Projection – an illustration

It’s a youtube video so I won’t link it, but here’s where I found it:

MASTERCLASS — Trump defense team should play this video on loop during the entire Senate hearing…

This is a microcosm of the left’s strategy:  gaslighting and projection.

All summer long the left has been shouting to the mountaintops that “mostly peaceful protests” wherein business were burned and looted, police and innocent bystanders were assaulted, public and private property was forcibly “occupied” and held hostage at gunpoint, were a legitimate and admirable statement of discontent against the government.

They not only refused to condemn such behavior, they encouraged it and even started funds and donated money to bail the perpetrators out of jail when they were arrested.

Then, when a few people on the right take them at their word and engage in a much more restrained version of the same brand of “mostly peaceful” protest, it’s treason and domestic terrorism and the President who specifically condemned violence and exhorted his followers to “peacefully and patriotically” make their voices heard is condemned as having “instigated” insurrection.

Projection and gaslighting…pure and simple.  They project their failings onto their opponents and then try to pretend that they aren’t twice as guilty as those they accuse.

It’s no different than the penchant for the left to purge the public square of any non-leftist speech by claiming it is hateful or false, while letting anyone on the left spew any sort of vitriol and falsehoods they desire.

It’s no different than the virulent anti-gun agitator getting right into the face of gun rights advocates and screaming spittle flinging epithets at them while insisting that the gun rights advocates are the hateful, violent ones.

I could go on and on, the examples are everywhere.  The left engages in egregious behavior, then projects their bad behavior onto the right while trying to gaslight everyone into believing they are the innocent victims.

It’s no accident…the behavior is too consistent and widespread.  It’s the gameplan.  It is a conscious, orchestrated and coordinated tactic employed by them to dupe the masses into granting them the power they crave.

And the scary thing is, it works surprisingly well.


More cops like this please.

While I commend Officer Higgens for her conduct and congratulate her on the notice it received, I can’t help but be disappointed by the fact that the behavior noted by the judge was noteworthy at all.

“As an aside, Officer Higgens is to be commended for her honesty on the stand during the hearing on the motion to suppress,” Judge Schmidt wrote. “She was upfront regarding her mistake of law and did not waiver or attempt to provide an alternative ground for the stop when one did not exist. Her testimony makes clear that the mistake was subjectively honest and made in good faith.”

Um…isn’t that how the Police are supposed to conduct themselves? It seems pretty clear that the judge considers it unusual to see a police officer who is “subjectively honest and [acting] in good faith”.

If that’s not a sad statement on the state of affairs in Policing in that area, I don’t know what is.


Will the number of new gun owners decrease our vulnerability?

Cam over at Bearing Arms…formerly of NRA TV…put a post up yesterday about a study regarding gun ownership.

The right of the people to keep and bear arms is best defended by as many people as possible, and Gun Culture 2.0 and the Great Gun Runs of 2020 and 2021 have swelled the ranks of the 2A community even as our elections have given almost complete control of the federal government to anti-gun politicians. Second Amendment activists need to give a lot of thought on how to turn these new gun owners into defenders of their right to keep and bear arms, rather than just those exercising it.

In my opinion, Cam’s a bit too bullish on the ability of the NRA to get things accomplished in the current environment. I left the below as a comment, but Bearing Arms has a habit of leaving comments that are less than supportive of their positions in moderation limbo. It’s still not visible as of this morning, so I’m going to post it here for posterity sake:

The first mistake is assuming that NRA ratings still indicate a person’s support (or lack thereof) for gun rights. The fact that Marco Rubio is still A+ rated while being a staunch supporter of laws that arbitrarily “revoke” rights without due process would imply to me that trust in NRA ratings is unwarranted.

The second mistake is the naïve belief that our government is still a representative government. The government in no way represents the people any more…any election can be blatantly stolen regardless of the will of the voters. Since they no longer are dependent upon actually earning votes based upon their policies, they no longer need be concerned with majority opinions or poll results. They can just do whatever the heck they want because they know that they’ll be able to steal the next election too.

Honestly, I hope I’m proven wrong in 2022, but I don’t think I will be. I think you’re going to see the Senate flip to the democrats dramatically as well as flips of Representatives of any district with a city controlled by democrats. The only elections Republicans will be able to win are the low population density states and congressional districts with no medium or large democrat controlled cities…which means large majorities for the dems in both houses of congress.

Then Biden will be pushed out and Harris will take over, that way she can serve the last two years of Biden’s term and still run twice more and the floodgates will be wide open.

Good luck protecting your rights through public opinion and representative government when the former doesn’t matter and the latter doesn’t exist.

My point isn’t to say we should give up, my point is to say we’re doing it wrong.

When high profile conservatives and Republicans are afraid to even admit that the last election was stolen, when they feel compelled to throw fellow conservatives under the bus because they did exactly what the democrats have been telling them for a year is an honorable and legitimate way to express their displeasure with the government, when they refuse to support their own president because they think his tweets are too mean even though his policies did more for Americans than any President since Reagan…talk and bluster and sternly worded e-mails to your congressman aren’t going to get it done.


Gun ownership and pot – updated

Update – sorry about the previous version of this post…I just copied in a link to the blog and one of the comments I left there with no explanation. I intended it to be saved as a draft, not published, it was only intended as a reminder to me, not as a standalone post and it shouldn’t have appeared as it did. The below is what I actually intended to post /Update

One of the blogs I read daily posted about the recent trend toward state level legalization of marijuana for medicinal (but it applies just as well to recreational) use and the federal prohibition against users of such substances purchasing or possessing guns.

I left a couple of comments there about it, but I thought I’d expound a little here.

There are a couple of points related to this. First, the idea that common sense can be legislated into being.

Laws are only preventative in the sense that law abiding citizens will obey them to prevent being caught up in legal issues they would prefer to avoid. This is especially true of gun owners because some of the consequences of violating those laws can involve losing the right to keep and bear arms forever. We take those consequences seriously because we take the right seriously.

So, there is some deterrent effect to having laws, but when laws are layered on top of each other, they provide no additional deterrent effect.

For example: It is illegal to spray paint graffiti onto public property. If you make it illegal to carry spray paint on public streets, will that stop the graffiti problem? Of course not. If the perpetrator has already decided that they’re willing to break the law against spray painting public property, a lesser law against carrying the tools to do so isn’t going to deter them.

A point I raised in one of my comments is worth repeating here: One of the things that anti-gun business owners never seem to grasp is that when they put that “no guns allowed sign” on their door, the only people they’re keeping out are the ones they need have no concern over.

Someone who sees that sign and says “well, the owner says I can’t come in so I won’t go in” is the very one who is determined to follow the rules and exercise good judgement. This is the person who is no danger whatsoever. The person who is prone to errors in judgement or ignoring the rules is the one who’s going to see the sign and say “screw him, I’m going in anyway”. So, what you end up with is the only people in your establishment who are armed are exactly the ones you should have been trying to keep out. As soon as that guy entered your store, everyone else there was at the mercy of the least trustworthy person in the place.

The prohibition by the federal government on ownership of firearms by people who use substances that are legal in their state of residence is no different.

The use of firearms in public while impaired is already illegal in every state and locality of which I’m aware. It doesn’t matter whether you’re impaired by alcohol, marijuana, or prescription medications, when you are under the influence, it is illegal to have a gun in public…just like it’s illegal to operate any other type of dangerous weapon, including cars, while under the influence.

The law doesn’t say you can’t own a car, or have it parked in your driveway while under the influence. Or that you can’t own a car if you ever use substances that impair judgment and performance, only that the use of them don’t mix.

Why are guns and marijuana treated differently than, say, guns and alcohol, or guns and prescription oxycontin, or guns and Nyquil? Does the law making it illegal to own a gun if you use substances that are legal at the state level really make anyone safer?

The kind of people that are irresponsible enough to use firearms, whether in public or at home, while impaired, are not going to be deterred by a law that says they can’t own a gun if they use these particular substances.

The only people that law deters are the people who are responsible enough to make good decisions and not use their firearms while impaired in the first place.

“No man has a natural right to commit aggression on the equal rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him.”
–Thomas Jefferson


When seconds count, Police are only minutes away

So, outside of Scranton PA, a neighbor dispute turns deadly.

Scroll to the bottom and surveillance video of the whole thing can be seen here (It’s graphic in the sense that you know these are real people being really shot, not TV stuntmen with blanks, but it’s not particularly gory).

Here’s the local news story with a little more detail.

The video shows that the Goys shoveled snow from their parking spots, pushed it across the street and threw it onto Spaide’s property. After Spaide asked the couple to stop throwing snow onto his property, the neighbors got into an argument where they appear to have exchanged obscene gestures and expletives.

There are a few things that I take away from this incident but the first thing that struck me was this:

The guy unloaded his pistol on the two neighbors, then goes back into his house. Over a minute passes with the woman laying in the middle of the street moaning before the perpetrator comes back out with a rifle to finish the job. Then he goes back into the house and a couple more minutes pass with the woman laying in the middle of the street before the video ends.

I’ve found no mention anywhere of what time he cops finally arrived, but the image of that lady laying in the middle of the street, all by herself for several minutes, dying, was poignant to me.

It drove home the lesson that, it not only isn’t the government’s job to take care of you, they flat won’t be there when you need them most. It is OUR responsibility to take care of ourselves, defend ourselves, protect ourselves because when the SHTF, we’re the only ones who are going to be around to do it.

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Hedging won’t save you.

I find it amusing to see all the right wing outlets and pundits hedging about the “Capitol Riots”.   They take great pains to make it abundantly clear that they don’t support the violence and that they condemn the acts of those few who invaded the Capitol building on Jan 6.

I know they’re doing it so that they don’t look like hypocrites after having condemned the left-wing riots and violence all summer long, but it’s both counterproductive and a waste of time.

It’s counterproductive because it plays right into the hands of the left.  Now that we’ve condemned the “riot” how can we possibly argue about them bringing the hammer down on the participants?  They’ve been letting left-wing rioters off with, at worst, slaps on the wrist for flat burning down cities all summer, but a few right wingers break some windows and turn over a table and they’re going to be locked up for decades?

Thanks for your support right wing media.

My position is, how can you blame them?  The country and media has been telling people all summer long that it’s not only not criminal to riot and burn businesses and block streets, and takeover entire neighborhoods and assault police with rocks and bottles and bats, it’s downright noble to engage in those pursuits in a mission to “start a conversation.”

So, they took those lessons to heart and played “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”   And you want to condemn them for doing what they’ve been told all summer long is a just and noble action?

Who needs enemies when they’ve got friends like you?

But that’s not really the point I wanted to make.  My point is that all that hand-wringing and hedging and condemnation isn’t going to matter in the least.

The left isn’t really outraged about the incident at the Capital.  That’s just their excuse.  And the purpose of that excuse is to suppress dissent.  Violently if necessary.

The insurgents should be “isolated and alienated” from the general population, according to Grenier.

“Just as Al Qaeda in Iraq depended on a much larger community of disaffected Sunnis for tacit support and recruitment, we face the prospect of there being a mass of citizens — sullen, angry and nursing their grudges — among whom the truly violent minority will be able to live undetectably, attracting new adherents to their cause,” Grenier wrote for the Times.

And who are these insurgents they’re talking about? All of us. Anyone who doesn’t toe the lefty line, play the game, say the right things and kowtow to the right causes.

And it’s not going to matter a whit how adamantly you throw your fellow right-wingers under the bus when the lefties pretend to be all offended by their behavior, because that’s all make believe anyway. That’s just another way for them to drive wedges in between us…to divide and conquer.

And it’s US they’re trying to conquer.

As a very wise man once said, either we stand together or we hang separately.


A little morning comedy

I haven’t posted much gun related content lately, so to both alleviate that and elicit a little chuckle, I present a release from “Black PR Wire” (which I’d never heard of before)…courtesy of Bearing Arms via From the Barrel of a Gun:

In response to stagnation in the traditional white male market, the gun industry and National Rifle Association (NRA) are now targeting Blacks and Latinos as potential new gun buyers according to a new study from the Violence Policy Center (VPC)

Stagnation in the market? Seriously? What planet are they living on???

Let’s see…according to the FBI, The only year that NICS checks went down year over year was from 2016 to 2017…interestingly, the year that Trump took office. Wonder if that was a coincidence?

Record setting 2020 recorded a full 39.9% increase in checks over 2019 and January of 2021 shattered the record with almost double the number of checks conducted in January 2020 and FOUR TIMES the number conducted in 2012.

Granted, NICS checks aren’t directly representative of sales because NICS checks are conducted for other purposes and not all sales require NICS checks, but it’s a pretty good general indication of trends…and the current trends don’t show me any “stagnation”.  Nor do the empty shelves at gun stores and the “out of stock” notifications for both guns and ammo at online retailers.

I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve been a gun owner virtually all my life…I got my first air rifle when I was about 8 and my first .22 rifle when I was 12 or 13…I’ve been an activist in the gun community for most of my adult life. I’ve been providing beginners with basic safety and firearms handling training for close to 20 years and in my experience, the NRA, VCDL and every other organization I’ve ever been involved with has always encouraged all lawfully present residents of the US to exercise their rights under the Second Amendment. The accusation that the NRA is all the sudden pushing for minorities to buy guns because whites have stopped buying them is not only silly, it’s freaking hilarious.

These people are delusional.

Here’s how it seems to me: The left is losing control of the narrative when it comes to guns. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that it’s not just old fat white guys like me who own and use guns and are engaged in the gun rights community. Go to any gun show and you’ll see a healthy mix of old and young, men and women, all races creeds and colors, enjoying the camaraderie and “kicking the tires” on an assortment of firearms from collectible antiques to the latest and greatest plastic fantastics and EBRs.

And that scares the bejeebers out of them.

It’s probably just so scary to them because they are starting to realize that with minorities and women becoming more and more active in the gun rights community, their chance of gaining popular support for their agenda is waning quickly; but you’ve got to admit, their arguments sound pretty sexist and racist.

Basically, according to them, Blacks, Hispanics and women aren’t capable of evaluating information and making informed decisions, they are prone to being pushed into making unwise decisions by nefarious, faceless actors like the NRA and the NSSA.

Personally, I think more and more people of all races, creeds, backgrounds and sexes are being forced by the reality around them to realize that when it comes to defending themselves and their families, ultimately the responsibility lies with them and them alone. Better to be properly equipped and prepared and never need it than for the need to arise and find you wanting.


This is a man for whom I’d vote for any public office up to and including President

I don’t like the idea of increasing Twitter’s hit count, but this is important enough to share anyway.

In case you don’t remember, this is the guy who went viral a couple of years ago for his passionate defense of the Second Amendment in a city council meeting. You can see that video here…which is where the above link came from.

Hat tip to From the Barrel of a Gun.