What a shock

Military recruitment is down significantly.

Amid the first conventional war in Europe since 1945 and China’s massive military buildup — including nuclear weapons — the U.S. military is experiencing a dangerous drop in its warfighting capability. The U.S. Army, the largest service, has only reached 40 percent of its recuiting goal with just more than three months remaining in the fiscal year.

Leftists aren’t exactly the predominant demographic to choose the military life. When you turn the military into something that actively repels the demographic that would traditionally be drawn in that direction, it shouldn’t be a surprise when recruitment dries up.

“We need people to volunteer to serve in the military but we really don’t want the people who would voluntarily serve in the military.”

Great philosophy for success. Kind of reminds me of Groucho Marx’ quip that he wouldn’t want to be a member of any club with low enough standards to accept him as a member.

My son was considering entering the military (Marines) after he graduated from college ten years ago or so. Interestingly, the fact that he didn’t use ROTC to pay for his college ended up being a detriment. After the process dragged on for over a year, he finally decided to write it off and go in a different direction. I’m certainly glad he dodged that bullet.


Murder-proof schools

OK, things have started calming down a bit and some actual information is beginning to show up, rather than the overhyped opinions of people who weren’t there and have an overinflated sense of self-importance.

An Interview of the Uvalde Schools Police Chief sheds a little light:

The chief of police for the Uvalde school district spent more than an hour in the hallway of Robb Elementary School. He called for tactical gear, a sniper and keys to get inside, holding back from the doors for 40 minutes to avoid provoking sprays of gunfire. When keys arrived, he tried dozens of them, but one by one they failed to work.

“Each time I tried a key I was just praying,” Arredondo said. Finally, 77 minutes after the massacre began, officers were able to unlock the door and fatally shoot the gunman.

So the big problem was that the school and room were locked so tight and the doors so impregnable that they flat couldn’t get in to stop the shooter.

That’s the problem that I see with the solution of “hardening” the schools against intrusion. That method has to succeed 100% of the time to be effective. That’s an impossible standard. A potential school shooter has effectively unlimited time to find a way in. Once they do that, after they are in, all those hardened entry points act to protect them, rather than deter them. They are now the one inside the impregnable fortress and the good guys are the ones trying to breach…but the good guys don’t have unlimited time to do so.

We come back to the fact that the true “first responder” is the victim and self defense is the most important form of defense. An entire classroom (or two? that’s unclear to me) of students was barricaded in with a murderous lunatic and the only one armed was the lunatic. Am I the only one who sees the issue here? It’s certainly not the hundreds of millions of guns owned by Americans that weren’t inside the school at the time. If just one of them had been there, in the hands of one of the teachers, things might have turned out dramatically differently.

That’s the problem with gun control measures. None of them make it harder for the bad guys who have the benefit of unlimited time to plan and scheme and acquire equipment through both legal and illegal means. Those laws only make it harder for the good guys, who have to be ready to defend themselves or others at a moment’s notice and only with the tools they have immediately on hand.

Personally, I think that turning every school into a ready made reinforced bunker full of unarmed victims for any nutball with a burning desire to go out in a blaze of infamy is not a great idea.

But that’s just me.

Hat tip on the Police Chief interview to The New Neo



Something I lack.

Someone put into words a concept that I’ve been trying but failing to properly convey for years:

Children become adults—autonomous individuals—by separating from their parents: by rebelling, by rejecting, by, at the very least, asserting.

The attributes of adulthood—responsibility, maturity, self-sacrifice, self-control—are no longer valued, and frequently no longer modeled. So children are stuck: they want to be adults, but they don’t know how. They want to be adults, but it’s easier to remain children. Like children, they can only play at being adults.

There is a concept in the Navy that’s a bit foreign to civilians but it’s apt here. It’s called “working yourself out of a job”. The military is a young man’s game. It’s a physically challenging life and the toll can be high even when not in combat. So, in the military, a solid 50% of the job is to teach the people coming up behind you how to do your job. If a military member can’t perform their duties for any reason, and there aren’t at least two or three other people who can step in seamlessly, that military member failed.

I took the same approach with my kids. My job as a parent was to prepare my kids to take care of themselves; not to coddle them through every situation but to teach them to figure things out on their own. Teach them to improvise, adapt and overcome.

Many parents these days seem to have lost sight of that job. They want to be their kid’s best friends rather than their parents. Pro-tip: You can be your kid’s best friend when they’re out on their own, self-sufficient and have kids of their own to raise. If you try to do it before then, that time will likely never come.

Anyway, the entire column linked above is well worth the read. It’s not long and he says it way better than I ever could.


More victims of the Opioid Crisis

Just not the kind you normally think of:

Lewis had undergone back surgery on May 19. He complained of extreme pain after the surgery, but the surgeon, Dr. Preston Phillips, refused to prescribe more medication.

I’ve known several people in the past 10 years or so who’ve struggled with things like this. The scrutiny that doctors have been under make them very wary of prescribing opioids for pain.

I get that it’s a problem…that there are unscrupulous doctors who will write prescriptions for people who don’t need it, but like any government response, it’s gone way overboard in many cases and people who are legitimately suffering can’t get relief because their doctors are afraid to prescribe them anything strong enough to actually get the pain under control.

Especially things like back and neck pain can be very difficult to diagnose and it’s difficult sometimes to tell whether the person is legitimately in pain or is exhibiting drug seeking behaviors.

The problem is that the government has made it so dangerous for doctors to prescribe narcotics for pain, that they routinely err on the side of denial. Legitimately suffering patients just, well, suffer. And after the primary physician denies their request, if the patient tries to go to another doctor for help…well…”doctor shopping” is one of the major red flags they look for to identify “drug seeking” behavior. Doing the only thing that might get you the help you need is used as evidence in denying you that help.

So, when someone is legitimately in severe pain, can’t get any relief and has little hope of it ever getting better, I can see them snapping like this. “I can’t live with this pain, but if I’m going to die, I’m taking the a$$hole who did this to me with me.”

People in that kind of pain can’t function. There is often no position they find comfortable for more than a few minutes. They can’t sleep, they often can’t eat, they can’t work, they can’t concentrate on anything. Their life literally becomes a living hell.

It’s probably not even the doctor’s fault…he’s just living with the rules that have been thrust upon him…but I’ve seen it in others before. The doctor’s professional demeanor comes across as uncaring and the person who’s in excruciating pain needs someone to blame.

I know that opioid addition is a terrible problem right now, but honestly, why is it any of the government’s business what substances anyone chooses to ingest? The government’s job is to protect us from each other, not from ourselves. Medical decisions should be made strictly between a patient and their physician and government meddling should have no part in it.

But, unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Human nature dictates that there is a percentage of the population who believes they should have the power to tell other people how to live their lives and a large percentage of the population willing to let them do so.

And those of us who don’t need a baby sitter suffer for it.

Hat tip to I Hate the Media


Another one bites the dust

I used to read “The Hill” quite a bit. It’s fairly leftist most of the time, but occasionally would publish a right leaning article, plus they used disqus for comments and didn’t censor comments.

One of my primary considerations for whether a site is a “daily read” versus only going there when someone links something of particular interest to me, is the ability to engage in unfettered discussion, so, The Hill was one of the few news sites that I frequented.

I actually had been cutting back on my time there because I’d noticed that more and more they were closing comments early or not allowing them at all on some stories. If they didn’t want dissenting opinions to see the light of day, they’d just close comments…ostensibly to foster “civility”.

Well, apparently they decided to go whole hog and completely eliminate their comments section:

My guess is that they got tired of being called out for censorship so they decided to let the pros handle that. Send the conversation over to “big tech” so that when conservative comments get censored, The Hill has plausible deniability.

Well, since I don’t use Facebook or Twitter, that means I have no voice on The Hill and that means I won’t be frequenting their site any more. Oh well, no big loss for either them or I.


Not Playing the Game

So, we have incident after incident occur, shootings, cars driving through parades, firebombings, etc…and the story goes away after a day or two because the perpetrator didn’t fit the narrative so the leftists and media (redundancy alert) can’t milk it for political gain.

Then there are a couple of shootings that they CAN fit into their narrative and they gleefully start dancing in the blood of the innocent victims to score political points.

The stories come hot and heavy and for weeks every aspect of the incident is examined under a microscope, every victim’s family members are given a platform (assuming they agree with the narrative, if they don’t, somehow they never get any attention), every leftist trope painting everyone who doesn’t support their agenda as complicit in the crime is bandied about.

And we play right along. Gun blogs and right wing media outlets provide their own blow by blow analysis of the incident trying to undermine the fallacies of the left (which, incidentally, isn’t hard); every day for weeks that’s about 70% of what anyone wants to talk about.

I’m tired of it.

Very simple: Painting every gun owner with the same brush as the killer is just as wrong as painting every black with the same brush as every gang banger; painting every liberal with the same brush as the one who shot up the Senate baseball game; painting every muslim with the same brush as the 9/11 terrorists.

It is wrong in every.single.case. They are doing nothing more than heartlessly exploiting a tragedy to push their political agenda. It is despicable and sickening and that’s my only response to this. We’ve been over this ground time and time and time again. They enable these tragedies by refusing to enact any real measures to protect against them, by hamstringing police, by coddling criminals, by disarming the very people charged with protecting our kids and then blame us when their policies lead to the inevitable conclusion.

These tragedies are nothing more than tools for them to use to advance their agenda. I’m not going to play the game of pretending to believe they’re sincere in their anguish over an event that could have been stopped in its tracks if only the teachers in that school had been prepared and equipped to defend it.


What’s in a name?

This one made me laugh.

Apparently, an MLB player has been suspended for calling a black player on an opposing team “Jackie”.

Josh Donaldson was suspended by Major League Baseball for one game and received a fine for making “inappropriate comments” following an MLB investigation into Donaldson calling White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson “Jackie,” 

My first thought was “what moron would object to being associated with Jackie Robinson, one of the greatest baseball players in history?”

Then I read further and got to the backstory:

[in] a 2019 Sports Illustrated article…the White Sox star said, “I kind of feel like today’s Jackie Robinson. That’s huge to say. But it’s cool, man, because he changed the game, and I feel like I’m getting to a point where I need to change the game.”

So, in what world does being mocked for making an incredibly boastful (and ridiculous) comparison between yourself and a prominent historic figure result in punishment for the mocker?

If I ever compared myself to someone of that kind of historic significance, I’d expect to be harassed about it for the rest of my life. And if I complained about it, the mockery would get even worse.

But in Anderson’s case, he can play the black privilege card because mocking him for an egotistical statement that he made about himself in a national news outlet must be racist right?

I watch a game every now and again, but I’m not much of an MLB fan and I don’t know many of the players these days, so I appreciate it when some of them remove themselves from consideration for “players I should care about”. It makes it easier to winnow the list down to the ones who are worth it. Not only is Tim Anderson an egotistical blow hard, but he’s also a whiny little [female dog] who can’t take a joke. Scratch him off the list.


Reaping What they Sow

For decades now “climate scientists” have been making dire predictions, setting timelines and proclaiming that “tipping points” will be reached on some arbitrary date.

Of course those predictions never come to fruition and the tipping point dates keep getting moved back and back and back.

But after being indoctrinated from birth that the end is near, we’re killing the planet and if we don’t change our ways before x date, we’re all doomed, many of the younger generation seem to be convinced that it’s too late.

The problem is, if it’s too late, why bother?

I mean, if we’re past the “tipping point” and the planet is doomed no matter what we do, why give up a life of relative wealth and ease for nothing? Heck, we might was well live it up until the end right?

Which has the climate alarmists exclaiming “oh crap” and desperately trying to wave away the fact that, according to their past predictions, it’s already too late and has been for a long time.

Charles is 27 and lives in California. His quirky TikTok videos about news, history, and politics have earned him more than 150,000 followers.

In the video in question, recorded in October 2021, he decided it was time for a confession.

“I am a climate doomer,” he said. “Since about 2019, I have believed that there’s little to nothing that we can do to actually reverse climate change on a global scale.”

Climate doomism is the idea that we are past the point of being able to do anything at all about global warming – and that mankind is highly likely to become extinct.

That’s wrong, scientists say, but the argument is picking up steam online.

Wait, what? That’s wrong? But you’ve been telling us for decades that we’re going to destroy the earth. NOW you tell us it was wrong?

They thought the doomsaying would be able to convince everyone to basically give up modern society for our own good. It hasn’t happened fast enough or thoroughly enough so now, not only do they have to keep trying to convince “climate deniers” (what a stupid term) to give up everything that has made modern life possible, but now they have to try to convince the gullible kids that they’ve been duping all this time that, contrary to what we’ve been telling you, it’s actually not too late, so you still have to give up everything that has made modern life possible…to SAVE THE WORLD.

It would be funny if it weren’t such a serious topic.


Astra Zeneca is working on a new drug

This one sounds great. If used promptly it can reduce the damage and restore function of people with spinal cord damage.

Here’s the money quote

They are already prepared to conduct Phase 2 trials, the second stage of the development process, which will take two years to complete, according to Ahmed.

If those are successful, a full Phase 3 trial, the final step in the process, could be started in two years and “if all goes well as we believe it will, this drug could be ready for use by spinal cord injured patients in approximately five years,” he said.

5 years to go from phase 2 to final production…but they expect us to believe that they were able to create a “safe and effective” Chinese Virus vaccine in a couple of months with full confidence and no compromises on testing.

Pull my other leg.