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Two of the basic tenets of the leftist religion are that:
A) Members of minority ethnic groups are inferior to whites and as such are unable to succeed in America without the benevolent assistance of white liberals
B) Assisting these minority ethnic groups by implementing white liberal policies upon them demonstrates the superiority and charitable nature of white liberals.

Of course, that’s really just a smoke screen for keeping members of minority ethnic groups “in their place”. How plausible is it that liberals really believe that providing the catalyst for the destruction of black families and forcing blacks to become dependent on the government for their survival is actually good for them?

How many believe that enabling Hispanics in this country illegally to work “under the table” for cash at extremely low wages is actually good for the Hispanics (and the American workers they’re displacing) rather than for the corporations who hire them?

How many believe that pushing “Native Americans” out of the public eye and suppressing all recognition of them and their role in US history is going to be good for the tribes?

There are plenty more examples I could cite, but you get the idea. Liberal elitists tend to be highly educated, you can’t tell me they don’t understand how damaging their policies really are. They’re not stupid.

The last one I mentioned is actually the subject of this post.

When I was in the Navy, one of my best friends was an American Indian. I believe he was Pomo but I’m not sure my memory serves. He HATED the term “Native American”. He referred to his wife as “the squaw” and his kids as “the three little Indians”.

He grew up on a reservation in California. The schools were horrible, he ended up being pulled out by his parents and homeschooled until he got his GED. He scored well on the mechanical aptitude part of the ASVAB and, although his score was low overall, was enlisted as a Jet Engine Mechanic. The fact that his education was a bit lacking (to say the least) notwithstanding, he was very intelligent and was an absolute genius with troubleshooting and repairing jet engines.

At any rate, he hated all the politically correct BS and wouldn’t tolerate it around him. He was proud of his Indian heritage and didn’t feel any need to be “protected” by liberal busybodies. According to him, the majority of Indians he knew felt the same way.

That brings us to Colorado today.

Colorado has fallen prey to the spreading of the liberal virus. Liberals turn their home states into a high tax, ultra-regulated, crime ridden hell hole that’s intolerable to live in, so many middle class liberals flee to places with a better environment to raise their families. Incapable of understanding exactly what it was that went so horribly wrong in their home state, as soon as they get settled, they immediately start trying to turn their adopted home into a clone of the place they just escaped.

Virginia is the latest to succumb to the disease (the recent elections, in my opinion, were an outlier having to do with outrage over the school board nonsense, the current Republican Governor is a temporary glitch, not a return to norms). Colorado has been in its grip for years.

The liberal government in Colorado decided they needed to spare the Indians from the indignity of being honored and remembered through school mascots and passed a low requiring any school in the state with an Indian related mascot to change it by early next year.

The benefactors of this liberal benevolence were so thankful to the liberals for looking out for their interests that they…filed a lawsuit to stop implementation of the law.

All of this is to bring us to the current news…the benevolent Colorado courts have decided to honor the heritage of Colorado American Indians, by refusing to grant an injunction halting implementation of the law.

Not because there’s no chance of the lawsuit succeeding, but because the implementation date isn’t until next year so it must not be an “emergency” right? Except…

“Recently Arickaree School District R-2 received a letter from the Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs (the “CCIA Letter”). Notwithstanding the deadlines for compliance set forth in SB 21-116, the CCIA Letter demanded that “All districts and charter schools must notify BEST of their intent to apply by November 30, 2021.”

Basically, although the schools don’t have to change their mascots until early next year, they have to commit to doing so and begin the process now.

The Indians’ point is that the injunction is necessary because after the schools commit to the change and start spending money to implement it, there’s little chance they’ll change it back if the lawsuit is successful in a year or two.

So, in a nutshell, the benevolent and charitable liberals in Colorado want to erase Indians from public view to spare those poor Indians from the indignity of being honored and memorialized in mascots, despite the Indians themselves filing a lawsuit to stop it. Isn’t that nice of them?

I wonder if their next move will be to start changing Indian place names. Starting at the state level: Connecticut, the Dakotas, Ohio, Iowa, Massachusetts, Mississippi, etc etc etc. They’ve all gotta go. Then we can start in on the city names, rivers, parks, mountain ranges.

If we’re thorough, we could completely eliminate “Native Americans” from public recollection and the only thing they’ll be remembered for is places like the Potawatomi Bingo Casino. That will be great for their self-esteem won’t it?

It’s a feature, not a bug.


Should we be ashamed?

Eminent Modern American Philosopher Kevin Baker, who blogs at The Smallest Minority, brought it into focus for me more clearly than its ever been with this single statement:

My point is HUMANITY does sucky things. Americans are not exempt, but we’re treated as though we are supposed to be and failed and should be ashamed of that failure. What we’ve actually done on the side of good is extraordinary. What we’ve done on the side of evil is at worst, ordinary.

Read the whole thing.



Arbery jury finds all three defendants guilty.

Jurors in Brunswick, Georgia, on Wednesday found Travis McMichael and his father, Greg McMichael, guilty on nearly all counts, including felony murder, capping off an intense trial surrounding the February 2020 shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery.

Jurors also found the McMichaels’ neighbor, William “Roddie” Bryan, guilty of felony murder.

The difference between this trial and the Rittenhouse trial is that conservatives and whites can look at the evidence objectively and reach the conclusion that the jury made the right call, even though the defendants were white and the victim was black.

Leftists aren’t capable of such rationality.

That’s why you won’t see a bunch of white people burning down car lots, throwing rocks and chemical bombs at police, and attacking 17 year old kids tonight.

Guilt and innocence are not dependent upon skin color. They are dependent upon the facts of the case.

Two high profile trials in the course of a couple of weeks and the juries got it right both times. Maybe the system isn’t quite as broken as so many people claim it to be.

Full disclosure…right after this happened, I was very skeptical of the reports coming out and was in support of the actions of the McMichael’s and Bryan, but as the facts began to come out and what actually happened became clearer, my opinion shifted.

I still believe the three defendants were legitimately trying to protect their community from a perceived criminal, but they had no direct knowledge that Arbery was the guy they were looking for and exercised profoundly bad judgement in chasing him down. It’s sad that their lives are ruined as a result of their poor decisions that night, but the verdict was just based on the evidence as I saw it.


Reducing violence through violence

This is one of those “I was going to leave this as a comment…” posts.

Bearing Arms has a post up this morning about the “Thumpyard” movement.

What things like the Thumpyard do is not so much trying to change the culture, but channel that cultural need for satisfying one’s honor into a direction that’s less likely to result in death.

Now, some will argue that changing the culture so as to eliminate the desire for violent retribution is the superior solution, and maybe it is.

I firmly believe that the utopians who think they can change human nature through good wishes and pipe dreams have directly contributed to the situation we’re in today.

Trying to change the basic human (primarily male) instinct to fight when challenged has led to entire generations of boys with suppressed aggression and nowhere to direct it. In the inner cities, this is combined with the lack of formal family structure and the kids not only have aggression to get out, but a need to feel a sense of belonging and “family”. That’s how you end up with gangs of feral kids roaming the streets shooting at each other because they were “dissed”.

When I was a kid, fighting was discouraged, but expected. It wasn’t treated as the end of the world and violence wasn’t a dirty word, it was just understood to have a time and a place. If two kids had a beef, but really didn’t want to fight, they’d start something on school property. That way they could make a show of being willing to duke it out without much risk because in short order a teacher or two would show up to break it up. The combatants would often get a paddling, or a few hours of detention, their parents would be notified and that would be it.

It was the “parents notified” part that was the worst because back in that age, if you got in trouble in school, the consequences would be twice as bad at home. That wasn’t the day of “how dare you discipline my child”, it was the age of corporal punishment both in school and out.

At any rate, if you really had a beef to settle and wanted to get it settled, you didn’t do it in school, you set up a time and place off school grounds where no adults would be there to give each of you a graceful exit. Those were the fights that were memorable. Broken noses. Lost teeth. Broken fingers.

But at the end of those fights, the issue was generally settled, the combatants generally respected each other and often became friends (if they hadn’t been before).

In other words, we had a way of working our aggression and disputes out amongst ourselves. The adults knew this and as long as we kept it to appropriate times and places, they left us to our own devices. It was part of growing up. You know what never happened when I was growing up? You never heard of a kid getting knifed or shot as a result of a petty dispute. Kids didn’t bring guns and bombs to school and try to kill everyone (and at that time and place virtually all of us had guns at home).

Kids would be bullied until they learned to stand up for themselves. It was a right of passage and it was a lesson one never forgot.

My point is that schools run by liberals and women have been actively trying to suppress male human nature for generations and the results speak for themselves. Suppressed aggression is not eliminated aggression, it just becomes expressed in different ways. Isn’t it much better to acknowledge that nature and allow it to be expressed in controlled ways than to ruthlessly suppress it until it boils over out of control?

One anecdote related to this: My bus driver was a farmer in the summer and drove a bus in the winter to while away some time and make a little extra money. He was a true man (like most men in the rural area where I grew up), was no-nonsense, direct and practical. So on the bus one day two of the boys were having a disturbance…not sure exactly what started it, but it quickly became shouting, and then shoving, at which point the bus driver had had enough. He stopped the bus, opened the doors and said “take it outside”. The boys piled off the bus and had at it right there on the side of the road. It was your typical pre-teen fight, mostly flailing ineffectually at each other and rolling around on the ground until they were both too worn out to continue. When they finally ran out of steam and it looked to be about over, the bus driver opened the doors again and asked “You done?” They acknowledged that they’d had enough and he said “all right then, back on the bus”. They got back on the bus, sat down and we continued on our bus route like nothing had ever happened.

I don’t recall there ever being another disturbance between those two boys. The bus driver let them get it out of their system and work it out, and it stayed worked out.

I’m not saying that just letting kids start duking it out would solve all the problems, it’s deeper than that. It’s taken us a long time to get from there to here and the problems won’t be solved overnight (if we ever even started trying to solve them). What I’m saying is that suppressing human nature doesn’t fix anything and from all the evidence I’ve seen makes it worse. What people knew (especially rural people) back when I was a kid is that it is much more productive to give that aggression a release valve and channel it into learning experiences than it is to bottle it up until it explodes.


Mass murder in Wisconsin

Although they very well may be right, it’s too early to know for sure, so I’m not going to get into the possible motives for a black man driving his SUV through barricades and into a Christmas parade full of white people.

With three independent eye witnesses, and now confirmation from New York Post journalist Karol Markowicz, we can confirm the suspect who was driving the maroon Ford Escape was a black male named: Darrell Edward Brooks Jr, 39 years-old, from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

But there is one question I have about this: What’s the big deal? I mean, it’s not like the perpetrator used one of those AR-15 fully semi-automatic military super-duper high powered assault style murder-death-kill machines to do it, so why’s everyone getting their noses all bent out of shape about it?

Just your run of the mill systemically oppressed black dude killing and injuring a bunch of white supremacists. Really just nothing more than reparations. Surely these actions are protected by the first amendment right? After all, violence from the left is speech and speech from the right is violence. I know these things because the media tells me so.

(Italics doesn’t work as a sarcasm font because it’s also used in quotes a lot, so I’m going to try comic sans…what do you think, does that work?)


No Riots for You!

My wife is a huge Seinfeld fan so I couldn’t resist.

Apparently the idea that if they attack innocent people they may just get shot put a damper on the festivities last night. I suppose having 500 National Guard troops in Kenosha last night couldn’t have hurt anything either.

I’ve seen no reports of riots in Kenosha. There are reports of “demonstrations” in several cities not named “Kenosha”, but most seemed to have been pretty small. The only place with a serious report was one of the hotbeds of the patently fascist “antifa” movement, Portland.

Police declared a riot in downtown Portland, Oregon after a group protesting Kyle Rittenhouse’s acquittal damaged property and threw rocks at cops on Friday night.

I saw a report that some journalists were attacked there for trying to video and report on things. Apparently they learned a couple of lessons from the Rittenhouse verdict:

1. In places other than Portland, attacking people during a riot can be hazardous to your health.

2. Video of the incident can be instrumental in proving that your narrative of “racist, vigilante, active shooter spontaneously firing upon innocent demonstrators” doesn’t hold water, so it might be best to keep the cameras at a distance…even if you’ve got to attack the camera crew to get it done.

I’m actually a bit surprised that there aren’t similar reports out of Seattle this morning. Maybe antifa riots there have just become so commonplace they don’t even make the news anymore.

Also, I was surprised this morning to see video of the crowd outside the courthouse in Kenosha when the verdict was announced. The media reports had led me to believe that the majority of the people there were calling for Rittenhouse’s lynching, but the vast majority of the crowd in the video cheered enthusiastically when the verdict was announced.

It seems I have again fallen prey to the urge to give credence to a media that doesn’t deserve it. I really thought that there was little support for Rittenhouse there. Wishful thinking on the part of the media, apparently, as most of the crowd was supportive. It is heartening to see that enough people weren’t blinded by the misinformation and propaganda that Rittenhouse’s supporters outnumbered his detractors (by quite a lot).

The fact that I fell for it demonstrates how effective propaganda can be even for the skeptical. Their narrative that Rittenhouse had little support in Kenosha fed my confirmation bias. I expected that and so when they reported it, I accepted it as truth on nothing more than their word (and their repeating of it incessantly). Confirmation bias is real. I really do try to be careful not to fall prey to it, but it is such an easy trap to fall into. I’ll try to be even more wary in the future.

At any rate, I’m glad for the people of Kenosha that they were spared another round of devastation.

As for Portland…well…they’re just lying in the bed they themselves made. Hard to feel any compassion over that that.


Breaking News – Kenosha is going to burn!!!!

For the second time in just a couple of months, I’m extremely happy to announce that I was WRONG!.

Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all counts.

The good people of Kenosha Wisconsin (and probably Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and a few other places) need to batten down the hatches tonight, because I have a feeling it’s going to get froggy.

I have to say I’m very impressed by the fortitude of the jury. The fact that it took so long indicates that there were some who wanted to find him Guilty, probably because of the fear of backlash, but they were convinced to do the right thing.

Now when they are inevitably doxxed and their lives are threatened, they need to be protected at all costs. We cannot allow good people to have their lives destroyed for doing the right thing.