It’s important to have one’s priorities straight.

For example, you know about all those stories in the media about evil white supremacists attacking Asians and Jews, and rioting in the cities, burning and looting, taking over entire blocks of some cities. Rampant crime in major cities obviously being perpetrated by members of the Three Percenters, and the Proud Boys and the Oathkeepers and the Patriot Guard Riders right?

Don’t worry, the Biden Administration is on it.

“Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists (principally those who promote the superiority of the white race) and militia violent extremists are assessed as presenting the most persistent and lethal threats,” the strategy says.

Yup, white supremacy is the worst threat this country is facing right now.

And the weaponization of the federal government against patriotic Americans continues apace.


It’s no one’s “Democracy”

Robert Stacy McCain asks “Who’s Democracy is this” in a post that links to his piece on the subject in The American Spectator.

My answer is “it’s no one’s democracy”.

Because it’s not a democracy at all.

Our form of government is a Constitutional Republic. The founders considered democracy as a form of government when determining the form ours would take and soundly (and correctly) rejected it. Mob Rule is hardly a recipe for efficient and effective governance.

“Fifty-one percent of a nation can establish a totalitarian regime, suppress minorities and still remain democratic.”
–Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn

A Republic is based on the rule of law, not on the rule of the mob.

The fact that the US is not a democracy is evidenced clearly in the Constitution itself.

The only members of the federal government who were, as designed in the Constitution, directly elected by the people are members of the House of Representatives. Each representative represents a relatively equal sized portion of the population as determined by the census and the establishment of the congressional districts in the states and directly elected by the residents of that district.

The House of Representatives very name describes it’s purpose. It is The People’s House and is there to represent the people.

The Senate was originally intended to represent the interests of the state governments. This is why each state has two senators, regardless of size. As individual, sovereign states, each state government was considered to be of equal importance and therefore was given an equal say in the federal government. Senators were originally chosen by the legislatures of the states.

In my humble opinion, the 17th Amendment which institutionalized direct election of Senators by the people was the second biggest mistake ever included in the supreme law of the land. The biggest mistake was the 18th Amendment which was subsequently repealed, so the 17th is the biggest mistake that is still operable. By approving the 17th Amendment, the state governments basically surrendered any influence they had in the federal government to the whims of the masses…but I digress.

The President is not elected by the people, the President is elected by the state governments. The electors who make up the electoral college are selected by the state legislatures, not directly elected by the people. The Presidential election is, by nature, essentially an advisory election, the only thing that commits the state legislatures to selecting electors based on the outcome of the popular vote is the law of the specific state. If any state passed laws allowing them to completely disregard the popular vote and select presidential electors by picking names out of the phone book*, or through a Ouija board, or just choosing whoever they darn well please, that would be perfectly constitutional.

The problem is that the there are no states who’s laws allow for such. Each state has it’s own set of laws that determine how the Presidential election is to be conducted in that state, but they are all based on the popular vote. When, as was the case in 2020, several of the states just arbitrarily ignore their own laws in a bald-faced attempt to change the outcome that was probable were the election to be held in accordance with the laws, that is a subversion of our Republican government who’s primary principle is the Rule of Law.

Insisting that the laws be upheld and voiding the outcome of elections that were held in violation of those laws may very well be a subversion of democracy, but our system of government is NOT a democracy. Such insistence for the sovereignty of the rule of law is absolutely, 100% supportive of our Republic.

*For my younger readers, a phone book is a pre-internet, paper volume published annually by the local telephone company that listed the addresses and phone numbers of everyone in the locality with a telephone who didn’t specifically request an “unlisted” number.


Does the Media ever get anything right?

Rhetorical question. The media is very good at their job when you actually realize what their job is. It’s not to inform you, that’s for sure. It’s to steer you. To direct you. To push you. To Propagandize you.

That’s why we repeatedly, over and over and over again, find them pushing stories that are patently false.

Thus began a major controversial narrative in June of last year as the media and democrats decried how the U.S. Park Police cleared protestors from Lafayette Park shortly before President Trump walked to St. John’s church. The media shouted that President Trump told park police to fire tear gas into the crowd and dispurse the protesters in any manner or method. However the report today shows President Trump had nothing to do with it. It was all lies, all of it.

The interesting thing is that we actually knew that immediately at the time. Everyone involved from the Attorney General, the the Park Police, to the Capital Police told us that their clearing of the park had nothing to do with Trump’s photo op.

But the media didn’t care about facts, or evidence or witness testimony; they had a narrative to push and that’s what they did, so every major news outlet ran with the LIE that the Bad Orange Man had heartlessly ordered the park to be cleared so that he could walk down to the church for a photo op.



And so it begins

Now that the panic has begun to subside, our overlords have successfully trained the majority of the population to just mindlessly obey when nonsensical edicts are issued, and they’ve satisfied themselves that local police officers are more than willing to act as their stormtroopers in enforcing the edicts upon those of us who aren’t sheep, they can start walking back some of the demonstrably and egregiously false “statistics” that gave them the cover for their operation.

A quarter of all deaths previously attributed to COVID-19 in Alameda County weren’t actually caused by the coronavirus, the Alameda County Public Health Department announced today.

Wow, what a shock.

And that number is still too high. Basically, this audit only discounted people who tested positive for the Wuhan Chinese Virus, but obviously died of something else. Anyone who was questionable is still included as a Kung Flu death.

A death can only be attributed to COVID-19 if the coroner or medical provider can show that the person died “as a direct result of COVID-19, with COVID-19 as a contributing cause of death, or in whom death caused by COVID-19 could not be ruled out.” [bold added – ed]

In other words, if we can’t say absolutely that they died of something else, it was a Wuhan China Virus death, even though we know that the testing procedure used was way too sensitive and resulted in an untold number of false positives, so some of the people who died of…say…the flu…but had a false positive test for the Wuhan China Virus, we’re going to say they died of the Virus.

Which may help explain why flu deaths were virtually nonexistent last year.

By the way…I was keeping track of “excess deaths” and was all set to write a post about it but I was waiting for year end numbers.

As of November, per the CDC death statistics, 2020 was on track to post about 75,000 “excess deaths” over what would normally be expected based on historical data and averages adjusted for population changes. But sometime between November and December, some 200,000 or so additional deaths were added to the numbers.

The CDC had been claiming that over 300,000 people had died of the Wuhan China Virus, but the “excess death” numbers didn’t bear this out and plenty of people were noticing. So they fixed it.

Where did all those death reports added between November and December come from? The CDC will claim they were delayed reports, but I’d sure like to see some data as to specifically where those numbers came from because it looks to me like they just bumped the numbers up arbitrarily to support their narrative.

I believe there were actually somewhere between 75,000 and 80,000 excess deaths last year. Most of the people who died of the Wuhan China Flu were already very old or very ill and would likely have died within a short time anyway. The rest of the excess deaths weren’t caused by the virus, they were caused by the ridiculous overblown reaction to it by the government and the media in the effort to extract the Orange Bad Man from the Presidency.

Domestic Violence deaths, suicide and people dying from otherwise treatable illnesses that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t get care for because of the Kung Flu hysteria.

I believe historians are going to view this time as a very dark period of American (and world) history.


Captain Obvious strikes again

The Economist tells us something that we should already understand:

It makes the point that hunters and their money pays for conservation, provides meat to local communities, and provides an economic incentive to stop poaching and overgrazing.

It is a sad statement on our educational system that so many people are so oblivious to common sense principles of basic economics and human nature.

Let’s see: I’m really poor. Starving and living in a mud hut poor. There is a highly desirable resource nearby that I can harvest and sell for lots of money…money that I NEED to feed, shelter and clothe my family.

Everyone keeps telling me that I can’t harvest that resource because it’s endangered, but if I do nothing, my family is going to go hungry…what do I do? I harvest the resource in secret with no plan to replenish it and take my chances.

And then everyone wonders why the resource is dwindling.

What happens if the “powers that be” make harvesting the resource legal and allow us to charge lots of money for the privilege? Rich people come from all around, pay us lots of money to guide them and feed them and house them and manage their hunts and, as a result, there is a huge incentive for us to manage the resource carefully so it lasts for future harvests.

And, as if by magic, the resource begins to rebound and is no longer declining in numbers.

Wonder how that could have possibly happened?

This is not a slam on the blog I linked to which was my source for the story, I’m sure they understand these principles as well as I do and were only trying to draw attention to them. My issue is with the seemingly endless supply of do-gooders who can’t grok basic common sense concepts about how the world really works and so continue to do untold damage.

It reminds me of a line from the lyrics of an old Johnathan Edwards song “Sunshine”:

“He can’t run his own life, I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine”

They have no idea how the world works but they think they should be able to tell everyone how to run it. Even when their methods are proven not to work, and other “unapproved” methods reach the result they’ve been claiming to want all along, they’ll gnash their teeth and rend their clothes that we’re not following their demonstrably ineffectual mandates.

The interesting thing about the left is that, even though they claim to be all about outcomes, they don’t seem to care very much when their policies don’t result in the outcomes they claim to want. And when policies espoused by the right (or, really anyone other than themselves) prove to work better, they still rail against and oppose them.

Because they aren’t really concerned about outcomes. In fact, they’d prefer if the problems they rail against are never resolved, because the existence of the problem can be leveraged into control…and that’s what it’s really about.


Sometimes the only thing you can do is point and laugh

The left (or at least some people on the left) are currently engaged in some existential soul searching.  With the “breaking” news that, yes, it is possible that the Kung Flu virus escaped from a lab, some on the left are starting to realize that the heretofore unwavering faith they have had in the prophets of their religion media may have beenslightly misplaced.

I am no expert on epidemics. Like everyone else I know, I spent the pandemic doing as I was told. A few months ago I even tried to talk a Fox News viewer out of believing in the lab-leak theory of Covid’s origins. The reason I did that is because the newspapers I read and the TV shows I watched had assured me on many occasions that the lab-leak theory wasn’t true, that it was a racist conspiracy theory, that only deluded Trumpists believed it, that it got infinite pants-on-fire ratings from the fact-checkers, and because (despite all my cynicism) I am the sort who has always trusted the mainstream news media.

In this particular example, however, there was one paragraph that flat made me laugh out loud:

My own complacency on the matter was dynamited by the lab-leak essay that ran in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists earlier this month; a few weeks later everyone from Doctor Fauci to President Biden is acknowledging that the lab-accident hypothesis might have some merit. We don’t know the real answer yet, and we probably will never know, but this is the moment to anticipate what such a finding might ultimately mean. What if this crazy story turns out to be true?

[italics included in original -ed]

For those following along at home, let’s review:

-We have a virus that is “novel”…i.e. never before seen in the wild, that derives from a family of viruses that are endemic to bats.
-This virus appears in the center of one of the largest cities in China…hundreds of miles from the caves that harbor bats carrying the virus.
-The city in which this virus appears just happens to be the home of a virology lab.
-The virology lab in question just coincidentally happens to specialize in the study of bat viruses.
-We knew early on that a review of the lab’s procedures several years ago warned that the lab was not up to standards.
-We also knew early on that several of the scientists who tried to speak out about this virus were silenced by the Chinese government.
-We further knew early on that there were reports of scientists from this virology lab who reportedly contracted a mysterious flu-like respiratory illness several weeks before the outbreak was reported to have begun.

But the slightest HINT that this virus might have originated in that nearby virology lab that just by happenstance is dedicated to researching this exact type of virus is just “crazy”.

Only to true believers.

You have to be some kind of gullible to buy the story that the Chinese were selling…that the virus originated in the local market where fresh fruits, raw meats and seafood and some live animals are sold for consumption…even though the market didn’t sell bats. So, it must have “jumped” from bats to some intermediate animals – maybe pangolins, or even cats – and then made the jump to humans. And that secondary (or tertiary, or quaternary, or whatever it would be) jump, just happened to, purely by coincidence, in a country covering 3.6 Million Square Miles with 102 cities of over a million residents, occur in the market a few hundred feet from the virology lab studying this EXACT type of virus.

As Joe Biden might say “C’mon Man!”

If leftists bought into that story, it’s no wonder they’re gullible enough to buy into socialism, communism, progressivism and all those other leftist philosophies who’s primary common denominator is that they’ve all failed spectacularly and resulted in untold death and human misery every time they’ve been tried.

The contention that the slightest possibility the virus may have escaped from the lab down the street should be written off as “crazy” is so breathtakingly ridiculous that only a “true believer” religious zealot could buy it.

At least for some of them, their faith has been shaken.

And it’s freaking hilarious.


Good Neighbors

I started to leave this as a comment on a blog I read regularly, but it got too long so I decided to move it over here.

Here’s the blog post I was commenting on:

So we have a black locksmith changing a lock.

Someone, presumably a neighbor, called the police to report a person fucking with the lock.

The police arrive.

TikTok ensues.

The replies are full of people hating on the police and the neighbors who called in the complaint.

Read the whole thing.

I’m with J. KB:  Were I the homeowner, I’d be happy and thankful that my neighbors were looking out for my house and called the police to report something suspicious, and I don’t really care that the contractor got all butthurt about it, regardless of his race.

My guess is that this is a rental property between tenants. The neighbors probably didn’t even know the landlord to be able to call them about the suspicious activity, so they did what they could.

“But they were working on the front locks in full view in broad daylight”. OK…and? Most break ins in the US occur during the day. That’s when the house is most likely to be empty…and they certainly don’t want to break in when someone’s home, that’s a good way to get shot (incidentally, in Europe, it’s much more common for break-ins to occur when someone’s home…I wonder why?).

Reminds me of a time long, long ago while I was in the Navy. I was a young E-5…didn’t make a lot and had a family to provide for. We were stationed in Millington, TN and when we first got there, got an apartment in North Memphis in a “predominantly black” neighborhood. When I say predominantly, black, what I mean is that we were the only white family in our apartment building and for all I know, in the entire complex. We never had a problem the whole time we lived there other than some minor noise disputes between our downstairs neighbors and us that were resolved amicably.

But one day shortly after I got home from work, one of the other neighbors in the building came knocking at the door. He was basically “canvassing” the building (why the police weren’t doing it, I don’t know) asking everyone if they’d seen anything that day.

It seems that during the day, in broad daylight, some criminals had backed a U-haul up to his apartment door, broken in and cleaned him out of anything remotely of value.

The few people who were around that saw it thought nothing of it…just another resident moving out.

Apparently that was a common MO in that area at the time. They’d case an apartment complex, find an apartment on the first floor where the resident drove a decent car, dressed nicely and was gone during the day, pull up in a truck one day, act confident like they were supposed to be there and clean the place out.

As far as I know they never got caught.

At any rate, the point is that brazenly doing things in full view in broad daylight doesn’t necessarily mean it’s legitimate and the neighbors were right to report it. If they were my neighbors, I’d be hosting a barbeque for them in thanks.

As far as the police response, I’d have to agree that it was a bit excessive, but the cops did seem to be handling it pretty calmly. No one was screaming at the “suspects” or tackling them to the ground.

Part of the problem in these interactions is the chip on the shoulder that many black people have about police interactions.  When I get stopped or approached by a cop, I assume they’re just trying to do their job and respond accordingly.  I am professional, polite and cooperate in every way I’m legally required to.

Almost every time I see one of these videos, it starts out with the black “suspects” getting all belligerent about the interaction.  The common theme is that the only reason the cops are bothering them is because they’re black.

In this situation, that probably isn’t far off the mark, but the fact is race is a factor in crime…it just is. Pretending that isn’t the case doesn’t change the reality.  Blacks commit crimes in this country way out of proportion to their percentage of the population, that fact is not seriously disputed by anyone on either side of the debate.  Whether they want to admit it or not, young(ish) black men appearing to be breaking into a home…especially in a majority white neighborhood…is suspicious and warrants investigation.

Not necessarily investigation with 6 cops storming the area with tactical rifles up, but you also have to consider what information the cops had to work from.  Most likely, all they knew was that they’d received a report of a burglary in progress.  No idea what city this is, but it’s possible this is the most excitement they’ve had there in months, so everyone wanted to be involved, hence the overwhelming response to such an apparently minor incident.

At any rate, as I said, I’m completely with J. KB on this:  This is the type of public reaction that makes people think twice about getting involved, being good neighbors and trying to protect their neighborhoods; this is the type of thing that ends up enabling crime and making us all less safe.

But, of course, making us less safe is all just part and parcel of the “It’s a feature, not a bug” theme.



Worst White Supremacists Ever

Update: I’m human and am subject to my own biases and preconceptions. When I read the below blockquote yesterday, I read it as “People of color are a tiny fraction of the world…” rather than what it actually says “…that world…”

Misreading that one word changed the entire meaning of the sentence so my initial gripe about the article was based on poor reading comprehension on my part rather than on the ignorance of the authors. Mea Culpa.

I formally withdraw my complaint about the factuality of the quoted statement because it is completely true, minorities, although welcomed warmly and unreservedly by true patriots, are an even smaller minority in the “Patriot”, Constitutional Originalist, anti-woke movements.

My sincere apologies both to the authors of the quoted piece and my readers for my unforced error.

Before I get to the actual subject of this post, I wanted to point out the first, glaring stupidity in this article:

People of color are a tiny fraction of that world, but analysts say they play an outsize role in challenging perceptions.

Seriously? I hate to tell you this, but whatever leftist enclave you call home isn’t the whole world.

While it was difficult to find any kind of authoritative numbers on this (apparently, American and (increasingly) British leftists are the only people in the world obsessed with “white vs everyone else”, according to the best information I could find, whites make up somewhere between 9 and 16 percent of the world population. In other words “People of Color” are actually somewhere in the range of 84-91% of the world…sort of the opposite of “a tiny fraction”.

That ridiculous contention is enough to dismiss this entire article as ignorant drivel, but that’s not the point of this post.

The point of this post is another example of the left’s projecting of their own intolerance onto the right:

Rapolla’s brown skin, a reflection of his multiracial ancestry, is at odds with images of White guys in self-styled militias wearing camouflage in the woods. The militia stereotype is so entrenched, Rapolla said, that airline ticket agents have refused to believe him when he gives them a heads-up that he’s on a domestic terrorism watch list.

Yes, because stereotyping and prejudging based on appearance isn’t intolerant at all is it? This entire piece is apparently dedicated to trying to figure out what motivates the minorities who are members of “extremist” groups.

At one point, the piece even points out that a couple of the more notorious of the “extremist” groups have anti-racism baked into their founding documents:

The Oath Keepers, a far-right network that recruits veterans and law enforcement officers, forbids discrimination and hatred in its bylaws. Similarly, the largest Three Percenter militia factions have issued statements rejecting white nationalism and have kicked out members for neo-Nazi sympathies.

But of course, in the very next sentence, they dismiss this as just being a PR move. Can’t possibly be that these “extremists” aren’t really what your compatriots in the media have been trying to sell us, could it?

But here’s the thing I really wanted to point out. This isn’t about one of those infamous “right wing extremist groups”, this is just about a bunch of Second Amendment supporters who got together to peacefully demonstrate in support of their rights.

One recent Saturday, a mild spring afternoon with geese honking overhead, a couple dozen Virginia-based gun rights activists gathered in front of the Hampton City Hall to repeat their usual challenge to politicians calling for gun control: “Come and take it.”

The night before, the local NAACP chapter had gathered Black activists at the same spot to denounce gun violence and Second Amendment extremism. John Perkins, 65, a retired Black police officer who’s now running for Hampton sheriff, attended the NAACP event and came back the next day to meet the armed groups for himself.

“I told myself, ‘OK, I know my skin color is different from theirs, but I’ll know how they are once I start talking to them,’ ” Perkins said.

Both the authors of this piece and Mr. Perkins himself seemed shocked to discover:

The small right-wing crowd immediately welcomed Perkins, prayed over him and invited him to speak.

The interesting thing is that this is not shocking at all to those of us on the right who’ve been involved in right wing politics for a long time. The whole “right wing = white supremacy = racist = Nazi” paradigm is nothing more than left wing fantasy and projection.

Brandon Rapolla, the first right wing “Person of Color” showcased in the piece and mentioned above, said it best:

“People on the far right are automatically labeled as racist,” Rapolla said. “It’s a weapon used by elitists in order to keep their power where they want it.”


The Gaslighting is Strong in this one…

It’s almost funny it’s so transparent:

This party, Republican Party today, is showing so much dishonor to the people who made it possible, the people who [inaudible] from Abraham Lincoln kept this party alive on the basis of anti-slavery, which, itself, was a big lie,

The party of equal opportunity and colorblind meritocracy is dishonoring Lincoln’s legacy, which was a lie…or something.


Now they talk a lot about ‘cancel culture,’ this is the classic cancel culture,” he said, referring to talks about Cheney being removed from GOP leadership. “They are perpetrating that which they argue they are against.

An organization voting to remove a person from a position of power when that person has proven to be working in direct opposition to that organizations goals and purposes is EXACTLY the same as disagreeing with someone (or having your feelings hurt by them) and then working to get them fired from their job in an industry completely unrelated to the perceived affront, terrorizing and working to ostracize them on social media and possibly even doxxing them and putting them in physical danger.


Mitch McConnell has some personal animus toward Democrats that ought not be. We are ‘one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.’ Let’s operate like that.

The party of weaponizing federal agencies against political opponents and BLM and Antifa and Cancel Culture and “your speech is violence but our violence is speech”, and a national day of prayer that doesn’t mention God is all about “one nation, under God, indivisible…” Sure they are.

And, throw in a bit of projection just to round it all out:

That’s conservative,” Emanuel explained. “This is a reactionary party built on both resentment and race. There’s [where] the party’s going

Seriously? It’s not the party that supports the “1619 project” and “systemic racism” and “being white is being racist” and “if you don’t support every aspect of woke culture you’re a white supremacist” that’s built on resentment and race. Nope. It’s the party that fought, bled and died to end slavery, that marched to end Jim Crow, that sent in the national guard to end segregation, that believes that all people, of all races, creeds and colors, are equally capable of succeeding in a society that provides ample opportunity to do so…that’s the party that’s all about resentment and race.

There are only two possibilities: They either think we’re too stupid to figure this out, or they are mentally ill and really believe what they’re spouting. I suppose it could be some combination of the two. I tend to believe it’s the former. I can’t imagine anyone being that mentally ill and still being able to function without constant care to keep them from wandering into the path of a bus or jumping out of a window to fly with the birds or something.


Chinese Flu cases

This stuff just cracks me up.

According to Axios, the number of Chinese Wuhan Kung Flu cases has dropped off in recent months solely because of the vaccine.

Coronavirus infections in the U.S. are now at their lowest levels in seven months, thanks to the vaccines.

Here’s the chart they provided to prove their point:

Clearly the reduction must be caused by the vaccine, because that curve is completely unlike the natural ebb and flow of other viruses, like, say the flu right?

Nope, that couldn’t POSSIBLY be just the natural course of a flu-like virus at the onset of summer could it?

Of course, even as they try to convince us that, were it not for the vaccine, we’d be awash in cases and the night soil men would be roaming the streets in the mornings with their barrows crying “bring out your dead”, they’re simultaneously telling us that we haven’t nearly reached herd immunity yet, that people who’ve gotten the vaccine still need to wear an edict compliance device over their face and nose like good little sheep and that if certain states run by evil Republicans keep graciously granting us permission to exercise the God given liberty protected by the Constitution that we’re surely all going to die.

What’s scary about the whole thing is how many people just mindlessly follow along and accept the obvious gaslighting as revealed truth.

This nation is in deep doodoo.