


Entry number…oh, I’ve lost count…in the “I’ll believe them…

…when they start living like they believe it..”

And actually in this installment, she basically just admits that wearing masks is kabuki theater.

Hat tip to Irons in the fire.

It’s not necessary…heck, it’s not even effective…and they know it. It’s nothing more than a compliance tool and they only do it in public themselves because they’ll be called out for it if they don’t. She apparently wasn’t smart enough to realize she was close enough to the camera for them to get audio.


I couldn’t have said it better myself

It didn’t seem to matter.

“We’re a family that believes in science, believes in the medical advice of the community, medical recommendations from doctors. We followed everything very strictly. So all that combined is kind of what we’re still in shock about how it didn’t seem to matter, at least for my mom.”

Saying you “believe in science” is not a proclamation of any profound truth, it’s a self-congratulating catechism of the leftist faith.

“Science” is not inscribed in stone tablets and scientists are humans: just as prone to mistake, corruption and bias as anyone. Science is not based on consensus, it is based on evidence. As Einstein is alleged to have once said when a hundred scientists wrote a book taking him to task over his theory of relativity “Why 100 authors? If I was wrong it would only take one to prove it.” Taking on blind faith any “science” that supports your worldview while dismissing out of hand any that does not is not “believing in science”.

So your faith failed you. You followed all the advice and your mother died anyway. I wonder…had you been willing to stray from the boundaries of your religious restrictions and had tried an Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine protocol as soon as your mother realized she was sick, would the outcome have been different? We’ll never know…and neither will you because you would never stray from your faith.

And just how devout does one have to be to make the decision to politicize the death of a loved one just to proselytize for their religion? Gotta commend you for your devotion, if not your judgement.