60 Minutes Makes a Shocking Discovery!!!

Rifle Rounds, even intermediate powered ones, do more damage than handgun rounds.

There is going to be a lot more damage to the tissues, both bones, organs…the bones aren’t going to just break, they’ll shatter.

I know, I know, who could have imagined it right?

I mean, when you compare these two cartridges with each other, who could possibly imagine that they might do different levels of damage?

I do have to wonder how shocked they’d have been had they compared the 9mm to something with a little more oomph like the .308 Winchester / 7.62x51mm.

Or maybe with the venerable .30-06.

Or even the round that has recently become my personal favorite* that is commonly used in a repeating rifle that predates semi-automatic rifles by some 20 years or so.

It seems to me that, on the extremely rare occasion that a rifle is used in a crime, we should be pretty thankful that criminals and nutbags buy into the MSM hysteria and choose a round that is actually pretty anemic, relatively speaking.

Hat tip to The Gun Feed

*Yes, I’m aware that .45-70 isn’t exactly a long-range caliber considering that it has a ballistic trajectory akin to an artillery shell, but 1. It is an absolute blast to shoot (at least for the recoil junkies amongst us) 2. It makes REALLY big holes in things…I’ve been warned several times that there are black bears in the area of The Estate and making big holes and imparting lots of energy to the target is a big plus…and 3. The place where I shoot is in the mountains and woods so having a clear shot over 200 yards is really rare. Most shots will be within 100 yards. The artillery shell ballistics aren’t nearly as big a deal at shorter ranges like that and the wallop those slugs hit with at short range is…um…impressive…so for my purposes, the .45-70 is an excellent choice…and did I mention that it’s really fun to shoot?


Good News?

On the plus side, I’m starting to see primers come in stock at a couple of places. The prices aren’t anywhere as high as they had been, but they’re still a bit silly.

About a year ago or so, I found some at a gun show for a very high, but not stupidly ridiculous price and snapped up as many as I could afford, so I’m not hurting for them right now, I’ve just noted that ammo prices have been slowly creeping down so I looked to see if that’s been trickling down to components yet. It appears so, but it’s just at the beginning stages. Perhaps in another year they’ll be back to the point that I’ll not only be able to find a decent price, but also might even be able to find the specific brand that I want. That would be something.

Here’s hoping.


I bet Chris Wray is shaking in his boots

According to the NY Post:

FBI Director Christopher Wray always seems a little too pleased with himself. But on Thursday, the smirk may be wiped off his pretty face when Republican members of the House Oversight Committee start grilling him on the mounting evidence that something is very rotten inside the agency Wray runs.

Oooh, a bunch of politicians are going to speak harshly to him. Scary.

With the Republicans in the minority, this is blatantly obvious political grandstanding. Even if they got him to admit under oath that the FBI under his direction intentionally buried the Hunter Biden laptop in order to sway the election, what are they going to do about it? Wag their fingers and admonish him sternly?

I’ll believe that the Republicans are serious about cleaning up government when I start seeing high ranking…VERY high ranking…officials doing the perp walk and defending themselves in front of a jury of their peers.

Even when (if) the Republicans win majorities in both houses in a couple of months, congressional committees and investigations aren’t going to cut it. If there aren’t criminal charges levied against the people obviously subverting government agencies for political purposes, then the Republicans will have failed in their responsibilities and deserve no further support.


Another sign of the Navy’s decline

Nothing like this ever happened during the era I was in the Navy:

At least 10 Navy helicopters were damaged in a sudden storm that blew through Norfolk Naval Station, Va., Tuesday afternoon, USNI News has learned.

According to a Navy initial assessment reviewed by USNI News, the storm resulted in 10 Class A ground mishaps – mishaps that result in more than $2.5 million in damage or the total loss of the aircraft.

Let’s see: 10 times 2.5 mil = a minimum of 25 million dollars of taxpayer money down the drain.

Why? Well, the excuse is that the severe storm warning didn’t come in until 12 minutes before the storm hit the base so they didn’t have time to tie the birds down.

But I knew thunderstorms were predicted that afternoon just by checking the weather app on my phone. They may not have predicted how severe they were going to be, but everyone knew the storms were coming.

So why did they wait for the weather guessers to tell them “hey, it’s going to be severe” before taking any precautions? It doesn’t take that long to fold up and tie down the aircraft…there are enough people in the line division to do probably three birds at a time, and each one takes maybe 15 minutes, so if they’d planned an hour in advance, they could have easily gotten it done. Heck, if you make it an “all hands” evolution and get everyone available out there, you could do every bird at once and get the whole fleet tied down in 15 minutes.

They said the gusts during the storm were up to 60 mph. Here’s the thing: Navy aircraft are specifically designed to be able to withstand high winds and even tossing decks. Guess what happens when we’re out to sea? 60 mph is equivalent to about 52 knots. Even without a storm, during flight ops on an aircraft carrier, 50 knot winds across the deck are not unusual. During flight ops, the ship steers into the wind. If the winds are gusting to 30 and the ship is traveling 25 knots…well…do the math. In between flight evolutions under “red deck” we used to hold contests; unzip your coat, grab the edges with your hands and stand with your back to the wind, then jump up into the air and open your coat and see who gets carried farthest by the wind before coming back down onto the deck. You’d be amazed how far you can “fly” under those conditions.

Oh…and I love this one. From a different story about the same incident:

USNI News also received a statement from Cmdr. Myers who elucidated that there are no impacts to operational forces as a result of this incident.

Excuse me? 10 aircraft suffered Class A mishaps…meaning they are out of commission for quite a while…at least three were completely overturned…but there are no impacts to operational forces? So if WWIII started tomorrow and Mexico started dumping mines in the gulf of Mexico, the squadron(s) those aircraft were assigned to would be able to deploy down there for minesweeping duties at full effectiveness? Go ahead, pull my other leg.

What he really means is “we don’t need minesweepers very often so we don’t expect to be overly harmed by this disaster”. But the point in having minesweeper squadrons in the active fleet is so that they’re available in the rare instance that we actually need them. Are they available right now? At full capability? I think not.

To be clear, I did a tour of duty in HM-14. That’s one of the MH-53E minesweeping squadrons in Norfolk and could very well be one of the squadrons involved in this travesty. When I was in the squadron, we had somewhere around 16 aircraft. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was in that ballpark. So, losing the equivalent of about 70 percent of a squadron isn’t operationally significant? In what fantasy world?

But I digress. My point is that those winds are well within the conditions those aircraft are designed to withstand, so the only explanation is that they were completely unprepared.

This was (another) failure of leadership and I don’t see it getting any better any time soon.

The left likes to talk about systemic problems…well, from what I can see, this is systemic. The US Military leadership is in a woeful state and no amount of white supremacy witch hunts, homosexual pride initiatives and politically correct pronoun training is going to fix it.


Doesn’t add up

Somehow, to the Denizens of Mordor on the Potomac, hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens being released into Texas and Arizona is no big deal, but a tiny fraction of them being bused to DC is a national emergency.

Since mid-April, more than 125 buses have transported 4,800 migrants from Texas border communities — such as the Rio Grande Valley, Del Rio, Uvalde, and Eagle Pass — nearly 2,000 miles to Washington. Gov. Doug Ducey (R-AZ) commenced a similar initiative in mid-May and has had 27 buses carrying more than 1,000 passengers from the border to D.C. in that time, according to spokeswoman Morgan Carr.

“With pledges from Texas and Arizona to continue these abhorrent operations indefinitely, the situation is dire, and we consider this a humanitarian crisis — one that could overwhelm our social support network without immediate and sustained federal intervention,” Bowser wrote.

The utter lack of self-awareness of liberals is awe inspiring.


Horrible Racism and anti-immigrant sentiments

Recently, expletive-laced posters appeared around town.

“New to the city? Working remotely?” … “You’re a f—ing plague and the locals f—ing hate you. Leave.”

Obviously the work of white supremacists who oppose the influx of illegal aliens from south of the…Wait…what?

[The] problem [is] in Mexico City where Americans, many of them from California, are fleeing not just their state but their country in order to take advantage of the much lower property values in Mexico City.

I thought it was just Racist White AmericansTM who were so opposed to being invaded and their culture submerged. Apparently not:

small, family-run lunch spots — are being replaced by Pilates studios, co-working spaces and sleek cafes advertising oat-milk lattes and avocado toast.

And English — well, it’s everywhere: ringing out at supermarkets, natural wine bars and fitness classes in the park.

I can’t believe those horrible Mexicans would find it offensive for transplants from another culture to move in and supplant them. How dare they be offended by profligate use of a foreign language in their capital city?

I’m kind of curious…what would you call them? Brown Supremacists?


What’s approved vs what works Part 2

So, I got the new (used) CPU I was waiting for. If that’s confusing, what I mean is I bought it used, but it’s new to me.

Anyway, I’m writing this post on the newly updated computer and it’s working great even though it’s more CPU than the motherboard is supposed to be able to handle. Windows recognizes and properly identifies the CPU just as it did the memory, so I’m confident that it’s working properly. I double checked the power supply and it’s 250w so I don’t think there will be any issues with added power requirements of the upgraded CPU.

So far it’s running great, but I’ll be keeping my eye on things for heat issues over the next couple of days.

I will say that the biggest improvement in performance came from adding the memory, but the new CPU made a noticeable difference as well, especially when starting up and when running multiple programs at once.

So, I took a 13 year old computer, spent about $50 putting in (more than) the maximum processing power and memory it can handle, and now I’ve got a computer that’s running almost as fast as my 2 year old company provided laptop (at least by my perception). I’m happy.

Anyone wanna buy a slightly used AMD Athlon II 170u CPU and/or a 2gb DDR2 PC-6400 memory stick? If not, I’ll probably add them to my antique computer parts museum in the attic.


Officer Safety

The title to this post is the answer to this question regarding the school shooting in Texas:

Furious parents and relatives of the 19 children and two teachers murdered on May 24 are demanding to know why the 18-year-old gunman was free to continue his rampage as the officers stayed outside the classrooms.

In the past 30 years or so, the mantra “officer safety” has replaced “to protect and to serve” as the motto of the police.

I think it really kind of started with the advent of the SWAT teams. It’s great to have a unit trained especially to handle highly volatile situations, but what it’s turned into is pretty much every other cop deciding “it’s not my job” when a dangerous situation erupts.

Then the SWAT teams started becoming the “go to” for pretty much anything that could potentially become more dynamic than a routine investigation or patrol. Spending all that money on the training and equipment, even in small communities who’s most serious crimes typically involve dive bars and fisticuffs, gotta find a way to justify it somehow.

So we end up with SWAT teams kicking down doors, throwing flash bangs into baby cribs, shooting pets and sometimes innocent homeowners to serve search warrants that could have been accomplished by just knocking on the door and asking to be let in; and the excuse? “Officer Safety”.

And on the other side of the coin, we have fully empowered cops standing by and doing nothing, or worse, cowering and hiding, during dynamic situations waiting for the SWAT team because of…you got it…”Officer Safety”.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Officer Safety when it’s practical to achieve. In the military, during training, safety was huge. You never want to get people killed during training. It looks bad and those dead military members are expensive assets just wasted. But during the real deal…at war…all bets are off. The mission comes first and if some of us die to get it done, well, that’s a risk we all knew we were taking when we took that oath.

For cops, Officer Safety comes into play every day and I get that…but when the police determine that it’s acceptable to sacrifice the lives of innocent citizens…the very people they’ve sworn to protect and to serve…in order to ensure their own survival, then something’s gone off the rails.

Any cop that’s not willing to put his or her life on the line to protect innocents…especially innocent kids…needs to find another line of work – and any Police Department who’s policies and procedures put Officer Safety ahead of saving innocent lives needs to seriously rethink their priorities.


Electric Truck vs Gasoline Truck doing truck things

Since the announcement that Ford was going to produce an all electric truck, I’ve wondered at the utility of it.

Now, granted, most urban and suburban people who drive pickup trucks don’t do it for utility. Some drive trucks because they’re bigger and safer on the road which is understandable. Some drive them on the off chance that they may need to load the kids’ bikes or a couple landscaping timbers and a bag of top soil from Home Depot in the bed once a year or so. Some do it simply as a fashion statement. For those people a battery powered truck would work just fine commuting and running errands around town and being able to recharge every night.

But for those few of us who actually use our trucks as trucks…haul heavy stuff, tow big loads, drive out into the boonies, off the beaten track…an electric truck is simply a ridiculous proposition. Great way to get yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere.

There are also the in between people who do use their truck for heavy towing, but only recreationally or occasionally. Those are the people who the video linked at hotcars.com is directed toward.

TLDR version: They did a head to head comparison of a Ford Lightning F150 vs a brand new GMC Sierra V8 towing identical ~6000lb travel trailers to see how they compare vis a vis range.

From the get-go, the onboard computers on the vehicles predicted that the gas truck would have about 100 miles more range than the electric, but even that didn’t pan out. The Electric vehicle’s computer was wildly optimistic when starting out with a full charge, predicting 160 mile range. Spoiler Alert: It didn’t make it that far. When they reached a charging station (after having to turn around because they weren’t going to make it to the next one), they had traveled roughly 86 miles and the battery was in the low single digits of charge left.

At that point, the gas powered truck turned around and went back the other way while the electric truck started charging. They only charged the Ford to 75% because the higher the charge gets, the longer it takes to reach it (diminishing returns), but the GMC still got back to the starting point and refilled the gas tank before the Ford finished charging at the half-way point.

The thing that really surprised me was the poor performance of the GMC truck. It was the higher end model with the optional 6.2 liter V8 (the same size engine (in displacement anyway) as my Ford F-250). After entering the trailer information, the GMC’s computer estimated a range of 265 miles from full. That prediction was way more accurate than the Ford’s, but I had to wonder if the 1/2 ton GMC just had a smaller gas tank than my 3/4 ton Ford.

Well, I guess not…because after it was all said and done, the gasoline powered truck towing a 6,000 lb trailer got 8.9 miles per gallon (almost exactly what the computer initially predicted, assuming a 30 gallon tank). Remember, this is a brand new truck with all the most recent fuel saving, computer controlled magic.

My 11 year old F-250 with the same displacement engine as the GMC, towed a 10,000lb load 285 miles, about half of which was through mountains, and still had 1/4 tank of gas left when I reached my destination. I got 13.7 mpg on that trip. Granted, I had to moderate my speed because of the trailer sway I was having, but I’d still expect a brand new truck to do at least as well as that towing 60% of the weight. My old F-250…21 years old at the time with only a 5.4l engine…got about 8 mpg towing our 5,000 lb travel trailer at highway speeds. I haven’t had the travel trailer on the highway yet with the new truck, so maybe the issue is the wind resistance rather than the weight. After we get a highway trip with the camper in I’ll let you know.

But the takeway from all this for me is that electric trucks are simply not up to the task if you actually use your truck as a truck. It’s a toy for rich city folk who want to seem “working class” as they put their virtue on display.


What’s approved vs what works

So, I’ve always been one to push limits a little bit. Not to the extreme, but I’m always interested in seeing if I can get away with a little more than is officially “authorized”.

This applies to a lot of things, but recently it applied to a computer I have. It used to be my wife’s computer, but we recently bought her a MacBook air so she didn’t need this old slow Windows machine any more.

Well, I’m not one to just throw away something that works perfectly well, even if it is outdated, so I decided to hook it up to the KVM in my office and have an antique windows machine in there to go with my antique iMac.

So, I got it set up but quickly realized that the machine is painfully slow even running Windows 7, so I checked the specs. It has a single core AMD Athalon II 2.0ghz cpu and 2gb of memory. I was pretty sure I could improve things a bit, so I opened it up and checked the motherboard model number.

According to all the documentation I could find, the motherboard can only handle a maximum of 4gb of memory (2 2gb sticks). I found that a bit difficult to believe considering it’s a 64 bit processor, even if single core.

Memory is cheap right now…especially older technology DDR2 which is what this motherboard supports, so I figured “what the heck” and bought two 4gb sticks.

Guess what? Works like a champ and made a HUGE difference in speed. I think the memory sticks I bought were faster clock speed too which may have added to the effect.

I also ordered a used “new” processor…a quad core AMD Phenom II 4x. Four times the number of core CPUs and runs at 3.0ghz rather than 2. This is also a bit more than the motherboard is officially supposed to be able to handle, but we’ll see.

The biggest thing is it’s going to tax the power supply. The original Athalon CPU is very energy efficient and only requires 20 watts. The one I’m going to upgrade to pulls 95 watts. That’s the thing that really causes me concern. If I have to replace the power supply too, I’m starting to get into the realm of “should have just bought a newer computer”. This one was made in 2009. You can buy refurbished machines on Amazon that are much closer to current technology and only 4 or 5 years old for $200 or so.

Anyway, if that works, it should also make a huge difference in processing speed.

But I digress. I went back to the Crucial website (memory manufacturer) and ran their system check application again just out of curiosity. I thought it was interesting.

I guess they get their maximums from the manufacturer’s docs because in the left column it recognizes that I’ve got four gig sticks in each slot, but in the right, it still shows the maximum memory of 4gb. Weird.

Anyway, honestly with the performance increase just from adding the memory, I’m not sure I really need the upgraded CPU. I already ordered it, so I’ll put it in and see what happens, but if it runs too hot or things start to look squirrely, I’ll go back to the original and be satisfied. I just thought the memory thing was interesting.

Also, now that it’s running a bit faster, I’m thinking an upgrade to Windows 10 might be in order. Windows 7 isn’t supported any more, I wasn’t going to upgrade for fear of a further performance hit, but the machine is working well enough now that it might be worth it. I’ll give it some thought.